Mar 9, 2017


Every day we read about famous empowered women who are 

making big things happen in the world today. We are 

inspired by their passion and intelligence. We marvel at their

 achievements. We share their stories.

Yet, every day in our own community there are also many 

other women who are defying all odds to either empower 

themselves to break away from the circumstances of their 

less than perfect lives such as discrimination and violence, or 

those who are motivating them in their efforts to break those 

chains. Many of these women, their stories and struggles 

towards their freedom go unnoticed or unheard to the 

masses, however inspiring to the community they are a part 


Today, in conjunction with International Women’s Day

Grab together with Magnum would like to recognise these 

women and the many people, both men and women, who are

 working hard to support them in their journey.

Therefore, both these brands are coming together to raise 

funds to help encourage and recognise the good work the 

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) is doing to help 

women rise above their difficult situation.

As such, beginning from March 8 till 12, from 10am to 

4pm* exclusively in Klang Valley, the public can 

purchase an exclusive pack of four Magnum Pink 

Pomegranate ice cream with ripples of Pomegranate sauce 

encased in a Magnum chocolate shell with a shimmering pink

 finish at RM10 per pack via the Grab App, and a Grab 

driver will deliver it to you. For every pack of four Magnums 

purchased by Grab customers, part of the proceeds will be 

donated to WAO.

All you need to do is:

Step 1: Power up your Grab App (If you don’t have 

one, you can download it from the Apple AppStore 

or Google Play Store)

Step 2: Select the #GrabMagnum icon on the Grab 


Step 3: Key in the SAME desired delivery location 

in the Pick-up and Drop-off fields.

Step 4: Select credit/debit card** payment. Click 

Book Now.

Step 5: Wait for your delicious treat to be delivered

 to you!

“As a homegrown leading ride hailing and multiservice 

platform in Malaysia, we are acutely aware of the role we play

 in society – not just striving to provide women with a safe

transport option or job opportunities for those who want to 

support their families financially. We also see ourselves as a 

mechanism to give back and support local issues, and in this 

case, women’s rights and empowerment. Hence, partnering 

with Magnum who is known for their indulgent ice creams is 

an avenue for us to delight our customers while encouraging 

them to join us in our efforts,” said Iris Chang, Country 

Marketing Manager of Grab Malaysia.

Echoing Grab’s sentiments, Magnum’s Brand Manager, Christine Chia, shares that enjoying an ice cream is very much a woman’s indulgent pleasure. “Partnering with Grab enables us to encourage many out there to pamper the special women in their lives be it moms, sisters, family, friends, or significant others on this day while donating to a cause like WAO that strives to empower and enable women.”

Since 1982, WAO has been providing free shelter, 

counselling, and crisis support to women and children who

 survive violence and discrimination. Their focus is to

empower women and their children with possible options to 

help improve their circumstances. An empowered woman is 

an empowered community.

For more information about #GrabMagnum, please visit

* Deliveries are limited to the first 1500 bookings per day, first come first served basis.
** For debit card payment, please contact your bank to authorise transactions via the Grab App as required by banks in Malaysia.


  1. so nice !! pink colour magnum ice cream~wow! Yummy

  2. Pink magnum! How sweet of them for Women's Day :) I love being a woman :)

  3. Tried this pink last time when I was in Chiangmai. Great initiative!

  4. My, would I love to grab this promotion. What a steal and at the same time, we are doing a good deed.

  5. What a great initiative. And the pink magnums are bae!

  6. Awh a pink colour Magnum- that's lovely! Plus the promotion sounds good too Miera :)


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