Mar 19, 2015

Magnum Presents: The Best of Belgian Indulgence

MAGNUM ice cream by Walls is one of my favorites. It has been known as a premium ice-cream over several decades. Its promises premium indulgence to pleasure seekers for a very reasonable price. Its sumptuous, luxury taste derived  from its key ingredient, the Belgian chocolate, which is appreciated as the finest and most premium chocolate in the world.

Belgian chocolate is a deep culinary tradition dating back to the 17th century where it was created to indulge the royalties. The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls makes Belgian chocolate a favourite worldwide.

MAGNUM recently hosted an exclusive fine dining session at MAGNUM Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the best of Belgian Indulgence where guests were invited to caress their senses by experiencing exquisite chocolate inspired dishes created using the highest quality Belgian chocolate by Chef Steven Chin, Group Executive Chef of Magnum Kuala Lumpur. 

Yours truly was one of the lucky guests there though I must admit the thought of eating a whole four course meal made by chocolate did get me pretty worried but I decided to pretend to be a Masterchef judge, but it is obvious my worry was misplaced.

For more than 10 years  Chef Steven Chin has been creating unique dishes for different type of cuisines and desserts for five stars international hotels and fine dining restaurants and the chocolate inspired signature dishes were the interpretations of his vast culinary experiences and passion for chocolate.

 As the frontier of chocolate expertise, this event is organized to showcase how MAGNUM will tickle your palette by creating signature dishes that were infused with Belgian chocolate. We want our consumers to always remember that remarkable pleasurable moments are now beyond every bite of MAGNUM ice cream, Mr Shawn Tan, Category Head (Ice Cream), Unilever Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd said.

All of us guests were tantalized with a 4 course chocolate inspired signature dishes.

For starters, guests were served with spice butternut squash velouté which is a butternut pumpkin soup, scented with cinnamon and topped with shaved bitter dark chocolate. The dark chocolate gave a smooth and light bitter taste of chocolate for the creamy butternut soup and the dark chocolate goes amazingly well with cinnamon.

Following was the appetiser - marinated capellini pasta with ulam-ulaman served with crispy unagi beignet, salted choc emulsion, soy reduction and crispy ginger. The combination of the dark chocolate’s bitter sweet taste with the fried unagi and herbal taste of cold marinated cappelini gave the guests a fun yet refreshing appetizer experience. I actually liked it!!!

Guests were then served with the main course - pan seared butterfish fillet served with sautéed baby spinach and white beurre blanc sauce which elevated the whole gastronomic experience. Translated from French word "white butter", white beurre blanc sauce is a hot emulsified butter made with vinegar and shallots. In order to incorporate the MAGNUM touch to this, Chef Steven Chin added the MAGNUM white chocolate to create a layer of sweet and sour taste to the butter fish fillet.

Personally I liked the fish and it was pretty delicious, but I think the sauce is a little too sweet for me.

The ultimate Belgian Indulgence came to its peak when Death by Chocolate was served. It is the richest chocolate dessert that MAGNUM Pleasure Store has ever offered. Death by chocolate is a baked to order warm chocolate molten lava cake served with MAGNUM chocolate brownies ice-cream and chocolate crunch pearls that tickled the taste buds and indeed it was a remarkable pleasure to all guests.

MAGNUM certainly has brought everyday pleasurable indulgent to a whole new level. The MAGNUM experience will not end here as the purveyor of chocolate expertise and premium ice cream will be launching a campaign in April 2015 called “Celebrating Chocolate Pleasures”. 

 This will mark another MAGNUM milestones of exciting consumer campaign that will provide consumers the ultimate taste of premium chocolate and ice cream experience through concourse events, digital contests and in-store promotions. For more information about MAGNUM ice cream and it latest offering, please visit MAGNUM Malaysia official facebook page at

We were also continuously indulged there with a couple of other surprise desserts , after the supposed end of our four course meal. The Magnum Trifle , a cashew meringue creation with mascarpone cream, balsamic honey served with a white chocolate dipped vanilla Magnum topped with freeze dried raspberries and fresh strawberries was pretty eye catching as well as sinfully tempting. 

However it was a mite too sweet for me. But please bear in mind I do not like my milo in the mamak shop the usual way. I like it kosong... so that is my taste buds.

and.... the Magnum Red Velvet , where intense velvety dark chocolate dipped Vanilla Magnum was served with a slice of classic red velvet , a dollop of whipped cream cheese, red velvet crumbs and crushed pistachios....a real showcase piece that looked almost too good to eat.... huhuhu ... but... yes, it is as good as it looks....

Thanks to Magnum Cafe for having me over. It was definitely a unique experience I enjoyed.


  1. Drooling all over the floor. Sedapnyaaaa

  2. I am not a regular reader but I must say your blog is quite engaging and interesting as well. Every time I come across Belgium visa blogs, I get a detailed piece of information which is great.

  3. I did get my Belgium Visa last week & will be visiting there soon. However, Belgian chocolate-based magnum ice creams are delicious indeed. My kids love them & they have it at least once per week.


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