Apr 28, 2017

Shopping for Baju Kurung Moden over at Carousell

To my Muslim friends, I am sure you are all busy shopping or planning on what to buy for the coming Hari Raya right... It is exactly what I am doing.. especially since I am mom of three... and don't you agree with me, it is actually an expensive time of the year...

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It is not just Hari Raya, to be honest, but all festive seasons are expensive to all those celebrating it.. but well, we are focusing on the next festivity which happens to be Hari Raya...

Almost one in three of us are indirectly pressured to spend more than we could afford just before and over the festive period, and more people fall into debt especially when using credit cards around festive seasons...and that would be because it is the time we want to get new things for the house- curtains, cutleries, etc-, clothing and shoes for the family, cookies, sweets and food for the guests, handing out duit raya, etc, etc.. it can be quite a nightmarish scenario..

Going out shopping does not exactly help as well, we get stuck in jams- especially when it nearer to the festivities, pay exhorbitant parking fees at times and so on, and it can be very stressful….

But well, I have found a way to save money and stress.... and that is by shopping through Carousell…

So what is Carousell… well, Carousell was founded back in 2012 by Quek Sui Rui, Lucas Ngoo and Marcus Tan, and it is an online mobile platform where you can easily buy or sell items.

You can find a whole load of different products listed and sold there and it is a simple and perfect place to sell the clutter and things which you do not quite need around your home, and I have a confession… I just love finding great deals that save me a lot of money.

Carousell is easy… you can just simply take a picture of anything and list it sale in less then a minute and well, buy what you need in a chat.

I have looked up memorabilia items, old camera, laptops, etc, etc…  and so I just think it is the perfect place to do your Hari Raya shopping…

If you are on a super tight budget, check out those preloved and gently used clothing, most of these clothing are still in perfect condition and look like new…


I found this pretty floral baju kurung moden for just RM15… No one is going to know if you are wearing brand new or preloved anyway, not unless you tell them… I have been running around with a preloved handbag that I got at about 5 to 10 percent of the original price and it is one of my favorites, but no one can tell the difference..

If you have more money, splurge on some new clothings then… Carousell has a lot of brand new and yet affordable, pretty and good quality Muslim /modest clothing…

I think there must be hundreds of different designs/patterns of modern Baju Kurung there and I just love Baju Kurung moden… so let me share with you some Baju Kurung moden I found in Carousell that I really like and am considering getting for myself or my daughter…..

Eyana Kurung - Mint Green

Loving this pretty mint green Eyana Kurung .....


This simple and elegant Kurung Camelia is just what I like....


For those who love some florals, maybe the Kayla Kurung might be just what you need...

Baju Kurung Moden Cotton 😍

I somehow find it hard to resist English cotton Baju Kurung moden in these florals...

I love shopping with Carousell as it is very convenient.. all you need to do is ask whatever you want directly with the seller and you can choose to meet up or arrange for the item to be sent, as stated on the page. So head over to Carousell now and find your favorite Baju Kurung Moden there now


  1. I am actually a Carousell shopper. Bought few things there before and I can say this apps is pretty trusted (I buy all via COD).

  2. saya takpernah membeli di carousell ni..nampaknya kena pegi ni..murah2 dan cantik pulak tu

  3. I use Carousell too! It is very reliabe and cheap too!

  4. Im a shopper on carousell too! Love how it makes money and saves money at the same time.


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