Dec 8, 2013

the Heirs aka The Inheritors Recap -Episode 9

Tan and Eun Sang are on the rooftop after the confrontation with Young Do in the cafeteria and Eun Sang is still visibly shaken and doesn’t want to be approached by Tan. But he wants to know she’s not hurt and amidst their talk, her phone rings – it’s Young Do.
She panicks even more – Young Do knows everything about her and worries it’ll lead to a worse confrontation or bullying but Tan doesn’t want her to answer the phone. “It’s okay even if he knows. Don’t answer.” She’s still too worried and too anxious, so she picks the call.
She barely ekes out a hello when Tan moves in to kiss her, hence cutting her off from any more talk. The kiss lasts a bit, during which Eun Sang drops her phone and Young Do is still on the line. When no one answers him, he hangs up and calls again.
Now that the kiss has ended and Young Do calls again, Tan dares Eun Sang to pick the phone. Instead, she leaves and he answers the call.
In the meanwhile, Young Do spots Eun Sang coming down from the roof and on the phone, Tan tells him, “Stay where you are.”
When Eun Sang tries to bypass Young Do, he grabs her wrist. She knocks his hand away and continues on. A stunned Young Do stands there and when Myung So comes by, curious about Eun Sang’s dirty appearance, he’s shocked to hear Young Do tripped her – Young Do never bothered girls. Young Do tells him he wanted to see how he felt after he did it. Lol, Myung So advises, “If you’re interested, confess. Don’t bother her. That’s why people call you a kid.”
Bo Na brings Eun Soo a change of clothes, lamenting that she’s only doing it cause she doesn’t want Chan young to do it instead.
At that moment, Tan looks around for Young Do, finding him in the lobby. Without a word, he walks up to him and kicks him down. With that, the fight breaks out.
Bo Na wonders if Young Do knows the truth about Eun Sang but before they can decide anything, Rachel walks in and pulls Eun Sang by her hair – does she even know what’s happening outside? The school’s two elitist boys, also ex best friends are fighting over her! Hearing that, the girls rush out.
Their fight is stopped by other students and soon both of them are once again in front of Tan’s mom. She asks Young Do why they fought and he refuses to elaborate, calling her by her informal title (mother of a friend). Tan’s mom cuts him down – she’s acting as the school head, not a mother right now, and warns the two she’ll be investigating the matter. They can do whatever they want outside the school, but this is her place and consequently, her rules apply.
Once they’re out of the office, Young Do can’t help but rub it in Tan’s face that his so called mother cares more about the school than him. He even warns against letting out Tan’s secret – that he’s a bastard but Tan encourages him to go ahead and do it. Once he uses that trump card, he’ll have nothing left, so “Do it after you are prepared to become a mess.”
Since no one really knows what happened between Tan and Young Do to kill their friendship, the consensus is divided on why the two fought. While Bo Na suggests it was because of the bullying, her friend suggests Tan probably likes Eun Sang – hence the extreme reaction.Seriously kids, don’t you ever… you know, study? This is still a school, right?
Chan Young comforts Eun Sang when she tells him Young Do probably knows her secret. “Don’t be scared. I’ll fight with you!” At the same time, he is worried about people realizing Tan likes Eun Sang and thinks that was the reason Young Do started with her. If people realized the truth, they’d probably come after her.
When she gets home that night, Tan is waiting for her outside the gate. Returning her phone, he teases her about his injuries, trying to elicit sympathy from her but she doesn’t respond.
He stops her from going in, which is when she bursts out at him, “Don’t hold me and don’t block me. Don’t wait for me from now on.” When he stops her again, she repeats herself, telling him she doesn’t want to be seen on the house’s security camera, reminding him he’s the one who warned her about it.
“What I told you, what I warned you about…Did you ever really listen?”
Won appears, and sees the two together but says nothing. Eun Sang bows hurriedly before heading inside. Tan appeals to his brother once again to move back into the house, stating he has no intention of taking anything from his brother but Won refuses and rails at him, “Do I have to explain again? Your heart is not decided by you. If the Jeguk Group decides, then you had that intention. That is why to me, your existence alone is a misunderstanding, reason and source of trouble. That is what a bastard is.”
Once back in his room, Tan messages Eun Sang to stay away from the wine cellar since Won might go that way. But she’s already there and runs into Won as she’s taking wine for the Madam. Won points to the wine she’s holding, telling her to take any but that one – it’s the ones his mother made for him. She apologizes but he hands her a different bottle, assuring her he’s not yelling at her. He asks about her, and hears of her living circumstances and that she’s attending Jeguk. “It’s nice to meet you,” he actually tells her and she returns the greeting, rushing off. He picks one of the bottles his mom made to take with him. Awww, Won, I liked you here!
Hyun Joo goes to Won’s hotel to meet him but he runs into Rachel first and the two go out for coffee. Rachel chides him for his move out the house but he tells her it’s the situation that warranted it. She confides her own dilemma – Tan fought because of a girl and “It seems Tan wants to date another girl.” That reminds Won of Tan and Eun Sang.
Madam asks Tan how he got hurt and he brushes her off with the excuse that it’s a playing injury.
That night, Tan and Eun Sang in their rooms, keep thinking of one another while Young Do sits in front of the convenience store and thinks of Eun Sang.
The next morning, Tan wakes extra early to take Eun Sang to school but hours pass, the sun rises and she still doesn’t show up. He wonders if she went to school even earlier and heads to class, only to find she’s absent.
Young Do, Chan Young and Rachel notice her absence too, even more that Tan leaves right after class.
Eun Sang’s mom gets the call about Eun Sang being absent from school.
Tan hears from Chan Young of a prospective place Eun Sang may be – a theatre that is free and goes there. Seeing her watching a movie, he sits behind her silently watching her. When the movie ends but she remains seated, he stays too.
Much later, he follows her as she walks around, finally arriving at the dreamcatcher store where she smiles at the fond memory. But she catches sight of his reflection and asks him what he’s doing here.
He asks if the movie was fun, cluing her in to the fact that he was there. She wants to know why he’s ditching school when he asks her the same. He holds her hand and they walk side by side for a bit (She’s actually walking a little behind) when she worries that things are hard for him because of her. He disagrees – it’s not because of her but she won’t believe him so he tells her he won’t let go of her hand anyway. “I’m going to keep going like this. If I keep going, you’ll be at the end of the road, right?”
But her answer “No” makes him stop and she takes back her hand. “I’ve already run away and disappeared.” He says he’ll find her but she begs him not. “Then what do you want me to do? I like you! What do you want me to do?!”
She replies back, “I like you too. But what about it? Everything I wanted- quietly graduating and not being ashamed about living in your house- is all falling apart, so what does it matter that I like you? What meaning does that have?”
When he says nothing, she continues, “The other kids don’t know about your family’s complicated relationship, right? You can’t protect me. Just protect yourself.”
When he walks away, she cries.
Young Do visits Eun Sang’s old neighborhood, sees her old house and that confirms his suspicions about her. He learns from her neighbor that she moved – not sure where, but names the rich neighborhood.
When Hyo Shin comes home, he finds that Hyun Joo has quit and finds the new tutor lacking. He asks Hyun Joo for help through a text message, to which she quickly replies. When he asks her why she quit, she tells him to text when he has a problem. His last response reads, “To the end, I’m just a student to you.”
She meets with Secretary Yoon who tells her she can refuse the job he has offered her but she wisely tells him she knows she can’t say no and asks that he keep the job a secret from Won since he doesn’t know yet anyway.
Chan Young and Dad share an adorable session together again while making dinner where Secretary Yoon, still affected by his meeting with Hyun Joo worries about Eun Sang.
Eun Sang is being harassed at the cafĂ© by a customer wanting her phone number when Young Do walks up and shoos the guy away. Eun Sang is not happy to see him, sure that his intention is to bully her too although he denies it. “‘I’m not bullying you. But if I say this, will it seem like I am?”
He reveals he visited her old house and lists the facts he knows about her but she bitterly cuts him off – she’s not from a rich background, so what? “Am I going to get kicked out of school now?” Young Do’s playful smile turns a bit serious.  “No, because I have come to like you. But you hate me, right?” She’s confused and doesn’t respond.
At home, Tan sees Eun Sang sitting alone outside in the security camera and decides to go to her but sees her mother going so stops. In a hearty mother and daughter chat, mom tells Eun Sang she knows she didn’t go to school and holding Eun Sang’s hand, tells her “You must have not gone because you are having a hard time. If I say something, you’ll have an even harder time.” At those words, Eun Sang promises her mother she will go the next day.
And she keeps her promise, even though it earns her looks from the other students and Rachel, as always, is not happy to see Eun Sang. She and Tan pass cross in the hallway but just walk by each other.
When Eun Sang asks Madam to attend a call as Eun Sang’s mother, the latter has an idea and prposes to go there in her stead too. Eun Sang’s mom warns her against it but Madam thinks it’ll be okay – she’ll go as Eun Sang’s mom, not Tan’s.
Rachel confronts Eun Sang and demands to know how much money her family really has, warning her that her and Tan’s engagement involves a lot of deals and money. Eun Sang is sure she’ll find out soon enough since Young Do already knows.
Madam goes to the school as Eun Sang’s mom, surprising some of the parents and teachers, especially when she offers to sponsor something. The school’s director and Tan’s official mom is surprised to see her and the ladies have it out in the bathroom.
Throughout school, kids are now curious about Eun Sang and one of the girls pokes Eun Sang. Before Tan can speak up in her defence, Young Do pipes up and tells the girl to back off. Then Myung So drops the bomb that Eun Sang’s mom came in the nicest car and took responsibility for the whole leadership camp. This stuns both Tan and Eun Sang.
Rachel goes to mom to find out about Eun Sang’s mom and learns that she was carrying a rare and expensive bag. Uh, where is this going? Meanwhile, Bo Na wonders about the whole ‘Eun Sang’s mom is rich deal’ while Myung So wishes Tan and Young Do would be friends again. I loved Eun Sang’s reaction the most – “My mom SAID she’ll pay for all the camping?
Young Do and Tan come face to face at their punishment where they both take turns ‘you do it, I’m off’. Young Do once again rubs it in about Tan’s real mom but Tan retorts that at least he has a mom while Young Do’s mom ran away. While that pushes Young Do’s buttons, Tan reminds him he’s the one who started the fight in the first place.
Eun Sang texts her mom, wanting to know what has happened while Tan hears about it from Madam. While he gets angry at first, he calms down when he sees her upset and sad. Just then, a friend of his is introduced – it’s Young Do here for a visit.
He sees Madam and asks her for a glass of water, calling her ahjumma, but Tan stops her and introduces her as his mother, biting at Young Do to come out “before I kill you.”
Outside, they have another battle of the words. Tan says he thought too lightly of Young Do and never realized he’d be this much of a bastard. Young Do smirks, wondering if all that’s left to be done now is to get Tan to kneel before him but Tan says he’s not up to the task.
Just then, Young Do catches a glimpse of Eun Sang as she enters the gate and is walking towards the house. “I think I set a good plan.”
Eun Sang sees the two and stops in her tracks.
“Eun Sang even comes to your house? I didn’t come for this… but, jackpot!”

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