Mar 6, 2015

Checking out Just Pies


Life can be pretty blissful and sometimes having a pie can make your stressful day pretty sweet. I am a big fan of chicken mushroom pies and sometimes shepherd pies...

.Pie is food that is baked, has an outer shell made of pastry dough and covers or contains a filling of fruit, meat or chicken, fish, vegetables, cheeses, creams, chocolatecustards, nuts or other sweet or delicious ingredients. Eating a pie, will then depend on the type of pie you eat at the moment.

Recently when I was at the One Utama Old Wing, I came across this interesting little stand along shop called 'Just Pies' selling the most delectable pies.

I decided to order the Chicken Mushroom Pie which looked especially tempting and delectable. The filling of this yummy, creamy chicken pie is made up of small pieces of chicken and sliced juicy mushrooms in a creamy sauce which makes it the cream of the crop.

For my drink, I ordered a Acai Berry  with Pomegranate tea which was just refreshing on the palate.

My husband ordered his coffee as usual..

Then a lovely Apple Crumble Pie was brought out for us to try. It was truly lovely. I loved the smooth apple filling and the somewhat crunchy crumbs on top of the pastry... I loved it!!

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