Apr 4, 2017

Cutting cravings made easier with iNContro with Appethyl

Did you know that Malaysians are among the most obese in Asia with an obesity rate of more than 45.3 per cent.. this means that nearly half of Malaysia’s population is obese and overweight and because of this, 17.5 per cent (3.5 million) of adults have diabetes and 30.3 per cent (6.1 million) suffer from hypertension.

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We really need to watch our weight and food intake but it can be hard as Malaysia is practically a food heaven and a lot of Malaysians can be gluttons who think that they live to eat rather than eat to live… lol

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…and I have to admit that I do have that problem myself….

Fortunately…. Australian-listed Holista CollTech Ltd recently launched the world’s most documented and award-winning weight loss supplement from Sweden in Malaysia….. Now ain’t that a piece of great news… and it is a blessing for me who is struggling with weight problems… but fortunately I have lost a little weight and this would definitely help me with cravings…

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iNContro™, contains Appethyl® which is an all-natural spinach extract rich in thylakoids, that actually helps in reducing hunger and food cravings by slowing down the digestion of fats to give the body time to release gut hormones (cholecystokinin and glucagon like peptide-1) which tells your brain two important messages – first, that you’re full and secondly, it’s time to stop eating.

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iNContro™ is great at helping to reduce hunger and craving for 4 to 6 hours, depending on the individual.

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It definitely came in very handy when I was in Japan as well considering food there is sooooo pricey, I would consume a sachet of iNContro™ with 150ml water/juice and drink it, just about 15-30 minutes before my breakfast...

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You only need to use 1 sachet a day and it actually helps in controlling your appetite and hunger pangs throughout the day. After that I only just consume a rice cake for lunch or maybe some of my favorite rice crackers which I got from the convenience store… and it lasts me until dinner….

I have to admit though that the drink is a little bit hard to consume when mixed with just water, as I am kind of particular of what I drink, but I either blend it together with my protein Shake and coffee or blend it with my favorite fruit juice… and it goes down easily…

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For your information, iNContro is the winner of the 2013 NutrAward for Best New Functional Ingredient and 2014 Golden Apple Award, Sweden’s most prestigious award for a dietary supplement. iNContro is distributed in Malaysia under Total Health Concept (“THC”), a healthcare company under the Holista group of companies and can be found at pharmacies around Malaysia.

It comes in powder form packaged in sachets and can be consumed by mixing one sachet with water, protein shakes or juice, and best taken before meals.

To know more, please visit www.incontrodiet.com

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