Mar 8, 2024

Cake Rush Explosion Boxes for a lovely surprise!!!!

One of my close friend Mary Jane had her birthday recently and she had been a sweet heart and so i decided to give her a little treat and surprise … in the form of an Explosion Gift Box by … designed to add that extra touch to birthdays.

The Explosion Gift Box is a delightful surprise that combines the joy of celebration with a delectable treat (can choose between 4 assorted cakes or a Ferrero Rocher Dome)

You can personalize the contents, and this gift box allows you to create a truly special and unique present for your loved ones. 

When Mary Jane opened the box, she was pleasantly surprised when the Flying Butterflies take flight, adding an extra touch of magic and wonder to the moment.

Forget the boring basic old birthday cake and go the extra mile - embrace the extraordinary and flutter into every celebration with a wonderfully sweet & whimsical bang!

The Cake Explosion Gift Boxes are not just a one-time wonder – they are designed for reusability and endless delight!
Simply wind up the butterflies again (approximately 25-30 times) and place them back in the box. The box is ready for another round of surprise. The reusability of the box adds a sustainable and entertaining touch to every celebration or special occasion.

Get one of these Cake Explosion Gift Boxes for someone dear to you now:

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