Mar 2, 2017

GGM and Jus D'ria for your Beauty and Health inside out....

Yours truly was over at the Ole - Ole Bali restaurant at Sunway Pyramid recently to enjoy a nice Balinese dinner and also check out a couple of products touted to be pretty amazing and is very popular among the Malay community… and I was definitely excited to know more… further more these two products were a labour of love from the founder, Yaya Rosly who researched and created it for her family and her own personal health and well being…

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After all, don’t the idea of being able to look great, have perfect complexion and overall good health eating candies or sweeties appeal to you ? Well, it certainly sounded amazing to me.. and well, it has been tested and proven by many people including some of our local celebrities… and is known as GGM or Gula gula Magic aka translated means Magic Candies… 

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The magic candy on the train on the way to Hogwarts comes to mind…. Lol…

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But yes, GGM is actually a beauty supplement is made from Isomalt, NZ Goats Milk, Honey, Dates, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Habbatussauda/Black Seed Oil and Green Tea… and comes in a little white container , with a pink label and in tablet form in two flavours… which is chocolate and apple...

GGM is now distributed by Mediherba Solutions, has a KKM reg 011216/11/037 and is sugar free and collagen free… with the tagline ‘Jelita tanpa Derita’ or translated -  Beauty without Misery…

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So, GGM is great for or can help with… Anti Stress, Anti Cancer, Losing Weight, Translucent and Fair Skin, Increasing Fertility of the Womb, Increasing Bone Strength and Density, Anti Aging , Anti oxidant, Detoxification and a lot more health benefits……

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One little container cost RM69.00 in Peninsula Malaysia and RM79.00 in Sabah and Sarawak… and it is a good buy considering the amount of goodness it affords you and your family…

Personally, I love the Chocolate flavoured candy... but the apple one is also not too bad...and after having consumed it for a few days, I realize my skin is getting better.. I did have some blotchy skin especially after getting sunburned in my recent excursions and these blotches has definitely decreased a lot...

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The other product is the Jus D’ria… which is an impressive herbal and juice mixture made up from Pomegranate, Honey, Garlic, Oregano, Ginger, Echinachea, Dong Guai, Licorice, African Aloe Vera, Acai Berry, Camu Camu, Vitamin C, Apple Stemcells, Argan Stemcells and sweetened with Stevia..
The best thing is you only need a small amount of it 20 ml a day which is probably 2 tablespoons or 4 teaspoons/ but it is recommended to use a plastic spoon… to keep your body fresh and healthy…

Jus D’ria is the first juice in Asia that is good for people with asthma, sinus and eczema… It is made in a GMP certified factory and is safe to be consumed from people of all ages from as young as 6 months old… and is free from sugar and colouring…

Jus D’ria can help our 5 senses to work well, can help with Asthma, Sinus, Eczema, Coughs and Cold, Skin Allergy/ Rashes, Lowering the Cholesterol Level in our Body, Migraines / Headache, Helps improve our Digestive System, Helps with Wound Healing, Lowers Blood Pressure, Protects our Heart, Help with Lowering Blood Sugar and so much more…..

It comes in a tall, slim 300ml bottle and seriously taste great.. I do have a fussy palate and this was really easy to digest.. even my fussy 12 year old daughter enjoys it – I give some to her as she has some skin problems and will scratch her skin until it bleeds at times… and guess what, after consuming Jus D’ria for a few days, the scratching has stopped, I am also feeding this to my husband who is a diabetic and has suffered from stroke, and so far, so good.. he seems much more alert and active… Personally, I felt less lethargic as well…

Jus D’ria is retailed at RM88.00 in Peninsula Malaysia and RM98.00 in Sabah and Sarawak… and yes, I am absolutely going to get more for my family… Be sure to keep the bottle in the refrigerator once you have opened the packaging to keep it in the best condition…

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For more information, do contact hotline 018 661 0104 or check out


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