Mar 3, 2017

ELITE – For Style That Stays For Men

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Nothing catches the eye more then a great hairdo.. your hair can or the way you style it can make anyone decide at first glance if you are suave, cool or desirable, stylish or just plain lazy....

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....that is if you do not bother styling your hair at all and its all messy.. lol.. though it does not quite matter if you are already a famous celebrity in your own right... like Lee Jong Suk... forgive me but I just thought to make him my 'model' today...

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Please note though, that he has nothing to do with the Elite brand and I am just using his pictures to entertain my daughter who is a huge fan and well... just in my point of view... lol...totally my own choice yaa.. and his pictures are credit and sourced from google...

Yes, yes, stop screeching and fan-girling already, baby girl... my ear drums are about to burst...

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These days, just about every hairstyle seems to be in fashion at once: long, short, spikes, loose styles and edgy looks. The modern men prefer to be creative by twisting, scrunching and styling their hair to create their own masterpiece to showcase their personality and make a statement.

Some men prefer to style their hair one way at work and another when they go out. Important then is a good styling product that enable them to easily style and provide them with a great hairstyle that stays as they go through their day!

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ELITE, a leading men hair styling brand understandsthis need and believes that a great hairstyle can make or break the image of a man. Introducing ELITE On The Go Hair Wax – the wax that provide styles that stays!

ELITE Hair Wax range with its easy to rinse, easy style formulation only need minimal effort but provide maximum effect in its vibrant packaging.  It also enable guys to re-style their hair without re-application anytime, anywhere for a new hairstyle.

ELITE makes it possible for men to go beyond the boundaries and get the trendy hairstyle that they desire. With the new ELITE ON THE GO convenience packs, one will always be ready to make a statement.

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Style It on Your Own Terms
Make it loose, make it wild, make it rugged, have it wet, or spike it up. ELITE is the way to go for a style that stays!

Spiky Web creates gravity-defying spikes! Caution: Guys who want to step up to greater heights will be able to dig into this pot of pink awesomeness.

Wavy Loose  keeps everything all loose and easy for the laid back guy. This pot of blue is all you need to impress with no stress!
Airy Wild comes in a vibrant orange pot that creates a light, airy feel and the perfect amount of volume to unleash your wild side!
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Shiny Wet outshines others by miles. Dip into this pot of green and style for shiny, textured, amazing results!
Rugged Matte  is for the dangerous dude. A discreet grey pot hides your secret. Defined, matte, and utterly dangerous.
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ELITE Hair Wax is now available in 2 sizes. The 68 g packaging at RM 17.10 each while the pocket sized On the Go packs are priced at RM 5.90 each. 

Sculpt your hair into any desired hair style with ELITE with variations of fibre, clay and wax. You will no longer feel limited to just one style when it comes to your hair. 

ELITE is now available at all major retail outlets, hypermarkets and leading pharmacies. 


  1. Even guys need to groom themselves to look neat! But too much hair styling products makes the hair damaged as well

  2. I like a guy with slick backed hair although the trend is to be botak. Have you noticed that Koreans haven't gone botak yet? LOL

  3. These are definitely a guy's must haves! I should buy one for my husband. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style - Beauty and Mommy Blog

  4. many handsome guys photos here ;) will recommend this range to my bro & cousins. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  5. OMG he is so handsome~ will recommend to my frens so they can be as good looking =D

  6. OMG..i think we have the same kind of flooring..hhahahah and this would be a good product to get for him..coz its about time "he" jaga his looks..hahhaha

  7. Every men's hairstyle is unique and I always find that with a fresh look, it keeps them well groomed and articulate always. Will certainly ask my other half to check this one out.


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