Mar 4, 2015

Meeting the Property Brothers....

If you haven't been watching the Property Brothers yet, the concept of the show is pretty genius. They help first time home buyers find, buy and transform extreme fixer-uppers into their ultimate dream home. Drew's the real estate agent while Jonathan is the contractor. I have been watching it and it is amazing. I love it and it is so inspiring.

Yours truly was blessed to be able to see them and meet them during their stop over tour here in Malaysia at the Paradigm mall recently. And I must say they are tall, good looking, successful and what most girls would dream of in an ideal man.... hahahah... 
 Drew is a real estate expert who scouts neglected houses and negotiates the purchases. His brother Jonathan is a licensed contractor who renovates the houses. Together, the Property Brothers help families find, buy, and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes on a strict time-line and budget.
Each episode starts with the brothers showing buyers a house with everything on their wish list that tends to be substantially over their budget. Afterward, the brothers show them fixer-uppers with potential to become their dream home. After the buyers narrow it down to two houses, the brothers use computer-generated imagery to reveal their re-imagined vision of the home after renovations.
The show has a condensed time-line of the renovations. Typical of home improvement shows with an accelerated renovation format, the brothers have three experienced crews work on the house to finish in the 4-6 week timeline. They work with real project budgets set out by the buyers.The buyers own the property and pay for the remodelling, but the show is able to provide about $20,000 to $25,000 worth of furnishings.
The first season was recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For the third season, the show was recorded in Austin, Texas for half of the year and Canada for the rest.

But, real estate is just one of the many, many things that makes these Canadian born and raised boys stand out. They're actors, entrepreneurs (their first successful business venture started when they were SEVEN-years-old) and even romantics at heart. Trust me, it's worth getting to know some of secrets of the hottest brothers on HGTV which I am sharing here!

 There's One Way You CAN'T Tell Them Apart! Jonathan and Drew have very similar voices—so similar that even their mom has a hard time recognizing them over the phone—but she does have one method. “She said I use bigger words,” Jonathan quips.

 The Twin Thing Was a Surprise! “They didn’t do an ultra sound and the heartbeats were in sync. The doctor said it was one big baby,” Drew says. “Jonathan came out with a flat head and I guess I was sitting on his head in the womb and gave him a nice ass print. The nurse said, ‘I think there's another one!’ My mother said ‘Oh s***’ and then I came.”

Jonathan does Illusions! “The 3D designs we use on the show is what I see in my head when we walk into the space. Ever since I was a kid and watched magicians on stage, like David Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy, I instantly knew how they did everything. In my head, it just all worked," he explains. "I used to design my own illusions, design them and did all the woodworking myself. For me it's like telling a story. I think that's why we do well with Property Brothers. It's our charisma with each other and with the audience. We've always been great storytellers.”

They Really Are Best Friends “Drew never argues with me because I carry very heavy power tools all the time,” Jonathan laughs. “I just tell Jonathan that he's always right,” Drew says. “Jonathan and I are outspoken, if there's something that's bothering us we just say it, deal with it and move on.”

Their First Renovation Project Was Their Childhood Bedroom “Growing up we were in a strict household so we weren’t allowed to have posters of our crushes and stuff on the wall—mine was Cristina Applegate,” Jonathan explains. “But we would move things around and move the furniture. My mom would be just in there and go away for like 20 minutes and come back and there would be a completely different look in the room," Drew says. "Jonathan and I would still be sitting there playing with the same toys and pretend like nothing happened. We loved it."

They Became Entrepreneurs at the Age of Seven “We turned seven and our dad said we had to get a job,” the brothers explain. “We were looking at the want ads but our very first job was a company we started called JAM Enterprises [it was for Jon, Andrew, Mom] and we made those hangers that weave nylon around it and there's a little rose on it. We sold thousands of them and ended up hooking up with a woman who owned a bunch of American paraphernalia stores in Japan and she bought them by the crates!”

Catch the Property Brothers and other HGTV series on Astro Prima (Channel 105) from Friday, 20 February onwards, beginning at 6pm.

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