Mar 20, 2015

HITTING THE QUILL CITY MALL FOOD TRAIL : Part 2 - Purple Toast and Mammamia

The Purple Toast Kopitiam's business philosophy is to engage and listen to their customers' needs and expectations. Stepping into this little kopitiam was quite fun as the deco and ambiance were just welcoming in shades of cream and purple swirls along with wooden tables and wooden flooring...

Purple Toast was conceived to provide their customers with that feel good dining experience.. Good ambience, tasty food, value for money and service with a smile....

For first timers here like myself, and a few others, it can be a bit of a big surprise when you open the menu to see purple bread and also even purple colour burgers.

The purple colour in these bread indicates the presence of Anthocyanin, a powerful natural antioxidant found in the Purple Berry Wholegrain Flour which is used in producing the purple bread. 

Every slice of the purple bread brings with it this natural goodness, which is used to make the many variety of toasts as well as their two highly recommended creations, the Grand Slam and the Purple Toast Bread with Curry Chicken.

I was actually surprised to find out that the Purple Toast Kopitiam here is actually a subsidiary of the well known Kyros Kebab company.

Durian Popiah, RM5.00
The menu here is pretty unique and you will find a pretty interesting mix of Western Food ranging from their chef's signature Assam Laksa Spaghetti to their Home made Chicken Burger (purple.... of course)

Assam Laksa Spaghetti, RM13.90

The Assam Laksa Spaghetti prepared for us to try was quite a hit and everyone finished it quickly enough. It was savoury with the right amount of spice and sourness associated with Assam Laksa of course..

Grilled Chicken Chop, RM17.90
The Grilled Chicken Chop was also not too bad... and I liked how it was presented.

Chicken Grand Slam, RM9.50

The Chicken Grand Slam did not quite suit my taste buds and I found it a bit weird to be honest, but there were some of the others who tried it and liked it. It is all about personal tastes , remember??

Lamb Stew, RM8.90

This Lamb Stew here was yummy... I think this is one of my favourites in this kopitiam as well along with the Assam Laksa Spaghetti... the lamb was soft and just perfect on my palate and thumbs up for the gravy...

Cendol, RM4.90
For dessert, we had the Cendol and Durian Popiah. Both were lovely. The Durian Popiah was crispy on the outside and when you bit into it, the pungent Durian aromatic cream seeped out into your mouth.... We enjoyed it a lot and were teasing each other about heading back to the office after this lunch with durian breath.....

For me, personally, I really really like the Lamb Stew, the Assam Laksa Spaghetti and the Durian Popiah go ahead and try it... the price is also very reasonable....

Check out the facebook for more info:

Our next stop was at the Mammamia Gelato Italiano. Upon stepping foot outside the Gelato your eyes will definitely be attracted by the vibrant colours of the deco and also the gorgeous choices of colours, tastes of all the  gelato and yogurt that is being offered...

What is Gelato? Ok... Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream and it differs from the American ice cream in a few basic ways: the denseness, the content and the temperature. Gelato is much more denser then American ice cream because it contains significantly less butterfat than ordinary ice cream. While ice cream probably contains around 15 percent of butterfat, sometimes even more, gelato contains about 4 to 8 percent of butterfat.

The gelato is then churned more slowly and has less air whipped into it then ice cream, thus the density. Most gelato also uses fresh milk to cream, and that is what that results in a creamier and softer texture. Gelato is also generally stored and served at warmer temperatures then ice cream so it melts faster in your mouth for you to enjoy the creamy goodness

Hello Kitty flavor

M & M flavor
Anyway, at Mammamia Gelato Italiano, they are very passionate about everything they do. To produce the finest quality , natural and ORIGINAL Italian Gelato everyday with a commitment to incorporate the freshest, richest and creamiest ingredients, Mammamia has set up gelato kitchens in every outlet and they produce approximately 40 or more various flavors according to market needs.

1 scoop, RM7.90 , or 2 scoops, RM11.90
- Kitkat
- Ferrero Rocher
- Kinder Bueno
- Kinder Joy
- M&M
- Smarties
- Snickers
- Nutella
- Milo
- Bacio (chocolate-hazelnut)
- Pistachio
- Hazelnut
- Durian
- Mango
- Yogurt flavor
- Cheese Cake flavor 

Kinder Bueno flavor

Ferrero Rocher flavor

Smurfs or Puffo flavor - taste somewhat like bubble gum....

one scoop...

Pretty neat... there are USB wires here for you to charge your gadgets while you enjoy your ice cream!!!!
Emjpy the pictures and well, for more info, check out :

2 scoops

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