Mar 6, 2015

Health Symptoms That Could Mean Something Serious

Do not risk your life by waiting too long to check out a nagging health problem/ symptom.....

See a doctor if : the pain is sudden and severe (way worse then any previous headache )
It could be : An aneurysm

See a doctor if : You have a stiff neck, rash or fever
It could be : Meningitis

See a doctor if : You have a recent head injury
It could be :  A Brain hemorrhage

Back pain:-
See a doctor if : You have bowel or bladder problems
It could be : A kidney infection or stones

See a doctor if : The pain radiates down your leg
It could be : A tumor

See a doctor if : It doesn't get better even after you have rested
It could be : A disc injury

Stomach ache:-
See a doctor if : The pain worsens within 12 - 24 hours
It could be : Appendicitis

See a doctor if : You're vomiting blood
It could be : Food poisoning

See a doctor if : You feel more comfortable when you're full
It could be :  An ulcer or gastritis

Shortness of breath:-
See a doctor if : You're wheezing
It could be : Asthma

See a doctor if :  Your lips are blue
It could be : Pneumonia

See a doctor if : You feel your heart racing
It could be :  A blood clot in a lung

See a doctor if : You've been stressed or anxious for several weeks 
It could be : Depression

See a doctor if : Your weight changes dramatically 
It could be : A thyroid problem

See a doctor if :  You notice hair loss or dry skin
It could be :  Sleep apnea

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