Mar 14, 2024


KL Wellness City (KLWC) kicked off its “Kembali Ke Nostalgia” Raya extravaganza, running from now untill April 30 – aimed at offering Malaysians an experiential showcase of cultural richness, culinary delicacies and entertainment dedicated to the Raya festivity, all hosted at its Show Gallery in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew, Branding, Sales & Marketing Director of KL Wellness City remarked on the "Kembali Ke Nostalgia" Raya campaign, saying, “It is truly remarkable when individuals from various walks of life come together to commemorate occasions like Raya – demonstrating our shared values. The “Kembali Ke Nostalgia” Raya campaign is about appreciating the beauty of our diversity, the strength of our unity and the joy of our festivity. Here, in the heart of KL Wellness City, we are building a community centered on living well and taking care of each other—a place where health is more than a goal; it's our way of life.” 

This initiative is aligned with KL Wellness City's mission to advocate togetherness, wellness and fostering an enriched community.

“Guided by our pledge to redefine, strengthen, and expand our experience of health and quality of life, this event commences during the Ramadan to signify the creation of meaningful moments that highlight our dedication to community engagement and advancement. It culminates in the joyous celebrations of the vibrant Raya festivities," said Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent. 

KL Wellness City is the first in Southeast Asia to cultivate a lifestyle fully integrated with healthcare, and at the forefront of wellness and healthcare - positioning itself as the ultimate one-stop oasis for the body and mind. With various entities housed within the township – including Retail Suites, Wellness Suites, Business Suites and Medical Suites – each facility and amenity is carefully conceptualised to excel both independently and collectively as part of the community’s integrated ecosystem encompassing medical care, healthcare, wellness and fitness.

The KL Wellness City Raya launch features an array of exciting activities and highlights, including live performances by 3PCS busker band to enhance the vibrant and festive mood, a specially-curated gastronomical repertoire with rich and flavourful Hari Raya delicacies and an entertaining Hari Raya Live Station that promises interactive sessions, cultural performances, and engaging activities embodying the spirit of Hari Raya. 
Not to be missed is the picturesque “Rumah Panggung” serving as an ideal backdrop for capturing and sharing the festive celebration's joyous moments on social media. The Rumah Panggung stands as a symbol of cultural identity in the form of a Malay stilt house –showcasing intricate craftsmanship with colourful and traditional motifs echoing the rich heritage of the Malay community. 

Embodying the true spirit of the festive season's generosity and the "Kembali Ke Nostalgia" campaign, KL Wellness City donated RM8,000 to orphanage homes – Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Victory Malaysia, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Nurhati, Rumah Kanak-kanak Angels KL and Rumah Charis. 

This community outreach initiative demonstrates KL Wellness City's dedication to helping underprivileged children and reflects its commitment to giving back to society.

The public is invited to participate in the KL Wellness City Duit Raya Lucky Draw, with cash prizes ranging from RM1,000 to RM3,000. 

Moreover, from March 14 to April 30, special free gifts will be given away to visitors, extending the festive joy throughout the community.

While "Kembali Ke Nostalgia" runs for a month, be sure to mark your calendar for KL Wellness City's special open house on April 18, which promises many exciting festive activities, food and entertainment. It is set to offer individuals, families and friends an unforgettable time of joy, warmth and camaraderie together. 

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  1. The "Kembali ke Nostalgia" Raya campaign by KL Wellness City sounds like a delightful initiative that aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia and celebrate the spirit of the festive season. Nostalgia has a unique way of connecting people to their roots and cherished memories, and this campaign seems to tap into that sentiment.

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