Mar 17, 2015

3CE Foundations, Concealers and Highlighters for a perfect and smooth coverage...

3 Concept Eyes, more well known to others as 3CE, is one of the more popular brands to emerge from Korea. It’s the cosmetics range under Stylenanda; a trendy clothing company featuring floors and floors of funky fab fashion and something of a Korean version of the Swedish H&M or Japanese Uniqlo around Asia.

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation (SPF15,PA+) RM177.00

NATURAL IVORY/SOFT BEIGE - [Cool Tone (Pink Base)]
Cool Tone Has Pink Color As Its Base,Perfect Lightening Item For Those With
Yellow Tone Skin.

NATURAL IVORY And SOFT BEIGE Comes In The Same Color With Different Brightness,Choose Ivory If You Have Light Skin Tone, Choose Beige For Average Skin Tone.

MILK IVORY/NUDE BEIGE - [Warm Tone(Yellow Base)] 2 Warm-Tone Colors Have Yellow Color As Their Base,They Cover Up Redness And Healthy Looking Colors To Flat And Pale Skin Colors. 

MILK IVORY and NUDE BEIGE Come In Same Colors With Different Brightness,

3CE Liquid Foundation (SPF 20,PA++): RM149.00

LACE BEIGE - [Pink Base]
This Brightens Up Yellow-Toned And Sombre-Looking Skin.

IVORY BEIGE - [Yellow Base]
It Covers Up Reddish Skin And Gives A Healthier Looking Skin.
Air-Light 360-Degree Lustrous Foundation.  Anyone Can Have A Glowy Makeup With This Liquid Foundation Which Moisturizes And Leaves A Natural Finish.

3CE Full Cover Concealer : RM114.00

Concealer That Covers Skin Blemishes Brightens Dark Circles And Dark Spots On Skin With Its Moist Creamy Texture,And Maintains A Bright Makeup Look For A Long Time.

Excellent Coverage For Flawless Skin
With The Excellent Coverage Concealer That Covers Skin Imperfections, Cover Your Dark Circles,Blemishes,Freckles And Dark Spots And Elevate Your Dull- Looking Skin To Brighter Skin Tone.

3CE Cover Cream Foundation (SPF30 PA++) : RM177.00

LIGHT VANILLA - [This Is An Ideal Color For Those With Light Skin Tones That Want A Brighter Look.]

NATURAL IVORY - [This Color Is Most Appropriate For Those With Light Skin Tones That Want A Natural,Lively Look.]

SAND BEIGE - [This Color Is Most Appropriate For Those With Medium Light Skin Tones That Want A Soft Skin Look.]

Creamy Content Melts On Skin Covering Your Skin Flawas To Help Complete Beautiful-Looking Skin,And Maintain Optimal Makeup Look For A Long Time.

Customizing Coverage System Attain Medium To Full-Coverage With Excellent Customizing Coverage System.Adjust Coverage Level To Remove Flaws On Skin.

Creamy Content That Melts On Skin An Innovative Cream That Gently Melts On Skin While Maintaining Its Viscosity;It Comes In The Best Texture That Helps To Spread And Gently
Apply On Skin.Thin Layer Of Cream Applied On Skin To Complete Lively Looking Skin.

3CE Duo Cover Concealer: RM153.00

Duo Concealer Which Covers Up Dark Circlesm,Blemishes,And Skin Flaws! A Dou Concealer Which Has Gel Network Polymer That Increases Coveraga When Applied Unto Skin And The Pearl Powder
Brightens Up The Skin.

The Mango Butter And Jojoba Oil Mixed Formula Leaves A Moisturized Skin.You Can Use This Around The Eye

3CE Highlight Beam 30ml & 50ml : RM83.00 & RM99.00

Sweet Pink Face & Body Higlighter That Adds Luminous Glow And Sparkle To Your Face And Body.

Highlight Beam For Glamorous Face And Body.Sweet Pink Beige With Pearly Shimmers Added To Create Beautiful,Three-Dimensional Face And Body.

Glamorous Look With Sweet Pink Base.

Silver Pearls In Sweet Pink Base Smooths Your Dull Skin Tone For A Glamorous Appearance.

TIP : Gently Apply Highlighter On The Area Of Your Choice For A Three-Dimensional Look With Its Subdued Sparkles.

3CE Pore Silky Balm : RM83.00

Primer That Conceals Your Rough,Bumpy Skin For A Smooth Canvas Finish. It Locks Moisture Under Skin While Leaving The Skin Surface Soft And Maintains The Balance Of Skin.It Also Blots Away Oil And Evens Out Your Pores.

Perfect Canvas Effect Blurs Wrinkles And Minimizes Appearance Of Pores,Creating The Perfect Velvety Canvas Before Applying Make-UP

Smart Skin Control Moisturize Your Skin With Sheer Butter,Argan Oil,And Macadamia Nut Oil.Get Smart Control Over The Surface Of Your Skin With Light Powder And Balance The Oil On Skin.

For more details and also where to buy, visit MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid

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