Mar 3, 2015

Versatility and performance: The Nikon D7200, made for photographers who trust the best

With reliable ingenuity for life’s adventures, Nikon’s latest DX-format DSLR pushes the limits for enthusiasts in a suite of features for low-light photography, social connectivity, excellence in image quality and Full HD videos

Embark on an adventure of infinite imaging possibilities with the new Nikon D7200, announced today by Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Combined with the renowned reliability of the D7000 series’ pedigree, the D7200 delivers exceptional performance with outstanding technology, innovative imaging solutions, a new seamless connectivity feature, and distinction in function, design and build.

The 24.2-megapixel DSLR, coupled with the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine and a Nikon DX-format CMOS sensor delivers an impressive experience of vivid photos and HD videos with lower noise at high ISO, and superior image processing speeds. Outstanding image quality is further assured even in low-light conditions, with the new autofocus (AF) sensor module that is also utilised by the Nikon D750, and an AF detection range down to -3EV. Nikon D7200 takes the journey further by allowing photographers to share adventures in real time via built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity*1 with Near Field Communication (NFC)-support*2, the latter being a first for Nikon DSLRs.


“To enrich the Nikon DX experience for photographers, not only does the D7200 render images and videos of rich tonality and sharp details with its standard ISO up to 25600, the camera also provides instant connectivity with its built-in Wi-Fi*1 and new NFC-support*2,” said Hiroaki Ono, General Manager of International Marketing Division Imaging Group, Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd. “Creating adaptability to any environment, such as low-light scenes, is made possible with the 51-point system of the new Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus sensor module, a technology that was first adopted by the Nikon D750.

“With a robust form, the D7200 and its Full-HD movie features, is also the first in the Nikon DX-format range to adopt the time-lapse function so photographers can also now enjoy time-lapse photography. Matched with the capability to shoot up to 100 shots*3, using JPEG format in continuous shooting mode, alongside the NIKKOR lenses’ superior optical performance, this is the reliable companion that’s up for any challenge a photographer may encounter in their pursuit of the perfect shot.”

D7200 Primary Features
1. Exciting journeys, stunning images

Standout performance: With the incorporation of an EXPEED 4 image-processing engine, colours and fine details are accurately captured, ensuring consistent performance whether taking beautiful portraits with natural luminous skin tones or gorgeous cityscapes. Images are clear, sharp, and defined with this 24.2 megapixel shooter, perfect for subjects that require fine detail rendering such as foliage or breath-taking landscapes. An ISO range of 100 to 25600 is achieved with the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine, which also provides improved noise reduction performance, while maintaining image definition at high ISO. Should photographers wish to shoot monochrome masterpieces, the ISO range can be further extended to Hi BW 1 (equivalent to ISO 51200) and Hi BW 2 (equivalent to ISO 102400).

·         Picture perfect creations: Further aiding in the quest for image perfection and refinement, and minimizing countless hours of post-processing, is the Picture Control option of “Flat”. The “Flat” option allows overblown highlights, shadows or colour saturation to be effectively suppressed even after image adjustment, achieving rich gradation in both brightness and colour. Further flexible adjustments such as “Clarity”, lets photographers adjust the crispness of still images while maintaining details and saturation of the subject.

·         Artistic inspirations: Embrace creative expression with the Special Effects modes which enable immediate confirmation of results during shooting for both still images and movies. Injecting creativity and fun into every shot is made possible with variable options such as Night Vision, Colour Sketch, Miniature Effect, Selective Colour, and others, of all which can be visualised in real time, before shots are captured.

2. Meeting expectations of demanding environments
·         Built for the best: Solid and sturdy with a practical design both inside and out, the D7200 is designed to be a constant companion. A magnesium alloy has been incorporated into the top and rear covers for durability and superior texture, keeping the camera light yet strong, while a comprehensively-sealed body protects the camera from dust and water droplets.

·         Size matters: Photographers demanding outstanding performance need not sacrifice on size and weight. The top-tier DX-format performance ideally fits in a body that is compact in size and weight with approximately 1,250g when combined with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens, and its EN-EL15 battery. Nikon’s understanding of photographers’ needs has led to the development of a system focused on functionality and efficiency, allowing them to pack smarter and maximise space.


   Ready for anything: The D7200 is an adaptable shooter, capable of delivering smooth performance in a variety of challenging conditions. Low-light photography, which often comes off as a deterrent for ideal compositions in dark environments, is made easy with the 51 focus points of the new Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus sensor module, first adopted by the D750. Superior low-light performance is further enhanced with an expanded AF detection range down to -3EV. With the AF detection range down to -3 EV for the single central focus point, and at -2 EV or below (above -3 EV) with the other 50 points, the freedom to shoot low-light and low-contrast scenes has been remarkably boosted. The DSLR makes a perfect outdoor companion as one enjoys the spectacular northern lights or explores the subterranean passageways of a cave.

·         Greater viewing pleasure: The optical viewfinder is the perfect framing aid with approximately 100% frame coverage, featuring superior light transmission ratio and colouration, for perfectly lined-up shots. This is perfectly accompanied by a high resolution 1,229k-dot, 3.2-inch LCD display, with RGBW alignment, for enhanced visibility, ensuring clear and vibrant colours on a bright screen as one reviews shots on the camera.

·         Telephoto triumph: Ideal for capturing lightning-fast action up close, subjects can be captured in a larger size when using a lens with the same focal length, with a 1.3x image area option (approximately 15.4 megapixels) that elevates the telephoto shooting experience. The 51-point AF system comprehensively covers the 1.3x image area, providing superior subject-acquisition performance even for quick-moving objects over a wide area, so getting a shot of the winning goal from a fast-paced street soccer match is not an obstacle anymore.


3. Start sharing adventures in real-time  
  Made for sharing:  Select, send and upload high-quality images on favourite social media platforms seamlessly. The D7200 makes on-the-go connectivity even simpler with its built-in Wi-Fi® capability*1 and NFC-support*2, the latter being a pioneer feature on a Nikon DSLR. Photographers looking to share and upload their shots wherever they are, can now wirelessly transfer images to a smart device through the free Wireless Mobile Utility application*1, available for iOS or Android devices. The built-in Wi-Fi® also enables remote shooting with a smart device, especially when taking photographs from tricky angles while minimising camera shake. 

·         Connected for work and play:  Leveraging on the connectivity features, professional photographers can tap on a suite of optional wireless accessories to maximise workflow efficiency. The WR-1/WR-R10/WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controllers enable efficient remote shooting in the studio, while the WT-5A/B/C/D Wireless Transmitters together with a UT-1 Communication Unit provide stable, high-speed data transmission directly to computers and FTP servers.

4. Creativity without interruption
·         The continuous shooting champ: Experience greater freedom to create and experiment with majestic shots of beautiful light trails and similar burst mode captures. With an extended buffer capacity, the number of shots recordable during continuous shooting is increased to a magnificent 100 shots*3 in large image size, JPEG fine-format, 18 shots in RAW, 14-bit lossless compressed, and 27 shots in RAW, 12-bit lossless compressed. Furthermore, unlimited number of images can be captured continuously, as long as battery and memory card capacity permit, when using the CH or CL release mode with a shutter speed slower than 4 seconds.

·         Time-lapse and interval wonders: A first for a Nikon DX-format DSLR, stunning time-lapse videos are made possible with the D7200. With its ability to ensure smooth exposure variations during time-lapse and interval-timer photography, photographers can also film scenes where light conditions change vastly such as twilight evenings and breath-taking dusk scenes, with minimal disruption to video and image quality.

5. For moments best captured on video

Movie-making magic: Choose to capture video on a DX-based movie format, similar to that of a super-35 format movie film, or experience up-close action in extreme sports with a favourite telephoto zoom lens and the 1.3x-based format image area. Full HD recording up to 1080/60p in 1.3x-based format, with minimal noise even at high ISO settings, is conceivable with the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine. The “Flat” Picture Control option also works with movie recording, should photographers require rich gradation for added movie brightness and colour. Mode M provides Auto ISO sensitivity control during filming, allowing an automatic response for the appropriate exposure with sensitivity adjustments only while shutter speed and aperture values remain fixed. This intuitive technology allows photographers to shoot movies in a single shot even when moving from dark to bright areas.

·         The director’s assistant: Besides innovative technology, the D7200 boasts additional handy features to simplify the movie-making process. To allow more time being focused on the subject instead of fiddling with the camera, an independent menu dedicated for movies enables a more efficient configuration of settings for movie recording. The additional highlight display function provides further assistance by identifying potentially troublesome overblown highlights when recording. To complement great videos, improved audio performance is made available with wind noise reduction when the built-in stereo microphone is used, providing clear audio with less interference. Select a preferred microphone frequency response to suit respective filming needs, such as “Wide” for street sounds and musical performances, or “Voice” for interviews and speeches.


Relive the sounds: Pair up the D7200 and the newly released ME-W1 Wireless Microphone for clear off-camera audio recording when the intended subject (sounds) is too far away for the camera's built-in microphone, or an external microphone attached to the camera’s accessory shoe. The water-resistant wireless microphone, also compatible with other Nikon DSLR, Nikon 1 and COOLPIX cameras that are equipped with an external microphone connector, comes with Bluetooth® specification Power Class 1 support to allow recording of sounds as far away as approximately 50 m. Both distant sounds and those near the videographer can be recorded, and two-way communication between a subject and the videographer is possible with the usage of headphones or earphones. Stereo sound can also be recorded with the ME-W1 Wireless Microphone when the Stereo Microphone ME-1 (sold separately) is connected to the microphone component.

6. A perfect fit for any Nikon DX enthusiast
·         Capture more with NIKKOR: Experience seamless integration and maximize the 24.2-megapixel count with the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4 G ED VR, which delivers superior optical imaging and telephoto performance.  In addition, take advantage of the extensive range of NIKKOR lenses, including the AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR for a range of dynamic wide-angle shots, or the AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G for gorgeous close-ups with softly blurred backgrounds. The world’s lightest 300mm autofocus (AF) lens*4, the new AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR, also makes as an extra complement to the D7200 with its outstanding optical proficiency of sharpness and clarity with absolutely minimal chromatic aberration of ghosting.

·         Be in the spotlight: Like any member of the Nikon DSLR family, the D7200 is readily compatible with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. Photographers can enjoy even greater creative control with a diverse range of flexible flash and lighting options to suit any occasion.

·         Complete the creative imaging experience:  Discover a readily comprehensive system to support a great photoshoot with free Nikon software, from the new ViewNX-i for convenient browsing of stills and movie files, and even uploading onto social media networks, to its bundled ViewNX-Movie Editor with features to convert, create and edit movies. The Capture NX-D also allows photographers to compare images pre-and post-editing, adjust exposure, white balance and picture tones, and customise Picture Control for seamless end-to-end image management.

1 Wireless Mobile Utility must be downloaded onto a smart device (compatible with iOS/AndroidTM) to use the Wi-Fi® function. Wireless Mobile Utility can be downloaded for free from the appropriate application store. Wireless transfer of videos is available only on the Android OS.

2 NFC-compatible Android™ smartphones and tablets (Android 4.0 or later).

3 When a 16-GB SanDisk SDHC UHS-I memory card (SDSDXPA-016G-J35) is used, and an ISO sensitivity setting of ISO 100 is applied.

4 Among 300mm fixed focal length (prime) AF lenses compatible with 35mm "full-size" format cameras available as of March 2, 2015. Statement based on Nikon research.

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  1. The company, Nikon, during the launch of this new range of digital camera said that the Nikon P5100 has been designed by keeping two major aspects of digital photography into consideration-highest image characteristic and optimal performance.


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