Apr 17, 2017

Mont Dios' Secret Beauty Crystal White Beverage

If you love yourself, you will definitely make an effort to take care of your self, especially your inner health... After all, you would want to shine and look your best right...

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Yours truly was over at the introduction/ launch of Mont Dios' Secret Beauty Crystal White Beverage recently... This interesting powdered form beverage comes packed in a foil packet inside a simple and elegant looking canister was formulated in Dubai, and meets the National food safety & quality standard... It is ideal to be consumed by all ages.

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So, what makes the Mont Dios' Secret Beauty Crystal White Beverage special.... well, it would be because it has been specially formulated with over 13 ++ nutritious ingredients such as barley, flaxseed, black wild rice, millet, quinoa, mountain red rice, sorghum, buckwheat, oat groats, brown rice, soy powder, chia seeds and contains natural source of lutein from fruits and vegetables, making it perfect as a high fibre meal replacement.

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The Mont Dios' Secret Beauty Crystal White Beverage promises to assist in skin whitening, eye protection and weight loss.. It also helps build stronger bones, boost your energy & metabolism, helps with building muscles, replenishment of nutrients and slow down sugar absorption. 

 Mont Dios' Secret Beauty Crystal White Beverage is also rich with antioxidants, and is definitely beneficial for diabetics, help prevent breast & cervical cancer and yes, even improve your eye sight... so you will be able to see clearer.

For the vainpots like myself who likes to look good and hopes to have a fairer and clearer complexion to rival Snow White, your dream might just become reality with Mont Dios’ Beauty Secret Crystal White Beverage... Just drink this beverage everyday and let your inner beauty shine from within, and this also includes allowing you to shed those extra pounds the healthy way to a more slimmer you...

Mont Dios’ Beauty Secret Crystal White Beverage was formulated in Dubai by leading nutrition experts and is 100% natural and rich with Omega 3. It also contains Prebiotics FOS – Inulin to promote good intestinal digestion for effective absorption of nutrients.

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Mont Dios’ Secret Beauty Crystal White Beverage comes with all the quality standard certifications from HACCP, ISO, MESTI and it is Halal certified. It can be consumed by vegetarians as it made from 100% natural ingredients with zero preservatives.

This product is easy to prepare with just 3 simple steps. 

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1.... just take one scoop of the powder 

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2.... add 100ml of room temperature water and stir well
3.... top up 150ml of hot water and stir before drinking it...

It is best consumed twice a day, morning and before bed on a daily basis... Whenever I come across a health drink, I always fear the taste, but this is very pleasant to taste, just like your regular cup of instant oats or nestum.. slightly sweet, but not too sweet...it might be a little sticky but that would be due to the chia seeds..

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Just for your info, Mont Dios’ Secret Beauty Crystal White Beverage has been awarded the Super Health Brand Asia Success Award for the Best Brown Rice Products in the Health Food Sector.

For more information on Mont Dios’ Beauty Secret Crystal White Beverage, please visit https://www.facebook.com/montdios.my/


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    1. Sure because it contains of Buckwheat which can help to reduce varicose veins. Varicous veins can be an issue during pregnancy, buckwheat contains a bio-flavanoid called rutin that helps to strengthen the walls of veins and capillaries to counter varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Buckwheat is not wheat and is gluten free and a good alternative.

  2. I like the fact that this is a combo of so many different ingredients, which means lazy bums like me don't have to think about what to drink and when. Just drink this one beverage for all its different benefits.

  3. Inner health is crucial - without which, one will not have outer beauty too.

  4. Thats look like a meal replacement for people like me. Pack with good nutrition in just one glass. Yum yum

  5. This drink seems nice. I wish to try it out too

  6. Looks healthy. Hahaha. Maybe I should drink this to lose weight :'D

    1. hehe.... chia seeds can help to improve ur metabolism ��

  7. Seems like a very healthy drink with a lot of nutrients, especially for people who may skip breakfast.��

  8. Hi may I know where can I get this product?


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