Mar 27, 2024

Nu Skin Malaysia ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® beautifies and enhances well being

Have you tried the new Nu Skin Malaysia ageLOC® WellSpa iO ®? In case you do not know it, the ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is a smart beauty and well-being device designed to deliver the power of body confidence, skin rejuvenation and overall sense of well-being. 

The ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is the latest innovation from the world’s best-selling brand for beauty device systems for six consecutive years.  Using patent-pending adaptive microcurrent technology, ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® delivers a personalized experience, addressing the evolving needs of Malaysians today.

The ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is a one-of-a-kind device designed to enhance your appearance and help you unwind after vigorous physical activities. The device uses unique adaptive microcurrent technology that continuously adapts (more than 80 times per second) to your skin’s conductivity throughout each session to provide an optimal and comfortable experience. 

The patent-pending metallic nodes of the device help provide a smooth and comfortable massage. Designed for use on the upper and lower legs, arms and abdomen, the nodes are designed to perfectly fit the contours of your body and glide smoothly over your skin to help you relax and unwind.

ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® is designed to be used with ageLOC® Body Serum and ageLOC® Body Activating Gel. The hand-held device enhances the skincare benefits brought by the companion products that target visible contouring, reduction in cellulite appearance, encourage body relaxation as well as for an overall uplifting experience.

Meanwhile, the Nu Skin Vera® app empowers users to personalize their ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® experience, offering guided tutorials, real-time data insights, and usage tracking for tracking progress over time. It also provides a personalized iO score to maintain motivation.
Nu Skin conducted a study of the ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® Revitalize regimen with 33 females between 25–60 years of age with mild to moderate cellulite on the back of their upper thighs, back of upper arms and/or abdomen. This regimen consisted of using ageLOC® Body Polish as an exfoliating cleanser in the above areas; the ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® device with ageLOC® Body Serum for three minutes, three times per week; and ageLOC® Dermatic Effects twice daily. 

Each area was evaluated by clinical grading and self-perception at baseline and at weeks two, four, eight, and twelve. The back of the upper thighs was also evaluated by instrumentation at these same time points. Participants noted improvements in their skin’s appearance within the following attributes for each area such as cellulite, firmness, contouring, tightness, smoothness, hydration, and overall appearance,
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The Nu Skin Vera® app is available for download from the app stores on all smart phones and pairs with any ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® device to deliver a premium connected experience.

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  1. "Nu Skin Malaysia ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® beautifies and enhances well-being": Nu Skin Malaysia's ageLOC® WellSpa iO ® seems to offer a comprehensive approach to beauty and well-being. By combining advanced technology with skincare, this product might provide users with a holistic and rejuvenating experience.


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