Apr 26, 2017

Effective Skin Therapy for Anti-Aging

Did you know that there are many different anti-aging treatments available on the market for anti-aging. With so many options, it can be hard deciding on the most effective ones. But, well, just for your info, here are some of the best ones to get the most noticeable improvements in anti-aging skincare.

Botox injectable

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What it is: A quick and effective treatment using injectable serums of botulinum toxin. It is a neurotoxic protein used cosmetically to remove wrinkles and smooth away facial lines. There are several names under which Botulinum toxin is sold, including Vistabel, Dysport, and the most common one being Botox.

How it works: An extremely minute concentration of botulinum toxin is injected into facial muscles to temporarily prevent nerves from sending signals to the muscles. In effect, it causes temporary paralysis in the targeted muscles. The muscles relax, making the face soften and smoothing the surface. Results last around three months, but gradually last longer with repeated treatments.

Important notes: Not everyone knows how to properly inject botulinum toxin. Make certain the doctor or specialist has completed this procedure successfully on a regular basis. It takes skill and experience to do the injections correctly. Those who are inexperienced may cause bruising or leave their client with frozen looking features.

Skin resurfacing lasers

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What it is: Using non-ablative laser devices, light-based energy is used to treat the skin. Application of cosmetic lasers can smooth out wrinkles and lines on the skin by plumping and tightening the cells.

How it works: Using light-based energy, the laser targets the dermal layer of skin. By creating heat, it causes the skin to contract or tighten in reaction. The energy heats the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production which, over time, rejuvenates the skin cells. Treatment results can last for six months to a year.

Important notes: Before scheduling an appointment, make certain to verify that the laser they use is non-ablative, meaning it does not damage the surface of the skin. That makes it safer and it requires far less recovery time.

Dermal Filler

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What it is: An injectable gel that reduces facial lines and wrinkles by “filling” areas of the skin. There are different ingredients used, some more popular than others. Hyaluronic acid is popular since it is an ingredient found naturally in the human body and has proven to be effective. A few of the brand names for hyaluronic acid are Perlane, JuvĂ©derm, and Restylane. Synthetic dermal fillers are not as popular. Collagen fillers are not as effective as hyaluronic acid and often have higher risks associated with use.

How it works: The gel is carefully injected just under the surface of the skin to plump the skin and smooth out wrinkles. The results last anywhere from a few months to over a year. Research indicates that repeated treatments stimulate the body to produce collagen in many patients. Also, less of the filler is needed over time when using hyaluronic acid.

Important notes: Allergic reactions can and do happen in some individuals in the form of redness, bruising. bumps, or swelling. Be sure to discuss possible allergic reactions before trying this.

Chemical Peel

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What it is: Using a chemical solution, a chemical peel performs an exfoliation on the skin to reveal fresh cells underneath. It comes in varying strengths - light, medium, or deep peels.

How it works: The chemical solution is applied topically to the skin, left on for a specific amount of time, then rinsed off. The surface layer of skin then peels off.  Light peels last for a month while deep peels can last for several months.

Important notes: Depending on how strong the chemical used, the peel can leave the skin raw and exposed, cause allergic reactions, or take a long recovery time.

So which of this would you think is the one you prefer or what would be your anti –aging skincare treatment…


  1. I prefer food and nutrition. If you ask me to choose from your option, I would go for the peel one bcause it doesnt seems so invasive. haha

  2. I'm game to try these different methods as long as they do not involve knives or needles! The peel looks very promising as I do foot peel as well and love the result.

  3. I don't prefer injection. Looks scary to me.

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