Mar 20, 2017

Mamonde’s New High Cover Liquid Cushion for flawless skin

However young I feel, I do have to face up to the fact that I am getting old and well, along with getting old, comes a host of problems which are freckles or pigmentation, blemishes, horrible pores and wrinkles… 

Though I am blessed I do not yet quite look my age- a plastic surgeon recently complimented me on that and yeah, I confess I am slightly preening over the fact - but the wrinkles and fine lines are all appearing… and when I want to look flawless, it is not easy…

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Sometimes, only by putting on layers of corrector, foundation, bb creams, powders and so on can I look almost flawless… but then again I also run the risk of looking like a geisha with a white face.. and besides that, I do not like traveling with 101 products in my luggage, especially since now that AirAsia has imposed their new 7kg limit …

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So when I was got to know about, Mamonde’s New High Cover Liquid Cushion it was definitely the answer to my prayers…

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Mamonde’s New High Cover Liquid Cushion is a pretty awesome product that has overcame my problems… and well the two main and common disappointments such as overly sheer coverage and a cakey makeup finish.

I got the chance to use the #21 Cover Peach that offers a creamy colour for an airbrushed effect. The texture is lightweight and blends well with my skin tone. It’s is very easy to apply just in second this High Cover Liquid Cushion makes my skin look smooth and flawless by covering blemishes, pores and wrinkles with a thin, light and smooth fit sensation. If feels as if applying just a layer of liquid foundation.

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The High Cover Liquid Cushion is veritably the answer to what most women my age want… Its formula has 3 outstanding qualities that makes the High Cover Liquid Cushion a winning cushion compact:

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1. Perfect Coverage with Hyperfine High Cover Powder™
Mamonde’s High Cover Liquid Cushion delivers an innovative combination of high-content cover powder and hyperfine cover powder to offer clean and perfect coverage that conceals blemishes, pores and wrinkles.

2. Smooth Fit Coverage with Pomegranate Flower Extracts
Unlike other flowers that bloom and fall, Pomegranate flowers have solid and round calyxes that produce plump fruit; a mysterious and strong power that allows the fruit to defy gravity and not fall off the tree, even when the fruit is big, plump and heavy.  With this, Mamonde invented the 3D Lift Up Solution from the key effects of the flower and fruit….This effect controls the factors that cause droopiness, helping our skin regain its elasticity and confidence in appearance to then fill up the curves on the skin, which smoothens the skin texture.

3. Thin Application with Mesh Filtering System™
The High Cover Liquid Cushion is designed with an airless pump to discharge the foundation more effectively. To discharge the optimum amount, simply pump the container 1-2 times. The thousand over mesh holes provide perfect coverage without clumps…thus providing a thinner coverage without the appearance of a cakey and heavy look.

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Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion is available in 3 neutral cool tones shades that optimally cover the skin without any variation. It is also formulated to relieve redness:

No.17 Cover Porcelain: It offers a bright pink tone and creamy colour for an airbrushed effect.

No.21 Cover Peach: A brighter tone compared to Mamonde’s Cover Powder Cushion No.21 and offers a creamy colour for an airbrushed effect

No.23 Cover Sand: This shade naturally covers blemishes

How to Use …. It is just so easy to use with these 4 steps..

Step 1: Use this after you have thoroughly moisturize your skin by using skincare products or use a primer that has a moisturizing effect such as the Moisture Ceramide Light Cream or Cotton Veil Primers.

Step 2: Just use the puff and press/pump the contents 1-2 times and adjust the amount discharged on the mesh holes.

Step 3: Take an adequate amount with the puff and spread along the skin texture, and gently tap to absorb.

Step 4: Fold the puff to cover difficult areas such as the sides of the nose. For any areas that require more coverage, apply the product by marking dots on the area as if applying concealer.

And yes, you are good to go… personally I loved it.. I brought it with my on my trip to Osaka and Kyoto as my only skin's coverage, it was easy to use and it made me look great….

The Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion - RM115 can be purchased at any Mamonde beauty counters in Aeon 1Utama, PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL, Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, AEON Queensbay Mall, Penang.


  1. no wonder you look so pretty in all the pics! This is your secret heehe

  2. You look really great, I need to get this cushion! Thanks for sharing

  3. I love the cushion too! It is indeed good in coverage. yet shade 21 is too white for me :(

  4. I've yet right try mine, so tempted to open it right now

  5. Despite being a cushion mania, I realized that I haven't got the chance to try any of Mamonde's cushion product. Maybe I should get one for myself LOL! #nosuchthingastoomuchmakeup

    On the other hand, your pic in Japan in front of the Hogwarts Express is making me wanna go there now!

  6. Wow. This is the first time I heard about this brand. I definitely have to try this. Great review!

  7. Hey Miera, how's your recent Japan trip? Well, sjnce to recommend Mamonde am eager to buy and try it too, coz I trust your judgement.


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