Mar 2, 2016

Media Prima Radio launches Kool FM

The whole of the first floor of the Sime Darby Convention Centre was brimming with excitement in a carnival-like atmosphere yesterday. There were many guests and celebrities mingling as a couple of blogger friends and I joined in...
There was a free giveaway booth where all guests were invited to spin the wheel of "whatever" to see what they could bring back...

Misz Ella and I took a chance and spin it and got a oneFM Memo Bottle each which when I brought home, my mini me was thrilled and demanded it from me immediately...ah, the sacrifices of a mother...

That was not about all.. upon signing in, we were required to download one of the Apps , Hot FM, Fly FM or One FM for us to qualify putting our business cards in for a lucky draw...

.... and who won't want a chance when the prizes were just too super amazing to ignore... Tell me who can say no to these prizes!!!! 

Anyway, while the question lingered on our mind as to what the next radio channel would be, the event began with  the opening act by local band, Bunkface.. consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sam (Shamsul Anuar), bass guitarist and back up vocalist Youk (Farouk Jaafar)Paan (Ahmad Farhan), lead guitarist, and back up vocalist. I somehow missed getting a good picture of Sam... my apologies to fans.... huhuh

Anyway Mr Seelan Paul, CEO of Media Prima Radio Networks took to the stage to do his Inauguration Presentation. 

Mr Seelan Paul says," We are very excited to bring a new radio station for all local radio listeners. The launch of Kool FM is expected to complement our existing radio stations as it targets a different audience. With Kool FM, we are confident of exploring even more creative ideas and have several campaigns and synergistic collaboration between Hot FM and Kool FM in the pipeline, which we expect will bring positive impact to listeners and business partners."

And we got reintroduced to the Hosts of Media Prima Radio Networks... Yeap... these three hunky guys are from the English Fly FM, Hafiz, Dennis and Guibo...

Then there's Maggy and Zher and Ivan (who I missed out in the pictures as they came and go very fast)

Then there's these three good looking dudes from the Malay radio station Hot FM Haziq, AG and Fizie

and adding on... Liza and Tun Nadia...

And the Chinese Radio channel One FM hosts.....

Anyway, Fly FM, Hot FM and One FM here reach out to a majority of listeners aged 35 and below, so Media Prima Radio Network has then launched its newest radio station, Kool FM. Kool Fm will be targeting the lucrative 25-44 years old Malay segment, offering hit songs from the 80s, 90s as well as the latest hits.

Kool FM will be broadcasting via 101.3 FM within the Klang Valley and 90.2 FM in Penang beginning 6am on the 3rd of March 2016

With the presence of Kool FM, Media Prime Radio Network now have four (4) stations under them.

Kool FM's radio application will also be introduced on 3rd of March 2016, where listeners can tune in and listen to the station anytime and anywhere....

Guests at the launch were delighted to hear Misha Omar singing her rendition of Adele's Rolling in the Deep as well as one of her hits, Bunga Bunga Cinta....

The launch of Kool FM is expected to strenghten MPRN's position in the highly competitive local radio broadcasting industry, All existing MPRN radio stations target the Gen Y demographics. Kool FM will provide an interesting alternative for listeners and also existing business partners and recording companies. The current collaborations between Kool FM and their business partners such as Coca- Cola and Panasonic is a good testament to the station's great potential.

Among the programmes that will be featured on Kool FM will include those focusing on lifestyles based on the profession and social status of the listeners.. This will include...
  • Pagi Di Kool FM (PHD Kool FM) from 6am to 10am   with AG and Haiza
  • Muzik di Kool  from 10am to 3pm  with Liza
  • Petang Kool  from 3pm to 7pm with  Ikhwan and Farid
  • Refleksi Kool  from 7pm to 8pm with Prof. Dr, Muhaya
  • Malam Kool  from 8pm to 12am with Ezaq

MPRN has also partnered with the world's largest music streaming service in the world, Spotify; it first exclusive radio partnership in Asia and will be utilizing Spotify's superior insights on local and global listening habits and trends.

Everyone present were thrilled when legendary singer Dato Jamal Abdillah took to the stage and sang some of his popular hits including, 'Kekasih Awal dan Terakhir'....

For more info, check out;-

FB/IG/Twitter/YouTube: flyfm958


FB/IG/Twitter/YouTube: onefm881

FB/IG/Twitter: koolfmmy  YouTube:

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  1. Another Malaysian radio station! That's simply awesome especially the fact that they will play malay music from the 80's and 90's, cause those were the songs I grew up with. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I was so lulled and in love with the Bunga bunga cinta Misha Omar sang and the memories Jamal Abdillah's Kekasih Awal dan Akhir evoked...

  2. Great to know that there will be a new radio station! It will be great that KOOL FM will be focusing on music form the 80's and 90's as this will bring back lots of memories.

    1. exactly... they are bringing back great memories of my younger days.. hahaha

  3. Wow, Malaysia radio station keep on blooming, nice for audience....

  4. Oohhh... Another new radio station. Interesting programme line up.

    1. I m sure it's gonna be on my top play lists too

  5. I want to win prizes. Will check it out from the new radio station. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very miss you and my blogger friends now. Can't wait to see you ladies again soon.
    You always lucky my dear. I wish to spin it too hehe. :)

    1. Miss you too, enjoy your holiday see you when you get back

  7. looks like the performance looks awesome :) will tune to the new KOOL FM soon !

  8. I was there for food review but i did not attend this event. Another new radio station in Malaysia.

    1. yeah.. Media Prima launches their 2nd Malay radio station!!!

  9. Yay to new radio in Malaysia!! Thanks for your sharing so I know about this radio :)

  10. Awesome and super detailed write up!

  11. hope the collaboration awesome ever..

  12. awww.. i miss the event.. congrats to kool fm

    1. yeah.. Congrats to Media Prima Radio Networkds and Kool FM


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