Mar 30, 2015

AABC Hangout 2015 at the Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square

It was a lovely warm Sunday morning, as I made my way to the Berjaya Times Square to join another 80 AirAsia bloggers brought in from all over Malaysia and also Singapore, for this amazing AABC Hangout at the Escape Room here. 

I have never been to any Escape Room before and well, I was definitely nervous but all geared up to explore the unknown, but excited at the prospect of meeting other familiar blogger friends as well as getting to know a few new bloggers from other places... 

New Members Sworn in 2nd KidZania CongreZZ

Your truly was at KidZania yesterday to witness the swearing in of 20 adorable new KidZania CongreZZ kids for the new 2015 term, opening a new chapter in KidZania CongreZZional history.

CongreZZ is the legislative governmental body of KidZania that is overseen by 20 children, referred to as CongreZZ Kids who are the award -winning indoor educational centre's elected representatives and naturalized citizens. Voted into office, KidZania CongreZZ congregates quarterly at the city level to share ideas and voice their opinions in order to keep KidZania's spirit alive, current and socially relevant. The CongreZZ kids will discuss topics like media, entertainment,education, literature as well as sharing the main concerns of tourists and citizens of KidZania.

The KidZania CongreZZ was first introduced to KidZania Kuala Lumpur in 2014, the CongreZZ kids are required to serve KidZania for a period of one year, in which, a new election campaign will take place at the end of each term. 

The 2015 KidZania  CongreZZ campaign attracted over 260 applicants, and from there, only 20 were elected into office after a rigorous selection process that included resume and video submissions, face-to-face interviews and finally and electoral campaign run in KidZania Kuala Lumpur for the people's votes.

All applicants were judged based on their exemplary aptitude in the areas of education, communication skills, sociability, creativity, respectfulness, articulation as well as overall personality attributes by the panel of judges whose expertise cover the fields of education, training and marketing.

The event started with the arriva of Yang Berbahagia Dato' Haji Ahmad Tajudin bin Jab, the Deputy Director-General of Education (Education Operations) as well as the singing of the 'Negaraku' by the 2014 Outgoing CongreZZ Kids as well as KidZania's National Anthem and a dance by the obviously very talented kids.

They sure gave out very positive vibes and good self confidence and it was a little sad as they reluctantly officially stepped out from their CongreZZ office to make way for the new CongreZZ kids of 2015.

There was a memento presentation ceremony for the CongreZZ kids 2014 by both the Mayor, Mr Shahrul and the Governor of KidZania,  Ms Susanah.

Susanah Abdul Rani, the Governor of KidZania Malaysia who presided over the occasion said, "KidZania CongreZZ is an authentic and powerful developmental experience that will prepare its members for the real world. Through their participation of engaging forums and activities, they will be exposed to situations and opportunities where they can exercise their independence , build their confidence and gain skills in decision making, critical thinking and communications.

In 2014, the CongreZZ Kids members worked together to implement credible changes to KidZania Kuala Lumpur, effectively tabling activities that both parents and children could participate in together , as well as ensuring that posters be placed as reading materials for fellow children to keep entertained while waiting for their turn at the establishments. They also made other significant appearance at the World Summit on Media for Children- a global movement to develop and improve quality media for children, participate in English Mania - the pilot phase by the Ministry of Education for the first - ever English based learning experience programme for students and teachers at KidZania Kuala Lumpur. They were also actively involved in reforestation efforts under KidZania's "Kids for a Greener World" environmental campaigns.

"It is a big responsibility that we are placing on the CongreZZ Kids, but it is a through responsibility that they will develop a hunger to accomplish their dreams. It is an essential part of growth and KidZania Kuala Lumpur is proud to be able to provide an avenue to educate, inspire and empower children as they discover lifein this city that is especially built for them," added Susanah.

A KidZania Congrezz Kid's benefits includes their participation and decision making on activity enhancement at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, an exclusive CongreZZ Kids Office Package that consists of a backpack, t-shirt, badge and stationaries set, a plaque in recognition of service to KidZania CongreZZ and complimentary monthly admission to KidZania Kuala Lumpur for the CongreZZ kid and his or her four friends.

It sure was a treat watching these adorable kids making their declarations and putting their stamp  / Signing of the CongreZZ Act .

We were then treated to a drum percussion band performance ...

... followed by a parade with both the KidZania CongreZZ Kids of 2014 and the KidZania CongreZZ Kids of 2015.


Named the 'Best Experience for Kids' in Expatriate Lifestyle's Best of Malaysia Awards 2014 for the second consecutive year running, KidZania Kuala Lumpur goes beyond traditional teaching mediums to continuously look at opportunities to expose kids to new experiences and endless occupational possibilities. It is the preferred place of co-corriculum amongst schools as more and more schools and children choose KidZania for out of classroom learning, to explore real life experience, learn about decision making and many more.....

For more information, do please visit:
or call the KidZania Careline at 1300 88 KIDZ (5439)
Tweet : @KidZaniaKL

Mar 27, 2015

Targeted Solutions for your skin by Indeed Labs

Looking for a some instant, flawless, HD Camera ready skin is no longer impossible with the new Indeed Laboratories products. 

These are some of the must haves I personally adore. Let me introduce them to you....

There is the Exfoliator...

Guardian Introduces Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Hair & Body Collection

Guardian Pharmacy

I am sure you would have heard all about the benefits of olive oil and argan oil. They have both long been synonymous with its natural health, beauty and wellness benefits.

Argan oil, a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree, found in Morroco. The virgin olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin.

Mar 26, 2015

Zayn Malik Quits One Direction

Gossip, gossip... sighh... I love some gossip, but this one is dedicated to my nieces... who are huge fans of One Direction.... and other One Direction fans yeah....

I am so very sorry darlings...   

After five years as part of a musical  boyband phenomenon,Zayn Malik has officially left One Direction.  What??? Oh no!!!

The news was announced on the band's official Facebook page on Wednesday. 

You really should eat, shop and go on two wheels in Taiwan!

With its all-around adventure landscape, heritage-rich capital, an amazing variety folk traditions and famous night markets, Taiwan offers a lot to do for one green island.

Well known for centuries as Ilha Formosa (Beautiful Isle), this is a land with a lot to explore and dicover. Towering sea cliffs, marble-walled gorges and tropical forests are just the beginning of your unforgettable trip, which could take you all the way to Yushan, Taiwan's 3952m alpine roof.

Mar 25, 2015

Jelajah SATE dan Mini Konsert Bagi Pendengar Setia ERA

Rancangan baharu di ERA fm iaitu SATE yang diumumkan baru-baru ini di Anugerah MeleTOP ERA yang berlangsung di Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil telah mendapat sambutan mesra di kalangan pendengar ERA fm. Seiring dengan pelancaran rancangan baharu itu, ERA fm telah menganjurkan siri jelajah SATE dan mini konsert khas buat para pendegar untuk mendekati para penyampai SATE dengan lebih dekat lagi. SATE meggabungkan penyampai radio Adi Fashla, Shahrol dan Tauke telahpun menjayakan jelajah pertama dan mini konsert di Plaza Angsana Johor Bahru dengan penampilan barisan artis terkenal antaranya Qierra, Mark Adam, Lawanie Geng and Ewal AF2014 pada 13 Mac 2015 yang lalu. 

Ternyata SATE mendapat sambutan yang sangat memberangsangkan dari warga Johor tatkala ratusan peminat membanjiri  siri jelajah ini sambil berhibur dengan SATE. 

Jelajah SATE kemudiannya diteruskan pula untuk menghiburkan warga ibu kota Kuala Lumpur pada minggu lepas (20 Mac 2015) bertempat di Quill City Mall yang berlangsung dengan begitu meriah sekali. Persembahan artis terkenal Kaka Azraff, Sleeq, Sabhi Saddi dan juga Stacy telah berjaya menggegarkan pentas jelajah SATE.

SATE akan meneruskan jelajahnya pada 25 Mac 2015(Rabu) pada jam 4 hingga 6 petang bertempat di Giant Hypermarket, Klang Valley. Penonton bukan sahaja akan melihat pengendalian SATE secara langsung di depan mata sendiri malah turut melihatkan persembahan Sofaz, Azlan, RJ, Faizal Tahir, Awi Rafael dan Farahdhiya. Pelbagai persembahan menarik juga menanti para pengunjung. Malah, bagi mewujudkan kelainan sepanjang jelajah, temubual esklusif dengan artis terkenal akan diadakan secara langsung oleh geng SATE dan saksikan keletah mereka tatkala mereka mencabar sesama sendiri dalam permainan ‘dare’.

Sebagai penutup tirai jelajah ini pula, SATE akan berkunjung ke Nu Sentral pada 27 Mac 2015 (Jumaat) jam 4 hingga 6 petang dengan lebih banyak kejutan menanti para pegunjung. Saksikan juga mini konsert istimewa dengan persembahan hebat dari artis terkenal Aziz Harun, Payslip, Aril dan Azhael. 

Jangan lupa temujanji anda bersama SATE Sajian lawak TerBAEK setiap hari Isnin hingga Jumaat jam 4 petang hingga 8 malam bersama pelawak terkenal negara Shahrol , Adi dan Tauke!

Dapatkan maklumat lanjut tentang  ERA fm di, laman Facebook dan Twitter ERA, serta frekuensi:

103.3FM Lembah Klang, 103.6FM Pulau Pinang, 103.7FM Ipoh, 98.0FM Kuantan, 103.3FM, Kota Bharu, 102.4FM Kota Kinabalu, 103.6FM Seremban, 90.3FM Melaka, 104.5FM Johor Bahru, 102.8FM Terengganu, 96.1FM Kuching, 90.7FM Langkawi, 102.0FM Tapah, 101.3FM Miri, dan
Saluran Astro (856)

The Perfect Boyfriend....

Ahhh.... This is certainly a hard topic as it is very hard to find a perfect 10 or someone that really fits the bill as the perfect boyfriend..... There is always a flaw somewhere.

When I was a kid, a teenager, my idea of a perfect boyfriend was someone who was tall, handsome, dashing, kind, helpful, romantic, interesting...who dresses well, smells wonderful, rich, or at least well off and can afford me a good life ... the list goes on and on

But as time passes, and when we grow up, and from dating all kind of men and such, both so called princes and frogs, we come to realize that there is no such thing as the perfect boyfriend or husband. There will always be a flaw somewhere. Be it his character, his behavior, his status, or something...

According to a whole load of movies we watch, ladies are supposed to be most attracted to beefy men with glistening muscles,  dangerous eyes that make us feel like they suspect our very darkest, deepest secrets, and thighs that look like they’ve been subjected to Olympic training. These would include Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman etc.  Lots of women were said to prefer men with the ‘boy next door’ look rather then these luscious hulks.
In a British study, most men thought that women would prefer Justin Bieber’s hair, Gerard Butler’s face, Hugh Jackman’s arms, David Gandy’s torso, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs. The perfect man (according to men) is the image on the left, whereas women’s real dream guy (according to women) is the fellow on the right. The study discovered that most of the ladies prefer Prince Harry’s hair, James Corden’s face, Paddy McGuinness’ arms, Ben Cohen’s torso, and Jonathan Ross’ legs.
What do you think?? Yikes right... hahaha... Anyway I found my almost perfect guy. Let's see... He is tall, handsome, cute, a bodyguard, a son of a police superintendent, protective, romantic, funny, has a lovely apartment, high career prospects, can clean the house, cooks well, and a great fashion adviser as well as the right amount of kinkiness... .. hahahha..... and I am in love with him... 
He is none other then Subaru Ichiyanagi and he's not real of course.... he is an Anime Otome character I downloaded from my Android App store.. LOL...
Subaru is an Otomen; amazing at housework and cooking. He graduated from Harvard University and is a first-class inspector detective. Subaru is very arrogant and popular among the women in the police force and he makes me melt... but of course.. he is a figment of the imagination... Hahaha.. I would love to be able to meet a real man like him...
So a bit about the story, as most of the Otomes or Dating SIM games, it is set in Japan...
The prologue begins with you walking down to what is seemed to be the Shibuya Crossing as the news blared about the new prime minister of Japan. As you wonder about the new prime minister, a stranger holds a gun begins to ask you your name, and you confirm it.
The man attempts to kidnap you, but is stopped by a cross-dressing Sora who tries to save you by pretending to be your friend. Disarming the stranger immediately, a helicopter appeared together with Subaru trying to pick you up, you are obviously surprised.
On the helicopter, you meet Mizuki, who gives you candy to try to calm you down. Arriving at the Prime Minister's house, you meet Katsuragi and Kaiji who tells you that you are actually the daughter of the Prime Minister and that your life is in danger. After explaining to you what will be happening to you, you must select a bodyguard who will be protecting you until the danger on your life ceases.
So check it out if you want...You can find it in the App store or IOS store "My Sweet Bodyguard" but you might have to pay a bit for the game... 
Coming back to the subject of the perfect boyfriend?? He may exist... but he is definitely very rare... so if you are one of those lucky ones who have the perfect boyfriend, cherish him and keep him with you always....
Bye for now and thanks for dropping by to read my musings....
The #perfectboyfriend is a hot topic going on in MigMe currently, so do check out what other MigMe fans say about their perfect boyfriend...