Mar 14, 2015

MATTA Fair 2015

Foreigners discussing packages etc

      Yours truly loves MATTA fair and never misses one if possible. It is a sort of escapism for me even if I happen not to buy anything . But that is not the case for this MATTA fair as I have to plan and plot and make two upcoming trips a reality... One if a family trip to Langkawi and one is my long , long awaited trip to Beijing and my eldest daughter is tagging along...huhuhu

Vats of Wajik and Dodol from Malacca being sold 

MATTA fair is well known to Malaysians as a platform or place to hunt for affordable tour packages and so on for planning their dream holidays.

There is just sooooo much to see and do, a feast for the senses and a real treat for everyone especially for those who knows where to find and score a few freebies... hehehe

Want a taste of Malacca culinary, look no further and check this out....

So at this particular fair, yours truly was tasked with looking for 3 nights of accomodation for 7 adults and 1 kid in Langkawi and also affordable flight tickets to Beijing. Prior to this I have already gotten my flight tickets to Langkawi for an awesome deal!!! RM39 one way per person, making the purchase of 8 tickets for 8 pax only RM628 return!!!

A most amazing deal via AirAsia !!! Despite some hiccups of my bookings when my bookings went missing after my bank was credited, thanks to some friends in the industry (you know who you are), it was all rectified within 24 hours.

So on scouting the Langkawi booths, I found and am currently mulling over a couple of package deals which are package stays at either the Century Suria apartments or the Bella Vista Resort Apartments for 8 people for just around RM1600 - RM2000, which will also include car rental of a Toyota Innova and free island hopping!!!!

Yours truly trying out the Japanese Yukata at the Japan booths

 My daughter had a lot of fun at the Japanese booth exhibition despite not having immediate plans to go there yet this year. There were so much to find out and adorable little gifts to win from little Dorayaki erasers, umbrellas from Kansai Airport, Hachiko notebooks and even some dried sprigs/ a little bouquet of really absolutely fragrant lavender from Hokkaido which my daughter got after managing to score half the questions right by sheer luck.

My eldest daughter wearing the Yukata of her choice....
Anyway as for my Beijing trip, after mulling over AirAsia, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines, yours truly decided to go ahead with purchasing tickets on the Malaysia Airlines because I have not traveled on Malaysia Airlines for a very long time... I think my last trip on Malaysia Airlines was to Phuket.....4 years or so ago.... and also Malaysia Airlines allowed 30kg of check in baggage and of course free meals on board!!! hehehe... I got the tickets for RM2214 for both my daughter and me...... good deal ??? I think it is very reasonable....

An Indonesian musician entertaining the crowd
There is an hourly lucky draw happening at Hall 1 M (mezzanine) where you can stand to win hotel stays, trips on KTMB, and flight tickets as well as Star Cruise trips!!!! If you are not lucky enough, do not fret, there is still the buyers' contest where tickets to Puerto Princessa, Cairo, Istanbul and Chennai are up for grabs as well as the piece de resistance...... the grand price of 13 D, 11 N best of Greece and Aegean Cruise for 2..... I want.... I want!!!!!! Choose me, choose me!!!!

However I did find this round of MATTA fair slightly disappointing as the Korean booth shrank considerably and I could not find Taiwanese or Hong Kong booth ..sighhhh

Anyway, scouting for a travel deal? Go check out MATTA Fair now... hapening until tomorrow the 15th March 2015... If you miss out then you will have to wait until September for the next one....

MATTA Fair i happening from 13th to 15th March 2015 from 10am to 9pm 

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