Mar 16, 2015

Checking out 3CE and Indeed Laboratories products at A Pie Thing

So, how did I spend my Sunday... OK.. I spent some time with my dear family, we had a good lunch together and then I had to scarper off to Damansara Uptown to catch up with the other Butterflies from the Butterfly Project Malaysia at "A Pie Thing"... Oh my gosh, when I got there the queue was long... and I started queuing too until dear Tammy came and rescue me.

Upon entering the pretty crowded eatery, I found most of my Butterfly friends busy taking photos and all of the make up and products and quickly busied myself as well.

Today's event was brought to us all by the Butterfly Project Malaysia and of course, MUSE by Watsons.

In case you do not know it, MUSE by Watsons is a premium beauty retail brand, established by Watsons Personal Care Stores Sdn Bhd in 2013 to offer a holistic experience to all the lovely women out there who make beauty and fashion a priority for themselves. As women, we should take care of our own beauty, yes? Even if it is to make ourselves feel great. 

I admit I am quite lazy in terms of make up and such but still, I make it so that I must try to look my best from time to time and surprise my spouse and the people around me with makeovers from time to time to keep from looking the same old boring and dull me. And when I make up myself, I find my own self confidence level higher then the norm as well.. so that is how important being beautiful is.

Anyway, you can find MUSE by Watsons flagship store at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. It is the first in the region and I hope there are many more to come as I love browsing through the store there!!!! The store houses 12 exclusive brands and cosmetic products for both women and men of all ages. MUSE by Watsons also offers personalized services by professional beauty consultants , qualified skin care specialists and well-trained nail colour service assistants.

Our focus for the day was some lovely skincare from Indeed Laboratories as well as pretty little cosmetic products from 3CE.. I will just be running through here what we did yesterday and some of the items I saw but I will share more on the items from both Indeed Laboratories and 3CE in an individual post soon... so hang in there and come back again ok.....

 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) is a Korean brand cosmetic which is young at heart and very dynamic, and that would be the reason why many women love it. Simply take a look at their varied stock of products and turn into a devotee. The stylish colours that their line of products comes in can help you achieve a variety of looks. Make that shift from morning to evening or a simple touch up on the go.

This here is the 3 CE Duo Cover Concealer. It is used to cover blemishes.  It contains gel network polymer to give the user/wearer a perfect coverage. 

Then this is the 3 CE Shimmer Glow Bloc, used to create a transparent and luxurious glow look with the terracotta method. 

The above are the Glossing Waterful Foundation (SPF15, PA+) and the Full Cover Concealer. 

Our event started with Ms Amanda Gan, the Brand Manager for MUSE by Watsons telling us about the items and the benefits of using them...

Then we had Miriam, one of our blogger friends getting  a makeover using Korean's 3CE cosmetics but starting with a little pea sized of the Hydraluron Jelly Moisturizer from Indeed Laboratories.

Check out all the bloggerazzis..... hehehe...

 The make up artist using the 3CE Mascara and Fixer to make Miriam's eyes look bigger.....

You can mix the 3CE Lip Pigments to make a whole new colour if you like... and this product can also be used on your eyes and cheeks!!!

Taaa daaa.... look at Miriam, so pretty, and glowy after her make over.... Gosh... I want that look too.. don't you???

And to finish our session we all got to enjoy some yummilicious pies from A Pie Thing.  This pie is very nice, slightly pricey though but absolutely filling!!!!

Thank you to the Butterfly Project and MUSE by Watsons for having me at your event...
and do keep your eyes on this blog for more details on 3CE cosmetics and Indeed Laboratories products... until then, ciao....  


  1. :) assalamualaikum
    singgah pagi

  2. Hi Kak Miera,

    I am here to check out your post on our Suka and Surprise session with Muse by Watson on behalf of The Butterfly Project. Just wanna say hi and say your post is now featured in the community photo album so feel free to check it out.

    Butterfly Anis

    1. Awwww... thanks a million dear Anis... appreciate it!!!


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