Mar 20, 2015


Viper Challenge, Asia’s largest obstacle based challenge concluded its 2-day event over the weekend with 20,000 participants pushing themselves to the limit to complete the challenging 21km route with 20 man-made obstacles that physically and mentally tested the participants.

According to Viper Challenge’s Event Director Selva Kumar, the event was a huge success as the event once again sold out to capacity even though it was only in November last year i.e. just under 5 months ago that the last edition was held. The event has also garnered international attention with Global Competitors and fans from neighboring countries and all across Malaysia registering for the event, making this edition the one with the most foreign participation.

The event is a huge logistics operation and since Viper Challenge is always striving to deliver better value for its participants, this year Tripda stepped up to the plate.

“Partnering Tripda this year has made it convenient for our participants to get to the event venue.  The traffic and parking experience has been enhanced and improved. It has also added a new dimension to the event, and certainly added value for our participants,” said Kumar.

Participants were also happy with the partnership as it helps resolve transport issues especially for those who do not own one. “Tripda is a great alternative especially for those who do not have their own transport and it saves cost too. Taking a cab would cost so much more,” said Andrew Tan Yong Kit, a Viper Challenge participant

Another participant, Chong Yuh Jye said carpooling is a great experience for him as he gets to meet other Viper Challenge participants and make new friends which makes the event more exciting. 

Tripda Malaysia’s Managing Director, Victor Ang, also said “This partnership has been fruitful to all parties. The awareness about the responsible and environmentally-sustainable culture of carpooling with Tripda has definitely increased and we have the Viper Challenge organizers to thank. Through their generous support and provision of 400 priority carpark spaces over the 2 main days, nearly 10% of all participants carpooled with Tripda with over 1,000 carpool trips completed. Assuming every Tripda carpool passenger drove their own car instead, this means carpooling with Tripda took over 1,500 cars off the road through the Viper Challenge organizers’ and our joint efforts to help participants share travel costs, reduce congestion and preserve the environment.”

Currently, Tripda is free for all to use. It is safe, fuss-free and an economical way to get from one destination to another. Tripda can be accessed through its website, or downloaded as a mobile app via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Viper Challenge fans can also look forward to it’s latest offering, Viper Arena, to be held at the massive Stadium Shah Alam on the night of 23rd May 2015. The 7km route with 12 unique obstacles will be an unforgettable experience especially as it is the first ever night obstacle course event in Asia. Tickets can be purchased at

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