Dec 4, 2013

5 most haunted places in Malaysia

Villa Nabila, Danga Bay
Villa Nabila in Danga Bay, Johor is a place filled with mystery and ghost stories. Some paranormal investigators even went missing and only managed to get out of the place after dawn. If you were to search Villa Nabila on the internet, you’ll find there’re more than five stories related to this haunted villa. One of the most interesting stories is that Villa Nabila was previously known as Christine Palace and was owned by a rich mat salleh. Due to greed, his whole family was murdered by two hit men sent by his other siblings who wanted part of the land. The place has been haunted ever since
Kellie’s Castle, Perak
If your hometown is in Perak, Kellie’s Castle has a reputation of being haunted by its owner; William Kellie Smith. In the 20th century, the Scottish planted wanted to build a home away from home, hence the construction of the unique castle started in 1915. The building was left abandoned when Kellie mysteriously died in 1926. With its unique structure and rumours of secret underground tunnels, Kellie’s castle is worth a visit (in broad daylight!). The Perak government has recently made efforts to rescue the castle from being ruined. 
According to someone who wrote in Tripadvisor: “When walking through the castle and grounds, there is just this really eerie feeling of being watched. I usually am not afraid of such things, but this feeling that we were not alone was very strong. Quite a few people have attested to have seen the ghost of Kellie and his daughter in the castle.
William Kellie-Smith had a wife and two children, Helen and Anthony. He ran into problems when many of the workmen he had brought over from India to build the castle he wanted for his son and heir, died mysteriously. Surviving workmen got him interested in worshipping the Hindu gods, and Kellie-Smith was only too enthusiatic to do so if it got his wish to have a son and heir granted.
I have tried to google his daughter Helen, but can find nothing about her. It is just intriguing to me that her ghost appears as a little 6-year-old girl in her room. From what I know, ghosts usually are the age that they died at. So what did happen to Helen?
It is reputed that there are underground tunnels from the castle/house to the temple that he had built. On the roof of the temple there is a figurine of him with the Hindu gods. Ego or taboo? Or just plain old tragic?
It is a shame the place is not more cared for as while it is beautiful in it’s way, it is a little dangerous because one does not know when anything is going to fall down on their heads, or fall away from under our feet. 
It is also sad that any information has to be gotten from fading photostat copies pasted haphazardly around with little care. This is why some people do an about turn soon after entering the castle. But look deeper, listen to the soft whisper of the breeze, and you can feel yourself travel back in time
Seems like whatever William Kellie did (rightly or wrongly) his fate was to be banished and lost through the mists of time.”
Jalan Turi bungalow, Bangsar
According to old police record, the security killed two American children and the maid, cut their bodies up into pieces and dumped them in the sewage tank. Yes, this is a true story.
As reported in the NSTP newspaper, 23 April 1992, two American children named Arjun Talwa, aged 7 and his brother, Kabir, aged 11 and a maid from India, Natalia Fernandes, aged 30 was murdered in this Jalan Turi, Taman Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur bungalow.
A security guard, Ariffin Agas, aged 25, was arrested and investigation was held and found that was proven guilty in killing the three victim. He was then sentenced to death. 
According to the newspaper article, the victims corpse was found in the sewage tank located at the back of the house. 
 It is believed that this is the sewage tank where the corpses were found 
These are some of the children’s stuff and evidence the police found
 The murder case was reported on 1992 and this is one of the child’s book before the murder takes place (5 years before the murder case)
Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur
A spooky place to be. Bukit (Hill) Tunku is actually one of the more elite residential areas in Kuala Lumpur. This place has many big and tall trees, and has this eerie feeling about it even at broad daylight and of course at night. It is said that a few years ago two youth embarked on a high speed motorcycle chase around the curvy roads of the area. One of the youth crashed at a dark stretch of the road, which is actually a very sharp corner. There have been claims about sightings of a young man riding a motorcycle at high speed, who mysteriously vanished in the dark.
Some people say here, pontianaks, or female ghosts, roam. He claims it was a dumping ground for botched abortions several hundred years ago. Apparently, elderly taxi drivers refuse to pick up passengers heading here at night, especially if they are a woman and child. Some even claim the fare paid usually turns into dried leaves after a few minutes.
Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands
This is one that’s so famous, it’s even known as the haunted apartment in Tripadvisor. Many of those who’ve stayed in this apartment will inform you of the knocking doors in the middle of the night, weird noises and worst of all – horrid conditions of the room! If you ever visit Genting Highlands, this is the place you should avoid at all costs! If you need to go to Genting Highlands, always check reviews of the hotels before you proceed to book. 
According to someone in Tripadvisor:”I was really astonished when arrived in this place. its not a WOW place or positive situation. its extremely a terrible room i ever stay during holiday trip.. oh my goodness, really i can’t stop praying in my heart and praise God please protect our family. Well i have a instinct that this place is not a good place. from entrance, while i was talking with the front desk staff to check in our room, unfriendly said that our room is not in this building, he ask me go to to the next building Pahang go to the third floor and ask those receptionist. when go that building , the lift there and around there is kinda scaryy. when we check in the room is dirty, an old room and scary situation surrounded. at the night when we sleep, i can’t even sleep tightly, there lots of noise with people walking, woman talking, children playing, water flow in the bathroom in middle of the night, there’s a knock knock in our door. my uncle go to the outside and saw who knocked door, damn NO ONE! oh please.. we find this place when all hotel full in Genting highland. we stay for a night and this really a bad place ever.”

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