Mar 6, 2016

Magnum Pink and Black Party

When you think of pleasure, you should also be thinking of MAGNUM ice cream. MAGNUM is best known as the global purveyor of premium chocolate ice cream indulgences ideal for pleasure seekers. MAGNUM ice cream is not just an ice cream brand of the utmost quality, but also one that thrills our emotions with its range of decadent flavours.

And yours truly was over at the ballroom of Aloft Kuala Lumpur for the launch party of the MAGNUM PINK & MAGNUM BLACK ice cream....

 Mood was the theme of the day, beginning from the entrance right up into the venue hall. Party guests aka Pleasure Seekers were all given a personalised sensor tag wristband. 

And then all guests were urged to participated in a fun interactive mood test at the MAGNUM MOODOLOGY kiosk which in result, determines whether they are feeling more Pink or Black at that time. 

This wristband was used throughout the event, whereby guests could tag onto four customised Pink & Black stations and opt for their mood colour of the moment. 

These moods were then accumulated and showcased on MAGNUM’s magnificent stage, giving live updates on what the MAGNUM mood of the night was at that moment.

The mood was more Pink then Black... heheh....Pink after all do represent fun, playful and spontaneity while black stands for elegance, classiness, and sophistication. 

Dressing up in both colours can be a way to express what we really feel today, but personal moods can now be expressed through the ice cream of your choice, thanks to MAGNUM’s latest offerings, MAGNUM PINK & MAGNUM BLACK, isn't that just awesome!...

MAGNUM BLACK embodies true sophistication. An intense Black Espresso is swirled through smooth vanilla ice cream and covered in a thick layer of premium dark Tanzanian Chocolate, creating a supreme and redefined taste that appeals to both gourmet coffee and chocolate lovers alike.

On the other hand, the MAGNUM PINK is an enticing treat that boasts lush, silky Pink Pomegranate flavoured ice cream with delicate swirls of Pomegranate sauce. On the outside, a pearlescent layer of world-renowned Pink Belgian chocolate carefully envelopes every inch of the ice cream. Moreover, the tanginess of Pomegranate and the Pink hue reflects fun, exuberance and playfulness. 

And I must admit this is my favourite ice cream for the moment......
Yours truly with the emcee of the event, lovely Nadia Heng

The ballroom was certainly fascinating as guests including yours truly entered the pink hues room, so thus, forgive my pink hued photos.... 

Yours truly and her pomegranate mocktail
 In the ballroom, there were loads of mood-related activities such as the striking MAGNUM PINK & BLACK PLEASURE BAR that served drinks and desserts inspired by the two new ice creams. 

However the most popular and well loved station would be the MAKE MY MAGNUM station was available for those who were interested in personalizing their own MAGNUM PINK & BLACK ice creams with special launch exclusive Pink and Black toppings.

I got myself a MAGNUM Pink with some chocolate sauce, pink marshmallows, raspberry bits and pink chocolate chips on it... and drizzled lovingly with more pink chocolate sauce...and it was just heavenly..

Guests were also able to take their own personalised Pink & Black photos at the MAGNUM MOMENT photobooth.

  And well , do not hate me, yours truly just could not resist the chance to be among the bold, the beautiful and of course "glamourous" and taking these pictures with our very lovely Malaysian  supermodel Amber Chia and the handsome celebrity chef Leoniel....along with blogger pals Misz Ella and kak Fariza...

There were just so many desserts, mocktails and cocktails and here are some of what we compiled among our little blogger pals group.....

Ice cream lovers definitely had their fill with the free flow of both the MAGNUM PINK & MAGNUM BLACK ice creams for that evening...

The evening began with a welcoming speech by the lovely Nadia Heng followed by a speech by Mr Rakesh Mohan, Unilever Chairman of Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos....

 “The new MAGNUM PINK & BLACK are specially created to reflect the different consumer personalities,” says Mr Rakesh Mohan, Unilever Chairman of Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos. “From its taste to the colour, every aspect of the ice cream is meticulously detailed to meet each facet of different consumer personalities so that all Pleasure Seekers are able to enjoy their favourite ice cream depending on how they feel on any given day.”

 “Our new campaign captures the essence of luxurious indulgence which consumers associate MAGNUM with, whilst communicating the two new ice creams that are perfect for different moments,” shares Mr Rakesh Mohan.

A dynamic video mapping dance performance wowed the guests as they showcased both PINK and BLACK moods via motion, tempo and light effects, leading up to the unveiling of the new MAGNUM PINK & MAGNUM BLACK.

As guests got to enjoy the two new unique flavours, they were also entertained by interlude performances starting with renowned violinist Dennis Lau who took the stage by performing a special medley that reflected the elements and moods of Pink and Black. 

The event concluded with another powerful performance by Ning Baizura, Malaysia’s songstress singing a medley of Pink & Black beats. Music and ice cream aside, guests did not leave empty handed as they were also presented with customised door gifts that matched the mood on their sensor tag wristbands. 

The beautiful Diana Danielle and her charming husband Farid Kamil were among the celebrity guests at the Magnum Pink and Black party...
With the launch of MAGNUM PINK & MAGNUM BLACK, MAGNUM’s reputation as one of the world’s most premium ice cream brand is sealed, marking another milestone in its expansive brand history. 
I heard that there will be a host of roadshows and in-store promotions that are being planned to take place to introduce the two new variants and to create more engagement with Malaysia’s Pleasure Seekers, so be sure to look out for them
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  1. WOW.. glamournya! I wish to be invited to such an event one day. :P

  2. Wow, what a party...and for ice cream only? How times have changed! How I would have liked to be there and be bedazzled, too!

    1. Absolutely.. a party for pleasure seekers who love indulgences like Magnum... hehehe

  3. That's the best party. I imagine it was super delicious. You're going to have to send some samples. I'm kidding.

    1. It sure was super yummy.. I won't mind sending samples but it would be bad when it get to you.. hahaha

  4. An ice cream party, bliss!! Love the idea of a pink magnum. I'm such a fan of their almond flavour

    1. Pink Magnum is my favourite for now... I can't get enough of it!!!!

  5. it's so fun there! Time to buy my Magnum pink hehe

  6. My favorite ice cream brand, yet to try out the pink flavor, soon :)

  7. i love the black, as i love coffee, i'm always searching for it in the grocery store


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