Oct 31, 2023


Sunplay, a leading brand in sun protection, announced the launch of its third consecutive CSR campaign, ‘We Care for the Ocean 2023’. 

The campaign aims to raise awareness about ocean pollution and is calling for volunteers to join in its effort to clean up the beaches.

This year, it is taking its commitment to the next level by their efforts to include beaches in Negeri Sembilan which is Pantai Blue Lagoon. 

This extension demonstrates Sunplay's dedication to broadening their impact and addressing environmental concerns in different regions of Malaysia. In total, they will be cleaning up seven beaches across the country.

In conjunction with this campaign, Sunplay is collaborating with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Watsons. 

During the campaign period, RM 1 from every Sunplay outdoor sunscreen sold in Watsons in the month of November will be channelled to the campaign fund. This initiative encourages consumers to contribute to the cause while ensuring their skin remains protected under the sun.

Sunplay is also collaborating with a well-known local climate action and sustainability advocate Melissa Tan, who will add a fresh perspective to the campaign. Her expertise and passion for protecting the environment will help raise awareness about the dangers of ocean pollution and inspire more people to act.

Last year, the campaign successfully collected 1,348kg of trash and this year, Sunplay aspires to collect even more, to make a significant impact in keeping our beaches clean and preserving the marine ecosystem.

As part of its effort to preserving the marine ecosystem, Sunplay has in its range of products, an ocean-friendly Sport 120 Body Mist. It is specifically designed for sports enthusiasts, outdoor fitness enthusiasts, and adventure seeker.

The Sunplay Sport 120 Body Mist offers photostable and broad-spectrum UV protection, safeguarding against UVA/UVB rays. Infused with hyaluronic acid, it provides intense hydration even in challenging conditions. The mist's formula includes RonaCare Ectoin and Golden Seaweed Extract to combat premature aging, shielding the skin from sunspots, fine lines, and roughness.

An outstanding feature of the Sunplay Sport 120 Body Mist is its innovative wet skin technology, enabling application on wet skin caused by perspiration or water. It instantly creates a protective barrier, boasting a water-light, fast-absorbing formula that ensures all-day comfort without greasiness. With up to 4 hours of water and sweat resistance, it proves ideal for high- energy activities in harsh weather, delivering an instant cooling sensation and a slight mint scent for added comfort.

Importantly, the Sport 120 Body Mist is ocean-friendly, and devoid of oxybenzone, octinoxate, 4MBC, and butylparaben. By choosing this sustainable sun protection, we can contribute to preserving our valuable oceans and marine ecosystems while safeguarding ourselves.

The Sport 120 Body Mist (165ml) is available at leading pharmacies and online stores via Lazada and Shopee, retailing at RM69.90.

Oct 30, 2023

Radiate Beauty from Inside Out with beuWHITE x Claire Organics

For almost all women - spots, uneven skin tone and dark patches on the face are major concerns, especially as they age. It is not surprising why you can find many  treatments and skincare targeted at mature women like me "brightening" products, supposedly helpful in reducing the appearance of these spots…


These dark spots get more visible with age but ageing is not directly responsible for their appearance and for us women living in a tropical country like Malaysia, the risk of hyper-pigmentation is greater, given our constant exposure to the sun….

UV radiation exposure is after all one of the biggest external factors to cause or worsen this… Sometimes it could be just a general skin dullness on the entire face. The skin would seem dull and dark compared to other parts of the body.

We women would hide this "facial dullness" with concealers and facial foundations.

Stress, lack of sleep, fatigue and exposure to blue light with prolonged use of gadgets, all affect our skin in many ways….

Thus desperate women hoping to brighten their skin or reach the new so-call standard of healthy glowy skin seek treatment for hyper-pigmentation via conventional options like chemical peels, laser therapy and/or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment and even hydroquinone prescriptions, some of which cause worse damage to the skin, some of which burn a huge hole in savings and the list goes on…


I personally think I found a ray of hope or a savior which is the result of a wonderful collaboration between beuWHITE and Claire Organics….  This collaboration results in something major that celebrates the power of inner and outer beauty - designed exclusively for the extraordinary women who know their worth….

The collaboration between beuWHITE and Claire Organics isn't just about products; it's about a lifestyle that empowers you to radiate beauty from the inside out. It’s also about balance, confidence, and an authentic connection with your inner self.


beuWHITE offers robust sun protection, the attenuation of hyperpigmentation, and skin whitening capabilities. Boasting 100% water solubility for facile absorption, enriched with red orange extract, beuWHITE is also ideal for both vegetarians and individuals with diabetes.


Demonstrating an impressive efficacy within 30 days, beuWHITE provides a 99% success rate in sun protection, skin whitening, complexion restoration, and the reduction of blemishes, dark spots, and scars. 


All you have to do is consume one sachet twice daily, once in the morning on an empty stomach and just before bedtime!!!

Some of the key ingredients in beuWHITE are :-

Red Orange Complex - rich in phenolic compounds & ascorbic acid with antioxidants properties which safeguard the skin from UV damage, hyperpigmentation & photoaging.

L-Cystine - essential amino acid for healthy skin,

Treats acne by regulating sebum production & provide antioxidant support by stimulating production of glutathione.

Lycopene Extract - an antioxidant that works to stabilize the imbalance that free radicals cause in our skin cells.

Grapefruit - containing both anti-bacterial & anti-inflamammatory properties, it is a potent acne-fighter. Improve skin elasticity which helps to keep you looking young & fresh-faced.

Aloe Vera Extract - renowned for its soothing & moisturizing effect. Other skin benefits include fading of dark spots & stretch marks, managing acne & slowing signs of aging.

Vitamin C - a potent antioxidant that promote collagen synthesis & enhances skin whitening. Give your skin an out-of-this-world glow

The price of a sachet of beuWHITE is equivalent to just a cup of Starbucks per day… beuWHITE operates from a foundational standpoint, orchestrating a secure and efficacious transformation. It redefines the skin whitening landscape, fostering an inner-to-outer radiance that transcends superficial solutions, offering a genuine and captivating luminosity.


Claire Organics which was founded by Louise Chu, is a trailblazing brand in Kind Beauty, renowned for its high-quality and sustainable skincare solutions.


Centered on natural ingredients and effective formulations, the company exemplifies a commitment to transparency and customer trust, positioning Claire Organics at the forefront of the natural skincare industry. Through her expertise, Louise brings forth an exquisite range of all-natural handcrafted soaps and home remedies, crafted with pure and fresh skin-loving goodness. Beyond products, her mission extends to inspiring a kind and green community.

Claire Organics’s new baby is the Radiant Citrus Bliss, a 100% pure essential oil that offers a wide array of versatile applications, making it an indispensable addition to your daily wellness and beauty routine:- 

Aromatherapy: Improve your mood and relax the mind and body by inhaling the aroma.

Beauty, Massage, and Body Care: Diluted with carrier oils, it can be used for massage, skin, and hair care, providing beauty and skincare benefits.

Psstt…I added a few drops into some vitamin E skin oil to be applied on my skin and it just smells heavenly…

Health Care: It can help boost immunity, relieve respiratory issues, reduce headaches, and more.

Emotional Management: Aids in reducing anxiety, stress, depression, and other emotional issues, enhancing the comfort of home life.

Perfume: Used for creating personal fragrances and sprays, creating a pleasant home ambiance.

See the difference in my complexion after just 2 weeks of consumption.and use!!!

Grab your box of beuWHITE today online from Shopee, Lazada, Topzmall or Claire online store 
or from your nearest Claire Organics physical store for added convenience and accessibility…

Check out : https://beuwhite.com

How to Order?

beuWHITE Whatsapp: +60 19 9717 247( https://wa.me/message/SJ47ZAL5ODNIG1

Email: hello@beuwhite.com

Lazada Official Store: https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/beuwhite/

Shopee Official Store: https://shopee.com.my/beuwhite

For more information, kindly visit beuWHITE social media,

Website: www.beuWHITE.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/beuWHITE247

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/beuwhite.global/

TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@beuwhite

Lemon8 : https://www.lemon8-app.com/beuwhite

XHS : https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/64b3e735000000000b0162b4

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Oct 29, 2023

Celebrating Pinktober at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s award-winning premier shopping destination, is proud to announce its partnership with the globally acclaimed pink-themed cafĂ© and lifestyle brand, EL&N London, for a special Pink October coffee and cake set dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer. This special Pink October Set has been thoughtfully curated in line with Pavilion KL's 15th anniversary theme 'Love Pavilion' theme, aimed at spreading love and support to breast cancer survivors in Malaysia. 

Available until 31 October, the Pink October Set is a delectable creation that includes a pink diamond-cut heart-shaped cake featuring a calamansi-infused cheese mousse with cubed mango, served on a white chocolate crumble base. This delightful dessert is paired with EL&N's signature Rose Spanish Latte, available in both hot and iced versions. Priced at just RM39.80, this exclusive cake and coffee set can be savoured at EL&N London (Level 3, Connection), with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA).

PAUL Malaysia is also introducing its Pink October campaign running until 31 October, featuring delectable pink-themed treats in support of breast cancer awareness. Among the newly launched Pink October desserts are a limited edition heart-shaped raspberry macaron, raspberry eclairs, and a macaron raspberry cake. For each Pink October product sold, PAUL Malaysia will donate RM1 to BCWA.

As part of their commitment to breast cancer awareness, Michelangelo’s Ristorante Italiano is launching the Antipasto di Mare special, while their sister brand, OCEAN TWE12VE Seafood Restaurant, is presenting the Grilled Seafood Platter special throughout the month of October. Each purchase of these Pinktober Special dishes from the restaurants will result in a generous RM10 contribution to BCWA.

Join the Pink October celebration at XIXILI and enjoy a 10% storewide discount, with no minimum spend. Plus, when you make a minimum purchase of RM250, you'll receive a free XIXILI pouch or tote bag. 

Luminous Integrative Medicine Clinic is also embracing the pink spirit this October with its 'Luminous Goes Pink' campaign, designed to raise awareness about breast and cervical cancer. Luminous, located on Level 7 in the Beauty Hall, is offering pap smear tests at a discounted price of RM30, along with a complimentary breast examination by a medical professional to raise awareness on the importance of regular cervical and breast cancer screenings.

For more information on Pavilion KL’s Pink October events and promotions, shoppers can visit www.pavilion-kl.com or contact Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Concierge at 03 2118 8833. Shoppers can also check real-time updates on Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Oct 24, 2023


FOUR winners has emerged as Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty for 2023 after a four-month nationwide contest. 

The Grand Finale of The Face of Healthy Beauty Contest, that was held today in Kuala Lumpur, saw 20 finalists from all over Malaysia, including two men, competing to be one of the four final winners.

The four winners are:

1. Aqila Bt Afindi
2. Kay Yap Yen Yin
3. Nur Izzatul Aqma Bt Ludin
4. Candace Cheah Sook Peng

Aqila Afindi, 22, who hails from Putrajaya and is a student at UITM said she was so happy and grateful to have won. 

“I was so impressed with the other contestants, and I felt so proud to be picked as one of the four winners.  This win is not only for me but for all my family and friends who have prayed and supported me,” she said.  

Meanwhile, fashion designer Nur Izzatul Aqma, 21, who designed her own outfit for the Grand Finale said that her win is dedicated to her parents, family and friends who have supported her in all contests she has entered.

 I also gave my best effort to try to win and thankfully, my effort has been rewarded with this win.  It means a lot to me,” said Nur Izzatul who hails from Petaling Jaya.    

Kay Yap, 31, from Kuala Lumpur said she strove to be her best.

“The competition was fierce, given that all the contestants were so passionate and talented. And kudos to Guardian for being a trendsetter, by choosing brand ambassadors that also celebrates inner beauty,” Kay said.

Kay, who also won a Category prize for ‘Most Healthy’ contestant is a Multimedia Designer. 

Candace Cheah is 28 years old and is a final year Veterinary Science student.

Anna Hull, Commercial Director, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said

We are extremely pleased to finally announce our winners for the Face of Healthy Beauty 2023.  This year’s contest received overwhelming response and the competition was stiff.  We are also delighted to find that we had participants coming from all over Malaysia to take part and we are also proud, that for the first time, we have two men among the final 20 finalists.


As we all know, the Face Of Healthy Beauty is NOT a beauty contest or a beauty pageant.  It is a search for that special person that has all the unique qualities that Guardian believes represents the meaning of the concept of Healthy Beauty.

This Healthy Beauty concept is at the CORE of Guardian’s brand philosophy and this concept was borne from a consumer insight that good health is the foundation of true beauty.  Our winners, therefore, will inspire others to live a healthy and beautiful life, doing things that make them feel happy and fulfilling,” Anna added

Touted as the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, the search for The Face of Healthy Beauty is a nationwide quest to find FOUR individuals, who best fit the bill as ‘The Face of Healthy Beauty’ to be Guardian’s healthy beauty ambassadors.

The Four (4) winners from the Grand Final will each receive:
• One (1) year contract with Guardian
• Feature on Guardian’s Advertising and Promotion materials & Other in-store collaterals

• RM10,000 Cash and RM10,000 worth of Vouchers
• Products from participating sponsors and
• RM5,000 worth of Guardian Bath Care products to be given to a charity organization of the winner's choice 

This contest which started 26 June 2023 was open to all Malaysians aged 18 years and above.

More details of the search, and the full terms and conditions for participation are available at https://theface.guardian.com.my