Apr 29, 2017

How to Travel with Friends

The idea of going on a trip with friends might seem terrific. However, too often the trip ends with arguments, spoiling your mood, and even enmity or breakups.

Here are some tips on how you can have a great vacation with your friends...

Agree about everything in advance
·        Some like to just lay on the beach with a cocktail in his or her hand. But for for some other, they might prefer going to the museums, climbing the highest “viewpoints” in the area, strolling through the narrow streets of the city or party on a bus to Riverside.. 

Therefore, a joint vacation should be discussed before you buy tickets.

·        Let everyone make a list of what they want to do and where to go. Sometimes, it is better to discuss every little thing in advance in order to avoid further disagreements. For example, the amount of time that can be spent together and separately, types of entertainment on the road, hotel reservations, the route and so on.

Discuss your budget
·        The most serious source of conflict is money. This issue have to be discussed in advance because your holiday plans depends on it: excursions, restaurants, transportation and much more.

 Unpleasant situations could occur suddenly. For example, if it starts raining heavily, one of you might still want to continue walking, but the other one might just want to sit it out to stay dry.

·        Discuss your financial capabilities and ideas for accomodation, food, and entertainment before you start planning.

Discuss friends’ regime, itinerary and habits
·        If you are trying to get an early riser out for some crazy night adventures, keep in mind that he or she will probably be trying to get you to go out sightseeing at about 06:00 a.m. Therefore it is important to discuss your itinerary together for a good vacation.

·        Keep in mind that your friends in your travel group are not all early risers or not all night owls and they each have a set of individual characteristics and behavior.

Don’t try to spend all the time together
·        You must give yourself and your friends some alone time to avoid getting disappointed with your holiday trip. Annoyance at friends and fellow travelers easily arise when a someone dedicates too much time to friends, and forget about his or her own desires and interests.

·        Allocate about an hour a day for some 'me' time to spend at a cafe or just sit in the lobby of a hotel, reading a book, answering some post or looking for online Ukrainian dating

You don’t have to be together every minute or feel guilty you need your own time...

Be open to new communication
·        Don’t just focus on the people with whom you are traveling with. Make new interesting acquaintances. Conversations with strangers and other holiday makers can help make your holidays more interesting, fun and memorable...

·        It is always useful getting to know the locals. It is an excellent way of learning a foreign language, or getting a deeper understanding of the country’s culture, or even an opportunity to see exciting places that are not listed in a guidebook.

Advantages of traveling with friends
·        Traveling with friends has many advantages. It can be fun. You can always communicate with each other and well, most hotel rooms are designed for two or three people, so it is always cheaper since you are saving money on accomodations.

·        There is always someone in your group that is more well-traveled and can quickly make up a suitable itinerary or someone who possibly has an affinity for speaking a foreign language. 

And your join adventures will be captured in high-quality photographs and you do not have to just take selfies. 

Have a great vacation!


  1. Very helpful! If only our travel plans will push through haha everyone is so busy nowadays.

  2. I agree with the tips that you put up there sis, but come to think about it, girls always make thing so complicated rather than boys. haha

  3. Great tips for those who like to travel with a large group of friends .. if you do not do this before the travel trip .. it might be a travel experience that is miserable .. haha

  4. Great tips for those who like to travel with a large group of friends .. if you do not do this before the travel trip .. it might be a travel experience that is miserable .. haha

  5. Superb tips you have shared here, Miera. I've travelled with friends and sometimes, really had fun, sometimes, disappointed. Hope these tips will help me get the most out of every trip!

  6. My friends and I have not been on a vacation together for a long time as we are mostly married and had young kids. It's really difficult to plan a trip together. We are actually planning a cruise together in the next year or so. This will be our first trip with kids. Your travel tips should come in handy :)

  7. I agree with all the tips mentioned!this post will definitely help people specially the ones who love to travel in groups!

  8. I found these planning tips really useful! Thanks miera, will definitely keep your tips in mind. Time to plan a trip with friends! Hoping to find ppl with kaki travel like you

  9. Useful tips especially the first one, agreed on the itinerary in advanced. Most of the time when something goes wrong, the one who planned will take all the blamed. Lol.


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