Apr 3, 2017

All Astro customers can now enjoy Astro GO, free

Astro recently announced that all its customers will have free access to Astro GO (previously known as Astro on the GO) app as part of their existing subscription. The enhanced Astro GO was relaunched and now look even sleeker and more intuitive to use with more relevant and personalized content surfaced for each individual viewer. 

From 1 April to 31 May 2017, all Astro customers who have registered and linked their Astro GO account can enjoy free viewing* of all TV channels and on demand content on Astro GO regardless of their package take up and entitlement. 

Non-Astro customers who download the new Astro GO app can also access selected Astro channels during this period, so go download now lah... 

All registered and linked Astro GO users can watch “La La Land”; a drama film featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone for free via on demand from 25 April to 31 May 2017.

*with the exception of Pay Per View and Premium ala carte sports

Astro GO app has now more than 3.2 million downloads and 1.1 million registered users. More significantly, viewing time on Astro GO has increased three-fold from less than 60 minutes in its initial launch to 215 minutes per week per user today

Key Features of Astro GO
·         A sleek and smart user interface to enhance viewing experience and simplify navigation. This includes the ability to filter content according to language or genre, and even to sort from A to Z or based on downloadable or recently released content.
·         HD viewing on all Sports and Korean channels.
·         Personalised Recommendation feature which is powered by deep machine learning as well as predictive analytics to automatically surface content that is personalized and more relevant to our Astro Go viewers.
·         Simplified Home-Tab Bar (Home, Sports, Channels, On-Demand, Settings) for a more intuitive discovery of favourite channels and content.
·         The ‘Download2Go’ feature which allows users to download the desired movies to be viewed offline without requiring an internet connection or incurring additional data usage.
·         Improve mobility so that users can now move room to room in their house, and view Astro from any connected devices when they are on the move.

Future innovations for Astro GO would include additional features such as; up to four concurrent user logins for each Astro account; a casting feature for users to cast their favourite programmes from a handheld device onto the big screen without the need for a HDMI cable.

Astro is the Home of Sports for all Malaysians with 16 Sports channels and with the new Sports Control feature to be introduced soon, sports fan will be immersed with watching their favourite sports programmes and never miss any move. They can playback, zoom in and out via the multi angled-camera, access to fixtures, video highlights, news, player rankings and league tables.

New Channels Exclusive to Astro GO
Astro GO has recently offered three more exclusive channels -- Comedy Central for comedy fans; K-PLUS for those who have a never-ending appetite for Korean’s hottest drama series; and ANIPLUS for the latest Japanese anime and pop culture.

Aside from the three new exclusive channels, we further expanded our library by adding on Celestial Movies, Nickelodeon, DIVA, AXN, and KIX to Astro GO’s already extensive offering of on-demand content.

The new Astro GO app is available for immediate download for Android and iOS devices. Alternatively, users can also experience this new update via the website at www.astrogo.com.


  1. good move by Astro considering more people are watching things on the go now and that more and more people are unsubscribing to Astro too.

  2. I downloaded before and uninstalled. Will give them another shot.

  3. Seems like a good venture of theirs. But I worry if the weather issue will disturb this too.

  4. Yeah, can watch my favourite movies and dramas now on my iPad :)


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