Apr 11, 2017

Stress-Busting Tips For Packing Your Beauty Products When You Travel

Have you ever noticed how you tend stick to the most basic of makeup routines on a daily basis but for some reason whenever you pack your cosmetics case for when you leave town, you wind up with a boatload of products that you typically don’t use on the regular? It’s funny how often we end up packing three foundations, two kinds of eyeliner, seven types of brushes, the new sheet masks we got on sale from our fave K-beauty website and heaven knows how many tubes of lipsticks instead of condensing our everyday products to accommodate a weekend trip.

Call it FOMO but the truth is, sometimes you just have to pack that cobalt blue eyeshadow because you just never know when you’re going to need it. So whether you identify with all of the above or are generally in need of some ideas on how to effortlessly and systematically pack your beauty bag, give these useful tips a try the next time you go on vacation.

Group and compartmentalize your products with coloured ziplock bags
Lips go into blue, eyes go into green, face goes into yellow and yeah, you get the picture. Instead of haphazardly chucking all your products into one case, categorising them into separate clear ziplock baggies will save you from having to dig through your entire case in an attempt to find one measly product. The best thing about this is that if something happens to leak or break, the mess is isolated which means that you won’t have to worry about rogue lipstick smears all over your undies.

Forego buying travel-sized versions of your products
Don’t get it twisted, travel-sized versions of our favourite products are fantastic but more often than not, they tend to cost more than their regular-sized counterparts when you break down the math. To cut costs, just decant your favourite products into miniature containers and pots for instant travel minis that won’t cost you extra dollars. Tip: Sterilise empty contact lense cases and use them to store moisturisers, serums and more.

(image via @kiehlsid)

Stock up on free samples
On the other hand, miniature free samples are always welcome as they make the perfect travel-sized version of your primer or cleanser. Always remember to ask for trial-size samples at your local beauty counter and look out for gift with purchase items when you shop your fave beauty brands. Instead of using them when you get home, stockpile these items and use them for when you travel to save you from having to transfer all of your toiletries and beauty products into travel containers.

Look out for all-in-one products
All in one products are the Holy Grail of travel beauty essentials. They allow you to travel light, they cater to multiple needs ( a tinted balm work on both lips and cheeks) plus, they save you on storage space; leaving room for souvenirs and any last-minute shopping. The good news is that more and more of our favourite beauty brands are noticing this trend and are fast releasing multi-use products (hellooo makeup palettes!) that are perfect for the on-the-go beauty devotee who refuses to forsake her brow and contour game while on holiday.

(Image via lushusa)

Substitute liquids for solids and wipes
Swap out your gels, foams and lotions for wipes and solids to further simplify your packing process. Not only will you be free from any unwanted spills but you won’t have to stress about carrying any liquids over 100ml if all you have for luggage is an on-board carry on. From hydrating cleansing wipes that promises to remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara to sulphate-free solid shampoo bars that lather up a storm despite the diminutive size, these babies will streamline your packing as well as your holiday beauty routine.


  1. Nice tips! I got alot of samples too haha

  2. Sample and goodies from hotel is the best! But normally, so sayang to use. haha

  3. I love free miniature samples when I purchase skin care products, they are cute and convenient to bring anywhere.

  4. superb tips kak! I am loving the free-samples one! Hahahhaha I usually don't keep them or I just dont accept them..but I guess I will start collecting them now..

  5. Thanks for these tips. Am not a makeup person at all but I find these tricks useful for packing other items as well.

  6. yass!! i need these tips.. very useful! thanks a lot!

  7. Awesome tips! I save all those sample packs for my trips, and always have ziplock bags in all my luggages. I dont bring shampoo and conditioner coz there's complimentary supplies from hotels.

  8. Yes, that's so true! I bring samples when Im travel as well, easier!


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