Mar 1, 2017

73 questions.....

So I was tasked recently to ask someone questions...using the Vogue's 73 Questions List as a guide line.....and from there, I also got excited or in Bahasa Malaysia "gatal" (itchy) to try to answer it myself even though I am nowhere as famous as all all those people who had to answer these questions....

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After all who am I, compared to those A list celebrities and Anna Wintour.... huhuhu.....

But to settle that "itch" and for those who might in the least be interested... Here goes nothing.....

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1. What's your favorite movie?
Lord of the Rings comes to mind

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2. Favorite movie in the past five years?
Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

3. Favorite Hitchcock film?
Don't think I watched any...

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4. A book you plan on reading?
Lian Hearn's Blossoms and Shadows... bought it from Book Excess and haven't got around to reading it yet....

5. A book that you read in school that positively shaped you?
Probably one of Enid Blyton's books

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6. Favorite TV show that's currently on?
Good Doctor / Saimdang...... yup... k drama addict

7. On a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now?

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8. iPhone or Android?

9. Twitter or Instagram?

10. Who should EVERYONE be following right now?
Me.... hahaha.... just kidding...

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11. What's your favorite food?
I love Japanese, Korean, Thai and Italian food....

12. Least favorite food?
Hmmmm..... fried food....

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13. What do you love on your pizza?

14. Favorite drink?
Milo ice.....After sky juice

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15. Favorite dessert?
Creme Brulee

16. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Milk Chocolate

17. Coffee or tea?

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18. What's the hardest part about being a mum?
Chasing after the kids to listen to you.....when they have grown up and start have their own mindset....

19. What's your favorite band?
Westlife, Linkin Park, Simple Plan

20. Favorite solo artist?
Anuar Zain

21. Favorite song?
Keabadian Cinta, Flying Without Wings

22. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?
my daughter....I don't mind her laughing at me.....

23. If you could master one instrument, what would it be?
Hmmmm... never got around to it.... piano?

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24. If you had a tattoo, where would it be?
Hehehe.... on my ass....

25. To be or not to be?
To be!!!!

26. Dogs or cats?
Both.... the bigger the better 

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27. Bird-watching or whale-watching?
Whale-watching for sure....

28. Best gift you've ever received?
My kids I guess... or some hefty ang pows from someone close to me....

29. Best gift you've ever given?
I don't know... an original Thomas Sabo bracelet and charm to my eldest daughter but she did not know how to appreciate it... 👀

30. Last gift you gave a friend?
Souvenir keychain and t shirt from Bali

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31. What's your favorite board game?

32. What's your favorite country to visit?
Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Ireland, Singapore and Thailand... hahahaha

33. What's the last country you visited?
Indonesia - Bali

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34. What country do you wish to visit?
Japan, Korea, Greece and Turkey (one fine day)

35. What's your favorite color? Dark blue and turquoise

36. Least favorite color?
Banana leaf green

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37. Diamonds or pearls?
Pearls.....can't get enough of them

38. Heels or flats?
Both???? Though naturally flats are more comfortable...

39. Pilates or yoga?

40. Jogging or swimming?

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41. Best way to de-stress?
Play games on my mobile, go for events, listen to music loud and read novels.....

42. If you had one superpower, what would it be?
Invisibility..... hahahah

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43. What's the weirdest word in the English language?
Aren't they all weird..

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44. What's your favorite flower?

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45. When was the last time you cried?
Watching Hwarang.... lol

46. Do you like your handwriting?

47. Do you bake?
Once in a blue moon...

48. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
Hmmmm everything....

49. What is your most favorite thing about yourself? I am easy going and peaceful

50. Who do you miss most?
My eldest daughter....

51. What are you listening to right now?
The washing machine.... lol....the question is right NOW, right?

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52. Favorite smell?
Freshly baked bread, the garden after a rain.....

53. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Someone from the bank.... duuuhhhh

54. Who was the last person you sent a text to?
My blogger group....

55. A sport you wish you could play?
Synchronized swimming

56. Hair color?
Hmmm... brownish I guess

57. Eye color?
Dark brown

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58. Scary film or happy endings?
Happy endings....

59. Favorite season?
Can't decide yet

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60. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?
Hmmm.....Gong Yoo as the Goblin, Lee Dong Wook as the Death Reaper and Joo Sang Wook as himself....hahaha... just for the fun of it.....

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61. Hugs or kisses?

62. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

63. Where were you born?
Along Macalister Road in Penang, Malaysia

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64. What is the farthest you have been from home? 
Boise, Idaho?

65. Sweet or savory?

66. Lipstick or lip gloss?

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67. What book have you read again and again?
The Twilight series

68. Favorite bedtime story?
Ugh.. none?

69. What would be the title of your autobiography?
Living Life Lah through all the ups and downs...

70. Favorite sound?
Hmmmm.... when my pet cat goes Mehhhh

71. Favorite animal?
Leopards, lions, tigers and wolves....

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72. Who is your girl crush?
Hmmm....I don't really have crushes on girls... but..hmm.. maybe Park Shin Hye

73. Last photograph you took?
Of some products last night before I went to bed......

Phew.... that was tough.... hahahaha



  1. At first, I didn't believe that you would answer all 73 questions but you did it! I would give up half way. LOL

  2. Gosh! when I read 73 questions...I was like errrrr...she will give up half way. WTH! you answered all diligently. Way to get to know you better!

  3. Gotcha Miera! Now I learned new things about you! :) #43 indeed is weird. Sometimes they tired to sound it superior but its not.

    Why you didn't complete it to 75 questions? :)

  4. The question of what's the popular drama currently attracts me so much. ^^ I am currently addicted to the drama marathon 😋


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