Mar 8, 2016

Fear of Dentists..and how to overcome it...

Going to the dentist can be a scary thing for many people. About a quarter of the world's population are terrified of dentists one way or another, and who can blame them. When you think of dental clinics, chances are scary dental clinics from horror movies comes to mind with a weird strange man wielding some kind of pliers or drill...

Personally, I used to be terrified of dentists up to the point I rather face a gunman who can shoot me in the head because that toothache has become so unbearable then to see the dentist...and I relied a lot on pain killers... and well, since parents are usually their children's role models, some of my fear of dentist rubbed off on my daughter who also thought a visit to the dentist is just as good as a visit to some hellish and scary place, not that I blame her since her last visit to a dentist was indeed a bad memory and a very painful experience.

You see, she had to had stitches done on her gums and a cast on her teeth as she had fell hard and hit the floor face forward, and there had been a split gash on her gums and teeth were rattled badly. And well, most dental clinic are just cold, with the smell of medicine and in many ways scary...

As a result, she did not have great teeth...
 I was very much worried about her teeth, so when a friend of mind recommended that I should pay a visit to the KL City Dentist, I decided to give it a shot...

I brought my daughter to the KL City Dentist which was located along the very prestigious row of embassies along Jalan Ampang. It is located on the 7th floor of the Menara HSC, with Souled Out bar and restaurant Ampang at the ground floor and the British High Commission to the left...We got a parking easily at the basement and took the elevator straight up to the 7th floor...
 and turn to the left... you will see a huge tooth sign there...

Stepping into the premises of the KL City Dentist was surreal, I almost forgot I was here at a dental clinic. The reception and the waiting room was just so contemporary, inviting, warm and the view was amazing... 

The receptionist got me to fill up some forms and urged me to have a seat and take my time... the sofa was just so comfortable and plush...and there was a magnificent huge full wall picture of a view of Manhattan City.. behind the LED TV... 

You can also relax and read a magazine or the day's newspaper while waiting...

It sure was homey and there was even a little rocking moose from Ikea, for little visitors...

And the view from the magnificent, made even more surreal with the bird decal stickers...

From what I gather, KL City Dentists has been opened for more then a year and they offer your basic dental needs as well as other services as well like teeth whitening, filling, tooth implants, oral surgery and so on.

 Dr. Mong Xeng Tien (BDS Hons, London), was our dentist. He is young, dashing and handsome and would make many a girl's heart go pitter patter... and naturally, set your fear of dentists (if any) to rest... He graduated from Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London and has been practicing in Kuala Lumpur since 2009 . And he is so friendly and charming, and treats his patients like his friends or family members.

My daughter showing her nervousness as she waited in the sitting room...

 Dr Mong's room in the clinic is very bright and cheery...with white and orange furniture and equipments. Hamidah the nurse, placed a paper bib over my daughter's shirt to prevent any staining or splashes..

And when my daughter lay down on the dentist chair, she was surprised, and so was I to see the LCD monitor playing YouTube and the latest hit songs....It was definitely fun and soothing to the nerves. 

The view from Dr Mong's room is facing Jalan Tun Razak and you can see the Menara Tan and Tan, Menara Tabung Haji, G Tower and nearby buildings...

And she was given a pair of sunglasses/goggles to wear....Then Dr Mong proceeded to check her teeth carefully and Hamidah the nurse took notes...

Dr Mong pointing out to me one of my daughter's milk teeth root which has yet to come out and is actually in the way of her permanent tooth...

A closer look on the LCD...

Dr Mong taking the effort to explain to me about my daughter's dental issues, which are the milk tooth root which is in the way of her permanent tooth, a half rotting milk tooth which will eventually fall off and a little hole in the tooth that needed to be capped. His explanations were very clear, concise and easy to understand.  

My daughter is ready for her teeth to be scaled and polished...

Dr Mong took the time to scale my daughter's teeth one by one...It looks scary but when I asked her about it later,  she said it was not painful at all..and she was very comfortable...which is a relieve since my daughter can tend to be a drama queen at times...

Once he had finished scaling my daughter's teeth, he polished them and flossed them as well and told her to remember to brush her teeth even though there might be some blood. He went on to explain that bleeding gums are actually our body fighting off the bacteria around and we should continue to brush at the area instead of avoid brushing it for fear it would bleed....

Dr. Mong and his nurse Hamidah then took the trouble to show my daughter the proper way to brush her teeth as Dr Mong believes and wants in inculcate the importance of dental care in his patience in the hope that they will understand the impact that good oral health has on their general well being.

Lastly, I got a print out report on my daughter's tooth issues and how I could overcome all that as well as a cost estimation..

With Dr Mong help and advise I know the condition of my daughter's  teeth and definitely we will
make  more effort in taking care of her teeth.

I will certainly make another appointment to get those teeth looked into in the near Dr Mong has set my daughter's fear of dentist at rest and she finds that she enjoyed her visit, check up and cleaning procedure...

So if you are like us and have a fear of dentist, or just looking for a great dentist who will make the time and effort to give you the best treatment, be sure to pay a visit to the KL City Dentist and I am sure they will put any fears you have to rest and help you achieve your brightest and whitest smiles....

The service is top notched and they are very professional, caring and gentle and you find that your fears were just unfounded.... 

They are seriously the best and most dedicated dentists I have ever been to!!!

If you are reading this, thank you so much Dr Mong for your awesome consultation and treatment...

KL City Dentist Address:
7-03, Level 7, Menara HSC,
187 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

KL City Dentist Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri : 8:30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Saturday : 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sunday : Closed
Public Holidays : Open on selected days

KL City Dentist Tel: +603-21815792 (office hours) / +6017-7926792 (after office hours)

Do also check out KL City Dentist Facebook page at

KL City Dentist Website at

Before picture....

After the scaling and polishing...


  1. woah! i tot this will be a scary post LOL. I am always afraid of the dentist, but your experience has totally change my view.

    1. Dr Mong and his clinic certainly have a way to make your fears disappear...

  2. I'm currently wearing braces and I visit my dentist every month. Actually not scary at all. =)

  3. I'm so scare with dentist because always get to visit them when I'm young, but now no more :P

  4. Ha...Ha...I enjoy your sharing here, Miera! Me too! I am scared of visiting dentist since my young age though ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  5. Great tips! Kids and even adults can have dentist fobia.

  6. Not only your daughter is afraid of the dentist, me too. But I like the services at this dental clinic.

  7. the service seems very nice. love doctors who give personal touch and attention to patients!

    1. Definitely.. Dr Mong is good looking, and he gives you the attention and explains everything patiently.. and with the contemporary and bright clinic, any fear of dentists seems silly..

  8. I totally recommended Dr mong service.. ah your girl getting prettier nowadays hee

  9. I totally recommended Dr mong service.. ah your girl getting prettier nowadays hee

  10. Haha having a good looking doctor around sure can help overcome the fear of dentists! This dental clinic sure looks very nice and different from the dentist I used to go to. I remember crying all the way into the clinic and out.

  11. Well! Thinking bout going to a dentist is scary for both parents as well as kids.

  12. I use to afraid of dentist too! But KL Dentists looks like a great and nice place for a teeth check up =D

  13. actually i scared visiting the dentist since young. looks like now i should brave myself and visit Dr Mong!

    1. Dr Mong is a great Dentist...he will put your fears to rest and give your sparkly white teeth

  14. I very scare to see dentist too! After read your post I think I have to polish my coffee teethes.

  15. The most scariest thing during my childhood huhu, even now i still do not go to dentist yet, heavy coffee drinker like probably need to go

    1. Go pay a visit to the KL City Dentist.. they are very professional and gentle... you won't feel anything

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