Mar 28, 2017


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With the festive month of Ramadhan and Syawal fast approaching, Muslim people are on the current lookout for their outfits... The millennials, young men and women nowadays take more care with their appearance then they did years ago... and most of these people will want to look their best with the latest fashion designs...

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With this in mind, Daramera, a fashion event company, which is the brainchild of fashion savvy Abid Shamsuddin is proudly presenting local fashion brands, fashion houses and fashion-preneurs in a 2 day Lebaran Fashion Trends 2017 event that will be held at the lovely Glasshouse, Seputeh on 4th and 5th May 2017.. the venue, selected because of its raw hilltop surroundings with a beautiful and mesmerizing setting..

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Yours truly was over at Tupai-Tupai Restaurant for the press conference..  and oh wow.. it was my first time there and it definitely was a lovely idyllic set up in the middle of a busy area - near the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka

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The Lebaran Fashion Trends 2017 or LFT2017 will be featuring  three choreographed fashion shows- an afternoon fashion show slot, and two evening fashion show slots to focus on respective labels' ready-to-wear  outfits for the forthcoming festivities with the selection of music, lighting effects, models, and participating designers carefully planned...

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Audiences will be presented with an interesting array of fashion trends, 8-12 outfits per label, which will definitely appeal to modern and urban fashionistas....

So be sure to write the dates down in your diary or key it into your organizer, this is one event you really should not miss out on...

... and once the press conference was over, we indulged in some pretty yummy nasi campur... yeah... did you know they serve a huge variety of dishes and you should check out the crowd... and I did so enjoy the ikan bakar also.. lol... to think that I thought Tupai-Tupai restaurant only served steamboat......

Bye for now and make sure you key in the Lebaran Fashion Trends 2017 into your diary or organizer.. I heard among those which will be involved are ;-

Calacara,, Qaysaa Hijabs, Cik Puan Gojes, Anasri, Scarfeya, Maison Helysa, Shafiqah Suhaimi, Ridzuan Alias, Rina Salleh, Qaira Hijab, W Collection, Furbymoms, Bianco Mimosa, Carya Zara, Marinah Yazid, Jannah Noe, Wanzar, Rumah Kebaya Bangsar, Meg KL, UA Butik and more...


  1. The kebaya looks so nice. I want to get 1 too for my Raya celebration.

  2. I love how modern yet traditional all outfits look

  3. wa the baju like Malay baju. very elegant and nice outfits

  4. I'm so eager to see the coming lebaran outfits


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