Mar 31, 2024


Hello hello, did you know what Melano CC, the Japanese skincare brand best known for its groundbreaking vitamin C skincare has come out with their latest winner: the Melano CC Brightening UV Essence with SPF50+ PA++++ ?!!!

This revolutionary product is engineered to go beyond traditional sunscreens, offering a multifaceted approach to skincare that combines sun protection and brightening functions.

The relentless dedication to research and development has created this remarkable sunscreen—a fusion of Vitamin C and skincare ingredients meticulously crafted to achieve radiant, glowing skin while protecting against harmful UV rays, and the powerhouse combination of two types of Vitamin C – ascorbic acid glucoside for sustained Vitamin C delivery and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate for enhanced efficacy sets the Melano CC Brightening UV Essence apart from all its competitors 

This dynamic duo brightens dull skin, lightens acne marks, and minimizes large pores, ensuring a complexion that exudes luminosity and vitality.

Key Benefits of Melano CC Brightening UV Essence include:
Comprehensive Protection: Formulated with SPF 50+ PA++++, it delivers a broad-spectrum defence against UVA/UVB rays and shields the skin from airborne pollutants, ensuring optimal skin health and vitality.

Advanced Brightening: Crafted with a potent blend of vitamin C and E derivatives, this sunscreen actively combats dark spots, promotes an even skin tone, and enhances the skin's inner radiance with each application.

Hydration Boost: Infused with a synergistic blend of vitamin E and Passion Fruit Extract, it provides an additional burst of hydration, quenching the skin's thirst and leaving it feeling revitalised and supple.

 Pore Refinement: Enhanced with Sebum Absorbing Powder, the sunscreen
 effectively controls facial oil production, refines pores, and imparts an instant pore-blurring effect, ensuring a flawless canvas for makeup application with extended wear.

Effortless Application: With its lightweight formula, the sunscreen effortlessly glides onto the skin, absorbing instantly without any greasy residue leaving the skin feeling energised and additionally refreshed with its citrusy scent.

Go and experience the Melano CC Brightening UV Essence (50g) today!!!!  Get yours at Watsons, Shopee, and Lazada retail for RM 69.90 

Mar 30, 2024

Celebrities Drive Authentic Connection on Shopee Live

Responding to the shifting e-commerce trend towards a more humanised online shopping experience* local celebrities Zoey Rahman and Lan Solo are actively stepping into the digital spotlight, curating and presenting products on Shopee’s own livestream channel, Shopee Mamak. Whether it's Zoey Rahman's insightful product reviews or Lan Solo's captivating demonstrations, these celebrities are going beyond traditional endorsements. This shift towards interactive and personalised content is a win-win for all users, creating a humanised online shopping experience.

Celebrities Advocates Authenticity to Build Brand Trust in E-commerce 

A human-centric online shopping experience prioritises genuine product sharing and builds connections through shared experience. Lan Solo, a member of the Shopee Celebrity Squad and a popular Malaysian singer known for his engaging Shopee Mamak content, emphasised this shift: "It isn’t just about showcasing or selling products. Live streaming is all about two-way conversations. We encourage questions, respond to comments in real-time, and create a sense of community.” Lan Solo’s Shopee Mamak streams consistently pull in an average viewership of over 50K Malaysians.

Fellow Shopee Celebrity Squad member and founder of Mikaseries, Zoey Rahman, echoed this sentiment.  "People connect with authenticity. On Shopee Live, I can share genuine product recommendations, offering viewers valuable insights beyond just a celebrity endorsement."  One of Zoey’s recent Shopee Mamak sessions drew a record number of over 60K viewers, showcasing the power of expert advice delivered in a relatable and engaging format.

Celebrities Champions Personalised E-commerce Content That Connects 

Many businesses see the potential of live streaming by connecting directly with customers through Shopee Live. But for some, the world of live commerce can feel like uncharted territory.  New sellers are eager to jump on the bandwagon, but questions like "Where do I even begin?" or "What kind of content should I create?" cloud their minds.

Zoey gave his expert take on maximising e-commerce efforts through Shopee Live. "Live streaming might seem casual, but a well-defined content strategy is key." He stressed audience research, “It's important to know what your audience is interested in before you start your live stream. What kind of content that’s both interesting and informative to them?” Besides, Zoey emphasised the importance of authenticity, advocating for live sellers to provide genuine recommendations. His commitment to authenticity went beyond mere recommendations. He personally tested products before showcasing them on Shopee Live, for example health supplements like Redoxon Cal-D Effervescent Tablets and KITSUI Whitie Snow Probiotic. This firsthand experience allowed him to identify key benefits and present them from a user's perspective, not just a salesperson's. By prioritising transparency, Zoey built trust with his viewers, avoiding hard sells in favour of genuine recommendations.

Lan shared a similar view when asked about his content strategy to succeed in Shopee Live. “Storytelling is a great way to engage viewers and reduce drop offs. Think of it as hanging out with friends and talking about something you're passionate about – your products!” Instead of bombarding viewers with sales tactics like pushing them to purchase, Lan suggested weaving stories around the products. “Imagine sharing funny anecdotes about a particular item or offering your own experiences that resonate with your audience. This approach keeps them engaged and interested in learning more.” Lan Solo, a parent himself, put this advice into action, leveraging his experience to recommend the Anakku Disney Baby Bath. His relatable stories resonated with parent viewers who trusted his firsthand knowledge and advice. Both Zoey Rahman and Lan Solo's sharing align perfectly with the growing trend of live commerce.  

Shopee Live Empowers Sellers with Its Useful Live Streaming Features

Zoey highlighted the advantages of using Shopee Live as a platform for live streaming:  "It's a built-in feature on Shopee, ready for you to engage your audience directly.” Emphasising the convenience, Zoey added, “It's so convenient that sellers can ditch the brick-and-mortar overhead. They can live stream directly from their phones – anytime, anywhere!" Shopee Live allows sellers to launch live streams easily just through a phone – a convenient and cost-effective way to connect with audiences.

"Shopee Live is like having your own mini broadcast, but without the production hassle," said Lan Solo, echoing the platform's user-friendliness. “Unlike traditional live streaming, Shopee Live empowers sellers to go live with ease. Shopee Live's easy-to-use features, such as live chat functionality, and exclusive deals, empower brands and sellers to connect with audiences in an interactive way, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and brand loyalty.”

Mar 28, 2024


Am pretty excited and impressed by Sunplay Skin Aqua's latest innovation: Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk Sunscreen. 

Formulated to meet the demands of today's dynamic lifestyles, this groundbreaking sunscreen offers unmatched protection against the sun's rays and digital blue light, all while catering to the preferences of young professionals and students.

Skin Aqua Mild Milk Sunscreen delivers superior protection against blue light and harmful UV rays, without compromising on quality.....

The key Features of Skin Aqua UV Perfect Mild Milk Sunscreen are:

• Advanced Defense: SPF50+ PA+++ shields against UVA/UVB rays, while Anti-Blue Light technology guards against digital screen damage.

• Free from Additives: Designed without alcohol, fragrance, colorant, mineral oil, and MIT, it's perfect for sensitive skin.

• Skin Care & Moisturizing Ingredients: MPC Water locking formula and contains Hyaluronic Acid to effectively hydrate skin and prevent moisture loss. Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen and Vitamin B5 & E to protect against skin aging and unveil a healthy radiant complexion.

• Affordable Luxury: Priced at RM29.90 for 40g, it's a must-have for those seeking premium protection without breaking the bank.

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Perfect Mild Milk sunscreen not just a sunscreen—it's a lifestyle essential. With its advanced formula and lightweight texture, this sunscreen is design to wow the consumers, offering unmatched formula and lightweight texture, what I really like best about it!!!!

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Perfect Mild Milk sunscreen is available now at all leading pharmacies and Shopee, Lazada and TikTok.

For more information, visit or connect at @sunplay_malaysia.

Mar 27, 2024

Nu Skin Malaysia ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® beautifies and enhances well being

Have you tried the new Nu Skin Malaysia ageLOC® WellSpa iO ®? In case you do not know it, the ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is a smart beauty and well-being device designed to deliver the power of body confidence, skin rejuvenation and overall sense of well-being. 

The ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is the latest innovation from the world’s best-selling brand for beauty device systems for six consecutive years.  Using patent-pending adaptive microcurrent technology, ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® delivers a personalized experience, addressing the evolving needs of Malaysians today.

The ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is a one-of-a-kind device designed to enhance your appearance and help you unwind after vigorous physical activities. The device uses unique adaptive microcurrent technology that continuously adapts (more than 80 times per second) to your skin’s conductivity throughout each session to provide an optimal and comfortable experience. 

The patent-pending metallic nodes of the device help provide a smooth and comfortable massage. Designed for use on the upper and lower legs, arms and abdomen, the nodes are designed to perfectly fit the contours of your body and glide smoothly over your skin to help you relax and unwind.

ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is designed to be used with ageLOC® Body Serum and ageLOC® Body Activating Gel. The hand-held device enhances the skincare benefits brought by the companion products that target visible contouring, reduction in cellulite appearance, encourage body relaxation as well as for an overall uplifting experience.

Meanwhile, the Nu Skin Vera® app empowers users to personalize their ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® experience, offering guided tutorials, real-time data insights, and usage tracking for tracking progress over time. It also provides a personalized iO score to maintain motivation.
Nu Skin conducted a study of the ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® Revitalize regimen with 33 females between 25–60 years of age with mild to moderate cellulite on the back of their upper thighs, back of upper arms and/or abdomen. This regimen consisted of using ageLOC® Body Polish as an exfoliating cleanser in the above areas; the ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® device with ageLOC® Body Serum for three minutes, three times per week; and ageLOC® Dermatic Effects twice daily. 

Each area was evaluated by clinical grading and self-perception at baseline and at weeks two, four, eight, and twelve. The back of the upper thighs was also evaluated by instrumentation at these same time points. Participants noted improvements in their skin’s appearance within the following attributes for each area such as cellulite, firmness, contouring, tightness, smoothness, hydration, and overall appearance,
For more information, please visit
The Nu Skin Vera® app is available for download from the app stores on all smart phones and pairs with any ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® device to deliver a premium connected experience.

Mar 20, 2024

Top Tips For Buying Second-Hand Furniture Online

It’s important to have stylish, functional, and practical furniture in each room of the house, but it can also cost a small fortune to buy even basic furniture. This can make it challenging when you need to furnish your home or even replace just one item, but there’s a great way to save money on furniture—buying it second-hand.

Buying second-hand furniture is a lot more affordable than buying new, and you’ll get a lot more for your money. You can also find cute, rare, and vintage items for sale in the second-hand marketplace, allowing you to add style and personality to your home. Here are a few tips for buying second-hand furniture.

Buy From Trusted Platforms
First, you should only ever buy second-hand furniture from trusted platforms. There are several large marketplaces that will have a huge range of furniture to choose from, but you’ll also benefit from consumer protection when you use a trusted platform.
Check Seller Ratings & Reviews
You should also check the seller rating and read previous customer reviews before deciding to go ahead with the purchase. You’ll want to buy from a seller with a good rating with positive reviews to ensure you have a positive experience. Additionally, be sure to stay safe if you go to check over a piece of furniture or pick it up yourself.
Check Listings Carefully
When buying second-hand furniture, you should always go through the listing slowly and carefully. Sellers need to be honest about any damage or imperfections, but they may include this information subtly. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of wear and tear, but you’ll want to make sure that the item is in good condition and worth the money.
Ask Questions
You should also always think of a question or two to ask the seller. This allows you to find out more information about the item before buying it, as well as get an idea of whether the seller is reliable and proactive.
You don’t want to shy away from negotiating for the item, as you could make further savings simply by asking. Negotiating is expected on these platforms, so it’s always worth a go. You can use a few tips from the internet to improve your haggling skills and get a better deal.
Compare Delivery Options
Finally, you need to think about delivery as this can be another cost to factor in. I got a free shipping quote from an online platform, which allows you to compare quotes from dozens of delivery companies in one place. This makes it easy to compare your options and get quotes from reliable delivery drivers. They often advertise their services as they’re already completing similar trips, so you can make significant savings with this approach. You’ll also benefit from peace of mind, knowing that your item is being picked up and delivered by a reliable delivery driver.
Buying second-hand furniture is a great way to keep your costs down and find interesting pieces for your home, but you must also know how to find what you’re looking for and get a good deal.

Mar 18, 2024

#ShopeeRaiLokal Introduces Raya Stail Kita For All Malaysians, Fashion Show Celebrates Kek Lapis, Burnt Orange, and Tarakucha Retro

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, on 5 March 2024, unveiled its #ShopeeRaiLokal Raya Stail Kita fashion show on Shopee Live, to inspire Malaysians nationwide to dress well and buy local. Themed ‘Tarakucha Retro’, Shopee collaborated with long-term sellers, celebrities, and influencers to style Malaysians for three 2024 trends this Raya: kek lapis, burnt orange, and nostalgia with a twist. 

“This fashion show is a love letter to the golden days of P. Ramlee and Saloma,” said Shopee Head of Marketing, Kenneth Soh. “By design, fashion, and beauty on Shopee is deliberately wholesome and inclusive for all Malaysians who need to balik kampung, pay respects to their elders, and attend Raya celebrations all over the country with dignity. With Raya Stail Kita, Malaysians can now dress with style and support their local sellers.”

Raya Stail Kita fashion show is the third chapter in #ShopeeRaiLokal, an episodic content platform to feature local sellers who build communities*. Ten Shopee muslimah fashion sellers, namely Ashikin Ahmad, Liyana Collection, Adnaa, Indah Pesona, Hernes, Inhanna, Zoe Arissa, Panda Eyes, Bayu Somerset, and Mikaseries by Zoey Rahman, and Habib Jewels joined forces in the spirit of gotong-royong to sponsor outfits and accessories to complete the looks.

Sponsoring brands lending their generosity to the event included beauty and skincare names such as Y.O.U, SimplySiti, SilkyGirl, Papa Feel, Mikaseries, lemooc, Emina, Dazzle Me, barenbliss, Alha Alfa, and AISASEA.

The curation of fashion runway’s looks was in line with the survey result from Raya Stail Kita study** covering Malaysian shoppers on the platform. The survey revealed that over 9 in 10 surveyed are driven to shop by coordinating looks with their whole family this Raya. Five in ten embrace the layer cake Raya trend, four in ten buy retro outfits and the remainder search burnt orange. 

Across the platform, Malaysians overwhelmingly prefer cotton (over 50%) as the fabric of choice, followed by silks (20%) and Songket (15%). A minority shop for brocade and organza. The top colours Malaysians are shopping for this Raya are: neutral tones (50%), then flaming vibrant colours like reds, oranges and gold yellow (30%), followed by solid dark greens and purples (20%).

A departure from run-of-the-mill fashion shows, Shopee’s runway slowed down the models’ catwalks to teach audiences nationwide how different garments could be styled from a variety of brands for each look to coordinate with their whole families. 

Body positive model Hikma Al Hassan headlined Shopee’ inclusive and affordable looks that were curated based on how Malaysians are shopping for their Baju Raya online. With its first look, Kek Lapis, Shopee called for Malaysians to experiment with unconventional layering of colors, prints, and textures. 

As popularized by Intan Najuwa at her wedding recently, Shopee then presented various ways to dress Burnt Orange this season for both men and women of various skin tones. The final look, Nostalgia Balik Kampung, encapsulated a rich tapestry of traditional and retro styles familiar to every Malaysian.

Kiffy Razak, Managing Editor of NONA, Hijabista, and Mingguan Wanita,  gave her styling advice on how Malaysians could tap into popular trends and dress up these looks: “Incorporating a dash of kek lapis color blocking, lively yet chic orange or nostalgia in one’s ensemble while integrating a bit of glam and a classic touch to perfect the look will provide an excellent nod to Raya trends this year. More importantly, it’s about interpreting and styling it in a way that reflects your best and true self as well as respecting values and cherished traditions you hold dear in celebration of Eid.”

Shopee is dedicated to offering a diverse and wholesome range of fashion choices for the whole family. Dato’ Jovian Mandagie, a Fashion Designer who also has Shopee Celebrity Squad store on Shopee, echoes this sentiment with his expert take: “Aidilfitri is a celebration of love and victory over Ramadan, whether you're at a kampung house or a city ballroom. Dress comfortably with modesty in mind. Avoid overdressing that will lead you looking like a Christmas Tree. When choosing baju Raya, prioritize comfort, and only follow trends if they suit your personality.”

Fellow Shopee Celebrity Squad, Zoey Rahman, Malaysian Actor and Founder of Mikaseries, gave his take on how to do Raya 2024: “I prefer classic Baju Melayu featuring a cekak musang collar and concealed buttons. I will style with instant sampin that can be ready within 2 minutes to complete the look. I like this outfit idea because it is classic suitable for Raya morning.” 

Mar 15, 2024

Choii dan Bulan Bintang berkolaborasi until Raya 2024!!!

Perlancaran jersi choii x baju melayu bulan bintang dan seri jelajah festival raya choii x bulan bintang 2024 yang di anjurkan oleh Specta Event Sdn Bhd

Dua penjenamaan paling viral di malaysia iaitu jersi Choii dan pakaian baju melayu Bulan Bintang kini bergabung untuk kali pertama dalam sejarah sempena Hari Raya 2024.

Dari hasil gabungan dua  jenama besar ini, baju jersi istimewa dan baju melayu gabungan Choii X Bulan Bintang untuk edisi raya 2024 di keluarkan dan ditawarkan ( 4 item combo ) dengan harga RM289  !!!

Gabungan Choii dan Bulan Bintang juga akan melangsungkan Seri Jelajah Festival Raya 2024 di tiga lokasi di Malaysia pada 21hb March hingga 24hb March 2024 di Perkarangan Parking A Stadium Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur,  28hb March hingga 31hb March 2024 di Raia Hotel & Convention Center Alor Setar Kedah. Para pengunjung boleh mendapatkan barangan baju ini hanya di lokasi Jelajah Raya ini sahaja.  Siti Jelajah ini dianjur kan oleh Specta Event. 

Menurut Pengarah Urusan Choii iaitu Encik Fariz Asri, beliau amat teruja untuk  mengeluarkan produk terbaru ini hasil gabungan bersama Bulan Bintang dan berharap dapat penerimaan yang mengalakkan oleh para penggemar jersi di Malaysia. 

Festival Raya Choii X Bulan Bintang ini juga akan menampilkan barisan Selebriti dan Influencer popular di Malaysia antara nya Ella,  Shaheizy Sam, Syatillah Melvin, Faris Asri, Erma Fartimah, Shuib, Achey, Cat Farish, Shikin Maembung, Fauzi Nawawi,  Yasin Yahya, Lisdawati, Aizat Saha dan ramai lagi. Festival Raya Ini juga akan di host oleh pengacara festival negara Kelly Azman. 

Untuk sebarang informasi anda boleh layari di media sosial Choii  dan Bulan Bintang.

Mar 14, 2024


KL Wellness City (KLWC) kicked off its “Kembali Ke Nostalgia” Raya extravaganza, running from now untill April 30 – aimed at offering Malaysians an experiential showcase of cultural richness, culinary delicacies and entertainment dedicated to the Raya festivity, all hosted at its Show Gallery in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew, Branding, Sales & Marketing Director of KL Wellness City remarked on the "Kembali Ke Nostalgia" Raya campaign, saying, “It is truly remarkable when individuals from various walks of life come together to commemorate occasions like Raya – demonstrating our shared values. The “Kembali Ke Nostalgia” Raya campaign is about appreciating the beauty of our diversity, the strength of our unity and the joy of our festivity. Here, in the heart of KL Wellness City, we are building a community centered on living well and taking care of each other—a place where health is more than a goal; it's our way of life.” 

This initiative is aligned with KL Wellness City's mission to advocate togetherness, wellness and fostering an enriched community.

“Guided by our pledge to redefine, strengthen, and expand our experience of health and quality of life, this event commences during the Ramadan to signify the creation of meaningful moments that highlight our dedication to community engagement and advancement. It culminates in the joyous celebrations of the vibrant Raya festivities," said Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent. 

KL Wellness City is the first in Southeast Asia to cultivate a lifestyle fully integrated with healthcare, and at the forefront of wellness and healthcare - positioning itself as the ultimate one-stop oasis for the body and mind. With various entities housed within the township – including Retail Suites, Wellness Suites, Business Suites and Medical Suites – each facility and amenity is carefully conceptualised to excel both independently and collectively as part of the community’s integrated ecosystem encompassing medical care, healthcare, wellness and fitness.

The KL Wellness City Raya launch features an array of exciting activities and highlights, including live performances by 3PCS busker band to enhance the vibrant and festive mood, a specially-curated gastronomical repertoire with rich and flavourful Hari Raya delicacies and an entertaining Hari Raya Live Station that promises interactive sessions, cultural performances, and engaging activities embodying the spirit of Hari Raya. 
Not to be missed is the picturesque “Rumah Panggung” serving as an ideal backdrop for capturing and sharing the festive celebration's joyous moments on social media. The Rumah Panggung stands as a symbol of cultural identity in the form of a Malay stilt house –showcasing intricate craftsmanship with colourful and traditional motifs echoing the rich heritage of the Malay community. 

Embodying the true spirit of the festive season's generosity and the "Kembali Ke Nostalgia" campaign, KL Wellness City donated RM8,000 to orphanage homes – Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Victory Malaysia, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Nurhati, Rumah Kanak-kanak Angels KL and Rumah Charis. 

This community outreach initiative demonstrates KL Wellness City's dedication to helping underprivileged children and reflects its commitment to giving back to society.

The public is invited to participate in the KL Wellness City Duit Raya Lucky Draw, with cash prizes ranging from RM1,000 to RM3,000. 

Moreover, from March 14 to April 30, special free gifts will be given away to visitors, extending the festive joy throughout the community.

While "Kembali Ke Nostalgia" runs for a month, be sure to mark your calendar for KL Wellness City's special open house on April 18, which promises many exciting festive activities, food and entertainment. It is set to offer individuals, families and friends an unforgettable time of joy, warmth and camaraderie together. 

For more information, please visit