Oct 22, 2023

8 places you should check out in Seoul, South Korea

With K-Pop and K-Dramas doing world domination kind of thing, and popular K-Beauty items mushrooming across the region… those heading to Korea would definitely be looking for cut-price beauty emporiums and late-night norebang (karaoke) bars , thus Seoul the capital of South Korea is one of must go to cities in Asia. 

Where else can you get a mix of traditional and modern thrills with countless attractions and sites to explore. Here are 8 places to go to in Seoul 

Seoul has five main palaces, but painted in hues of red and jade, Gyeongbokgung is the largest and arguably the most important. Often compared with the Forbidden City in Beijing, 

Gyeongbokgung also houses the National Folk Museum of Korea. If you wear hanbok, the traditional Korean dress for men and women, your visit is free. You can rent your costumes nearby……

First built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest of Seoul's five grand palaces built during the powerful Joseon dynasty. Destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries, it was restored to its original glory after the Second World War and totally restored in the 1990s.

You can also find the National Palace Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum of Korea, and both are worth a visit. The palace museum is especially fascinating as it presents items from the palaces of the Joseon Dynasty.

Gwanghwamun Square
This public square lies in front of Gwanghwamun Gate, the main gate to the impressive Gyeongbokgung Palace. The square features a statue of King Sejong the Great, the inventor of Korea’s Hangul alphabet and is also home to frequent political demonstrations, a large subway station and a giant fountain

Visit on a sunny day and you can enjoy the view of the soaring green hills beyond Seoul’s skyscrapers.

A short walk to the east of Gwanghwamun is Changdeokgung, the second-largest palace in Seoul. I love this palace because it has a “secret garden” of temples and pavilions. 

Changdeokgung is especially popular in spring, for cherry blossom, and autumn, when the colour of the leaves is dazzling. Visit early in the day and it will be so peaceful you can imagine what it was like centuries ago.

N Seoul Tower
Situated on Namsan Mountain, the centre of the city, is the N Seoul Tower. The mountain is 243m above sea level and is the capital’s second-highest point. 

Go up the 236m tower to experience breathtaking views by day or night. There is a digital observatory and revolving restaurant. 

If you are  there with your other half, get one of those love locks and signify the promise of your relationships.

Cheonggyecheon is a natural creek that flows through central Seoul was covered over by highways in the post-Korean War economic boom.  Seven miles of the creek were uncovered as part of an urban revitalization project and turned into an outdoor recreation area, opening in 2005.

So basically you get seven miles of creek-side hiking, walking or biking trails. It adds an artery of water and green into what was a very urbanized, crowded area in the CBD of Seoul….

Seoul’s super busy shopping district of Myeongdong is a magnet for anyone who craves Korean fashion or skincare. You will want to stock up on revitalising facial masks as well as delicious honey-butter-almond snacks.

Tourists love all the snacks here such as spicy fried chicken, rice cakes, meatball skewers, omelette burgers, stir-fried noodles, and banana pancakes are served piping hot. Cool drinks and cold desserts are also widely available – perfect for a quick refreshment if you're there shopping on a warm summer's day.

Namdaemun Market 
Opened in 1964, Namdaemun Market is the oldest and the largest traditional markets in South Korea, bustling with more than 10,000 retailers, vendors, and sellers.

It is a shopper’s haven as well as a foodie paradise, home to a maze of stores and stalls covering more than 66,000 square metres and you can find a wide array of products – from fashion items, jewellery, luggage, toys, carpets, stationery, hiking gear, fresh flowers, and also Korean souvenirs. Naturally, bargaining away is half the fun of shopping at Namdaemun!

Travelodge Myeongdong Euljiro
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Even the airport shuttle (Euljiro 2-ga stop) is just across the road!!

Euljiro 3-ga Subway Station is barely 2-3 minutes away which is also super very convenient to get to other parts of Seoul…

You can walk to Cheonggyecheon as well as Gwangjang Market in 10-15 minutes

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