Apr 19, 2017

How To Vett A Babysitter - Choosing the Right Sitter

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Choosing the right babysitter is tricky. The care of your loved one(s) is unbelievably important, and as a good parent, your job is to keep your children as safe as possible. A lot of babysitting companies offer background checks for their clients, but unfortunately, the process of receiving that background check may take too long. As a result, guardians may bypass this step and go off of recommendations from friends or good reviews.

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Although that may seem like a viable option, you can never be too careful with your children and learning the background of their sitter will be very beneficial to your well-being and comfort. Utilizing a company that offers speedy results for background checks can help you there.
Benefits of A Background Check
If you’re able to receive a background check quickly, the benefits are unsurpassable. The comfort and security is just one part of it. Utilizing a background check on a sitter will allow you to see information that wasn’t available before - for example, would you be comfortable hiring a babysitter who has been convicted of theft?
Things To Look For

There are many different types of checks that a background check company can run - for example, driving history, character and professional references, and criminal background. Each of these has perks for you, and it’s important to decide which one’s you would like to proceed with.

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  1. Character and Professional References
  2. These references rate the warmth, dependability, kindness, experience, and level of professionalism of your potential sitter. Although an interview is a great place to start, it may not always be a true reflection.
  3. Criminal Background
  4. Has your potential sitter been convicted of a felony? Were they convicted of any sort of crime that would make you uncomfortable with them caring for your children?
  5. Driving Records
  6. If your potential sitter will be required to transport your children at any capacity, it’s important to know their driving history. Do they have any DUI’s? How many speeding tickets have they been given?
It is not required to request an entire investigation of a person’s background when you’re requesting a background check. Knowing which key points are most important to you will save you time.

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Finally, it’s perfectly acceptable to hire a professional to help run these checks for you. Not only are they experienced in the legality of the checks, but finding a source that offers quick returns is crucial for vetting your babysitter. They’re extremely beneficial in truly understanding the background of your potential sitter - things that may not come up on a standard interview. Keeping your children safe and keeping your mind at ease will allow you to enjoy your time while the kids are at home!


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