Mar 30, 2017

ZarraB’Joy Matte Lipwear, beautiful shades ideal for Muslim ladies and all..

Yours truly was over at the launch of the new range of Matte Lipsticks by Zarra Sinar Puteri’s sub-brand ZarraB’Joy Cosmetics, the ZarraB’Joy Matte Lipwear.

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ZarraB’Joy Lipwear is a halal, lightweight, high definition matte that is easy to apply and lasts long on your lips without drying it…


As most of you might know, I am constantly struggling with my weight…and trying to bring it down… and while I can control my food intake some times - other factors of age and my disappearing metabolism, being a mom of three, and misbehaving at times has taken its toll on me and sadly, sob sob, I have plenty of flab around, from my belly, my thighs, and my face and chin….and yes, I long to contour it….so recently on a kind invitation, I was over at Aloft, KL Sentral to check out the launch of Accent Prime… the latest addition to Alma Lasers’ family of body contouring products.

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Mar 28, 2017


We Asians are weird and we are the opposite of the caucasians who seems to love to tan themselves..… we Asians want to be fair and this has gotten a whole load of skin whitening products out on the market, and sometimes some of us Asians tend to even willingly fork our a lot of money just to be fair..…

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But did you know effective skin whitening is not just on the outer layer but also includes the inner layers of our skin as well... and it does not have to be that pricey...


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With the festive month of Ramadhan and Syawal fast approaching, Muslim people are on the current lookout for their outfits... The millennials, young men and women nowadays take more care with their appearance then they did years ago... and most of these people will want to look their best with the latest fashion designs...

Mar 27, 2017

Veet Sensitive Touch Review....

When it comes to personal hair removal and trimming, it can definitely be quite challenging as our many sensitive body parts demand skill and care. Bikini lines, eyebrows and underarms are sensitive and delicate areas that you really need to be gentle with when trimming the hair, something razors and tweezers, it can be a painful experience sometimes.. especially when you nick yourself of while tweezing the hair off delicate areas.....

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Finally, an easier solution has been found with the world’s No. 1 depilatory brand Veet which has recently launched their new beauty gadget that makes hair trimming a breeze.

Mar 26, 2017

Getting flawless with Mon Cheri Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner and Petale CC Cover

I may be young at heart, but sadly, and the truth is I am getting older by the day, and with that comes, pigmentations and enlarged open pores that make my skin look unhealthy and blotchy. And this kinda depresses me…

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However I was recently given the chance to try out two products, the new Mon Cheri Collection De Bouquet Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner, that promises a smoother

Huawei Launches First Regional Flagship Store in Malaysia

Congratulations to Huawei for opening its very first flagship store here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

Malaysia has been identified as one of the key markets for Huawei in the region following its growing market share, as the second most favorite smartphone brand for Malaysian consumers, and yes, yours truly here is a huge fan of Huawei....

Strategically located at the Pavilion Elite, the 4,476 square feet store will serve as a one-stop center that provides onsite services, send-for-repair service, and private product consultation in its premium service center. Convenient right... it sure is convenient for me....

Mar 25, 2017


I love pomegranates... don't you.. it is pretty, you crunch on the delicious ruby-like fruit, and the health benefits you get to derive is just amazing...  but did you also know, Pomegranate juice, is also a secret potion to get a healthy, vibrant and youthful skin?

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Pomegranate juice is said to work wonders for dry skin. Its small molecular structure is able to penetrate deep into the skin to provide ample moisturisation and hydration to the skin. It has the ability to sooth dry and irritated skin with its

Mar 24, 2017


Lot 10 is a place that brings back plenty of memories for me.. it was definitely one of my favorite places to visit and hang out about 15 years ago... with a couple of my besties back then, and loved the food court then and it is still a place I enjoy visiting despite being much more up market now... lol...well, that is because of Isetan's make over into the super upscale Isetan the Japan Store...

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Anyway, since Earth Hour is happening tomorrow, Lot 10 will naturally be joining  billions around the world to 'Switch Off for Earth Hour' , the global 'lights off' event created by the World Wildlife Fund...

Siti Nordiana launches her 'Terus Mencintai' music video..

Local singer, the beautiful Siti Nordiana Alias or fondly known as Nana, has been in the music industry for the past 18 years , and now Nana is taking another step further by creating and writing lyrics as well....

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And with that, her new hit single 'Terus Mencintai' was born, a story of all of Nana's love feelings and her life story from youth up until now..

Mar 21, 2017

Celebrate Dr. Ko Skin Specialist Founder’s Day 2017

Dr KO Founder’s Day returns for a second year and yours truly was over at Le Midi to get the details... 

Starting from March 24 to April 30, 2017, Dr. Ko Skin Specialist and Dr. Ko clinics will be celebrating the KO Founder’s Day with the less privileged in mind while rewarding loyal patients with great deals.

Mar 20, 2017

Mamonde’s New High Cover Liquid Cushion for flawless skin

However young I feel, I do have to face up to the fact that I am getting old and well, along with getting old, comes a host of problems which are freckles or pigmentation, blemishes, horrible pores and wrinkles… 

Though I am blessed I do not yet quite look my age- a plastic surgeon recently complimented me on that and yeah, I confess I am slightly preening over the fact - but the wrinkles and fine lines are all appearing… and when I want to look flawless, it is not easy…

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Sometimes, only by putting on layers of corrector, foundation, bb creams, powders and so on can I look almost flawless… but then again I also run the risk of looking like a geisha with a white face.. and besides that, I do not like traveling with 101 products in my luggage, especially since now that AirAsia has imposed their new 7kg limit …

Activate your Visa PIN ....

Having a Visa card is heaven sent especially when you are travelling as you do not want to be bringing too much money with you as it can draw unwanted attention, as well as pretty inconvenient….

Did you know that all credit, debit and prepaidcard users now have to migrate from signature to PIN.

Mar 16, 2017

How to improve your night's sleep

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According to a scientific report published in the last quarter of 2016, sleep deprivation costs the United Kingdom economy a whopping £40 billion a year. Even with a margin of error, these statistics are simply disastrous. And it gets even scarier when you consider that the health implications of sleep deprivation on individuals across the UK are not accounted for in this figure.

Beauté - FemMist for a happy Miss V

I hate to admit it but there are times, especially when I am travelling or busy the whole day when well, it tends to get pretty irritating down there… Yes, I am talking about Miss V.  

If you are a woman on the go, I bet you can relate to me or at least know what I am talking about as you would have gone through this experience at some point of your life. 

Mar 15, 2017

Wireless gadgets that make your life easier

We are living in the age of innovation. Our lives are a lot simpler than they were decades ago, thanks to the wave of technology that has swept across the globe, coming with a massive number of innovations that work to make our lives easier. If you are in the market for a gadget that goes toward making your life easy and manageable, you might want to consider the options below:

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TOP Launches Revolutionary TOP Micro-Clean Tech with Anti-Sebum Range

TOP introduces of its new breakthrough Micro-Clean Tech™ technology taglined ‘It’s not clean until It’s Micro-Clean’, allowing consumers to attain next level, micro-cleaned laundry using its Anti-Sebum detergent technology.

I am sure you have washed your clothes before and hanged it out to dry and still find it stale and stinky at times.. and this is all because of the sebum or sweat secreted by our skin...

Mar 14, 2017

Easy Health and Fitness Tips

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For many people, becoming fit and healthy is an unobtainable lifelong goal, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Becoming healthy is all about changing the way we live. With determination and willpower, any lifestyle is accessible. To begin changing your approach to health, there are a few health and fitness ideas you need to adopt to begin building your new routine. 

It might be difficult to get used to, but if you stay dedicated, you can change your lifestyle and be a fitness guru in no time.

Launch of Ralph Lauren free standing store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Yours truly has always been fascinated with the Ralph Lauren brand, and well, recently, when I was given the chance to visit the new Ralph Lauren's free-standing store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. 


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My mother recently celebrated her birthday and to surprise her, I got Suan Jellycake to make her a cake.. I gave Charmaine, the lovely owner and creator of the jelly cake online shop some ideas of what I thought I wanted..

Chewies Enter Malaysian Book of Records with a Healthy Achievement

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Chewies supplements managed to group 1958 children, parents and teachers together at the Sunway Lagoon amphitheatre recently to chew their way into the Malaysian Book of Records with some mouth watering gummies….

Mar 13, 2017

BONIA First Flagship Boutique Grand Opening with Kim Tae Hee

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Every woman in Malaysia and most parts of the world must have heard of the brand BONIA, since BONIA is most well known for their quality leather fashion products ... but not everyone know that BONIA has come a long way and recently just celebrated their grand opening of their first flagship boutique with special celebrity appearance, giveaways, and live broadcast.

Mar 12, 2017

Shopee Connects Bold Women Together for the International Women’s Day

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Shopee, the No 1 mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan celebrates women from all over the world for their contributions through the ages in conjunction with the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2017. This year Shopee recognizes women entrepreneurs who have taken a brave step in their lives to leave their comfort zone behind to start their own businesses.

Mar 11, 2017


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If you are looking for some ready to wear clothes , you need not look further because the new line of Meraki Raya LUXE and Meraki RTW is created to impress and satisfy any fashionista or any woman who just want to be able to exude charm, class and practicality...
White Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and Honor Malaysia would like to treat its Malaysian customers on this special day with an exclusive package starting on March 7th. Heavily celebrated in certain parts of the world, White Valentine’s Day is another opportunity for everyone to show their appreciation and love towards their significant others.

Mar 10, 2017


Those with a mission to slim down and get rid of the fat in our body will be excited with the arrival of the latest body contouring technique, the second generation of Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Aesthetics which caused a stir at its launch recently. 

Using German-engineered technology, this second generation of Cryo-Lipolysis combines Z Lipo (Cryo-Lipolysis) with Z WavePro (US FDA-approved Shockwave) to ensure shorter treatment durations and faster results for everyone.

Mar 9, 2017


Every day we read about famous empowered women who are 

making big things happen in the world today. We are 

inspired by their passion and intelligence. We marvel at their

 achievements. We share their stories.

Yet, every day in our own community there are also many 

other women who are defying all odds to either empower 

themselves to break away from the circumstances of their 

less than perfect lives such as discrimination and violence, or 

those who are motivating them in their efforts to break those 

chains. Many of these women, their stories and struggles 

towards their freedom go unnoticed or unheard to the 

masses, however inspiring to the community they are a part 


Today, in conjunction with International Women’s Day

Grab together with Magnum would like to recognise these 

women and the many people, both men and women, who are

 working hard to support them in their journey.

Therefore, both these brands are coming together to raise 

funds to help encourage and recognise the good work the 

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) is doing to help 

women rise above their difficult situation.


The Coway Run 2017, organized by Coway(M) Sdn Bhd is making its debut for the first time on the 7th May 2017 at the Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown….

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More and more people has since taken up running over the past two decades, meaning more people know the importance of how beneficial exercise is… and even those who cannot run, like me, will participate and practise brisk walking too.. which is also beneficial for our bodies and heart..

Aiman Tino launches Sweet Aiman products...

Aiman Tino may just be 18 years old, but he is not letting his age stop him from involving himself in the business world, outside his daily routine as one of Malaysia’s local teenage idols…

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Best known for his hit single “Ku Rela Dibenci”, Aiman Tino shot to stardom and even earned himself a place in the finals at the ‘Juara Lagu 2016’ recently…

This has somehow began inspiring the collaboration between Aiman and Wonder Glow Cosmetics Sdn Bhd.

Mar 8, 2017


The story begins during the World War 2 when two fighter jets crash into a beach somewhere…. One of the pilot is an American, and the other, a Japanese, and both hell bent on killing each other…. Just as the Japanese pilot is getting an upper hand and going to stab what is his enemy in the throat, something slams its gigantic fist into the ground near them and the creature appears, causing the Japanese pilot to drop his knife in shock…..

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Mar 7, 2017

Pavilion KL raises RM 500 k for Chinese New Year CSR

Pavilion KL has managed to successfully raise RM500,000 through its first CSR initiative , known as “Charity at Heart” in conjunction with the recently over Chinese New Year celebrations  and the money will be used for its corporate social responsibility programmes in 2017.

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The announcement was made during a celebration held to mark the Pavilion KL’s ninth anniversary at the lavish centre court underneath the gigantic phoenix specially constructed for Chinese New Year..

Whoosh Launches New Outlet in Sunway Pyramid....

Whoosh recently launched its 18th and the latest outlet at Sunway Pyramid..

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If you did not know it, Whoosh which is a subsidiary under Focus-Point, has since emerged to become a full-grown fashion eyewear brand well-received among those who enjoy fashionable and trendy eyewear almost instantly….


The Livescape Group recently announced the postponement of the Electric Run to July 29 due to conflicting schedules of international artiste the organizers had set their eye on to give fans an elevated experience has conflicting schedules. 

Celebrating the screen goddesses bringing inspiration and entertainment to Viu-ers

I love my K-dramas and watch them a lot more then other TV series... and one of the best place I watch it would be over Viu.

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International Women’s Day is this March. In conjunction with this celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, Viu will be featuring amazing K-dramas that will not disappoint. Showing the courage and determination women have to reach their dreams and goals, these select dramas celebrate the abilities of women.

Poh Kong Unveils Disney Princess Enchanted Rose Series Inspired by Beauty & The Beast

It is said that love is a tale as old time, and well, admit it, no matter how old you are, girls and women have a special place in their hearts for Disney Princesses, as they not only personify beauty but intelligence and grace as well. 
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In line with the release of the live-action film remake of the Disney classic film “Beauty and the Beast” opening in theatres 16 March, Poh Kong has created the Enchanted Rose series to complement our Enchanting collection from Disney Princess, a favourite among girls of all ages.

Mar 6, 2017


U Mobile Sdn Bhd has partnered with four popular regional and local digital publishers - SPH Magazines, Pubu eBook, FullAMark and NovelPlus - to launch booKu.

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The first-of-its kind service in Malaysia, booKu enables U Mobile subscribers to purchase e-books and e-magazines from noted publishers, such as SPH Magazines, Pubu eBook, FullAMark and NovelPlus even if they do not own a credit card. U Mobile’s prepaid subscribers will have their e-book and e-magazine purchases deducted from their mobile credit, while post-paid subscribers will be charged through their monthly bills.

Mar 5, 2017

Cosry launches 'The Queen of Modesty' wedding dresses at The Wedding 2017

It is the most special moment and hopefully a once in a lifetime event when you decide to marry the man of your dreams, and the wedding will be your special day, one to cherish for eternity… as you celebrate your love and union together… it is the day where brides are treated almost as royalty and everything must be perfect and beautiful…

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For the second time held, The Wedding KL 2017 which was held at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur over the weekend was a moving force to give enhancement to the Bridal Fashion Industry in Malaysia by introducing the latest trend from some of the most talented designers and labels, among them was none other than the amazing new designs from the House of Cosry.

Zimmer Z Lipo - Chilling your way to your dream figure

As we get older, our body changes how it gains and loses weight. It is when our body experience a declining metabolic rate, or the number of calories the body needs to function normally.

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On top of that, some women have to deal with menopause. It is said that if women gain weight after menopause, it's more likely to be in their stomach… and this is because the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone slows down. This hormonal change causes women to hold onto weight in their stomach area…

Mar 3, 2017

ELITE – For Style That Stays For Men

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Nothing catches the eye more then a great hairdo.. your hair can or the way you style it can make anyone decide at first glance if you are suave, cool or desirable, stylish or just plain lazy....

Mar 2, 2017

Korean Fever is Burning Up Shopee Malaysia

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Annyeong hasaeyo! Shopee, which is the No 1 mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan will be starting its ‘Shop for Free’ Campaign in March... this will be in conjunction with the Korean Fever (K-Fever) from 9 to 22 March 2017, whereby throughout those dates, fans of Korean products can shop till they drop and be among the 100 lucky shoppers to get their cash back. Awesome right... I can't wait for that to happen....

GGM and Jus D'ria for your Beauty and Health inside out....

Yours truly was over at the Ole - Ole Bali restaurant at Sunway Pyramid recently to enjoy a nice Balinese dinner and also check out a couple of products touted to be pretty amazing and is very popular among the Malay community… and I was definitely excited to know more… further more these two products were a labour of love from the founder, Yaya Rosly who researched and created it for her family and her own personal health and well being…

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After all, don’t the idea of being able to look great, have perfect complexion and overall good health eating candies or sweeties appeal to you ? Well, it certainly sounded amazing to me.. and well, it has been tested and proven by many people including some of our local celebrities… and is known as GGM or Gula gula Magic aka translated means Magic Candies… 


The school holidays are just right around the corner and how about indulging the kids with some awesome Nickelodeon fun.... These are just a bunch of ideas to make this March school holidays one your kid will never forget... 

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 From the very first SpongeBob Run Malaysia, a brand new show Rusty Rivets, to the annual Kids’ Choice Awards, here are 10 activities guaranteed to satisfy any kid and kid at heart.

Lazada Birthday Anniversary sale giveaway

Coinciding with the Lazada Birthday Sale   ( that will be taking place from March 22 to 24 March (where you can find special discounts up to 90%!), Lazada is sharing their blogger Lazada Birthday Anniversary sale giveaway where they will be awarding prizes to up to 30 bloggers!

All you have to do is answer these few questions like I did... and be on the running to win some vouchers to shop to your content... I know I am hoping for some so I can buy some Raya clothing and things for myself and my family...

Mar 1, 2017

73 questions.....

So I was tasked recently to ask someone questions...using the Vogue's 73 Questions List as a guide line.....and from there, I also got excited or in Bahasa Malaysia "gatal" (itchy) to try to answer it myself even though I am nowhere as famous as all all those people who had to answer these questions....

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After all who am I, compared to those A list celebrities and Anna Wintour.... huhuhu.....

But to settle that "itch" and for those who might in the least be interested... Here goes nothing.....