Mar 19, 2015

L'Oreal Paris : Women of Worth

L'Oreal Paris Malaysia recently celebrated the beauty of women from all walks of life by honouring Malaysian Women of Worth, represented by celebrities, Nana Mahazan, Nurita Harith and Tracy Cheong.

A Woman of Worth is a woman who takes care of herself, recognises the values she creates in her own and other people's lives, honours whatever she does and all that she herself is....

Yours truly was blessed to be at the beautiful Flora Terrace to catch this and be a part of the celebrations . Upon arrival, and signing in, we were given red lipsticks to be used to write what we thought was a message to other women on being a woman of worth.

It was also the 30th Anniversary of the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche and those of us who attended got to play around and experiment with all 22 shades of lipstick....

Color Riche is the world's most iconic lipstick, because there is just a color for each and every woman in the world. From attractive shades of various pink, mauve, fuchsia, red, coral and beige tones, each Color Riche shade hugs the lip with vivid color and nourishes with a blend of plant based oils

Being sometimes lazy to put on the whole make up (foundation, mascara, blusher etc), I find that you can make yourself more confident and empowered with just a lipstick, so why not pick out your favorite color and make it your signature shade. At the same time, you can honour the woman of worth in your life, be it your mother, sister, best friend or so with one as well to show how much you value her as well.

Nana Mahazan is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be selected as one of the L'Oreal Paris Malaysian Women of Worth. She says that she tries to be the best she can to all her loved ones as well as her fans who tend to look up to her as a role model. She advises people not to hide their qualities even if others might think you're different because that is what that makes us even more beautiful and unique!!

She also says that all women should be comfortable in admitting that they love to look good because, hey.... you're worth it!!! hehehe

The lovely Jay Menon was the emcee of the event and she definitely shone. 

Darren Ho, General Manager for L'Oreal Consumer Products Division said that a woman's worth is so much more than what one perceives or sees. And with the three Malaysian Women of Worth, Nana, Nurita and Tracy representing the other Women of Worth in Malaysia, L'Oreal hopes to empower Malaysian women to embrace their individual beauty, go further in life and achieve their true potential!!

Fashion Designer Nurita Harith says that being a woman is not easy as we have to face countless different challenges in our daily lives and we also have to constantly find ways to tackle them.

The lovely poised and elegant model and L'Oreal Paris spokesperson Tracy Cheong shared that her favourite product is the lipstick and she can never leave home without at least two different shades in her bag. Lip colours have the ability to transform your look in seconds and she feels like she can change her image to match her mood with any colour she feels like wearing.  

For Tracy, her current favourite shade of lip colour would be a Taylor Swift-esque bright red, because with or without accompanying eye makeup on, that can make a huge impact!! I think so too, don't you???

The three Malaysian Women of Worth also brought out their own Women of Worth to the event. Nana brought her best friend Ira who is a host and  mother, Nurita brought her aunt, Wan Rozeini and Tracy was accompanied by Karena Teo, a fellow model and actress....

It was definitely a very touching moment and they even shed tears listening to one another appreciating themselves.

Anyway, L'Oreal Paris also invites all Malaysian women to honour the Women of Worth in their lives. Just snap a photo of yourself and your Women of Worth and share your stories on L'Oreal Paris Malaysia's 

Instagram: and hashtag #WOWLOrealParis

Make a promise to yourself this year to be a Woman of Worth. Feel empowered, do something new. Try everything you've always wanted and never forget your own Women of Worth.

As the president of L'Oreal Paris Karen T Fondu sums it up, "When a woman feels empowered, she will never feel like a victim to anyone or anything!"

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