Dec 26, 2013

Travelling with Aeroline

I hate travelling to Penang on a regular coach for a lot of reasons.. have to go and push, shove, sweat it out waiting for the bus at Puduraya or Hentian Duta and the bus stopping for long the middle of nowhere wasting time...
Call me fussy, I probably am. So I love to hop on the executive coach whenever I travel which makes the trip more bearable and even faster .
On this trip to Penang, my daughter bought a ticket to Penang for me and her on board the Nice  bus. We probably got a poor deal for it. The ticket was RM74 and the service was pretty shoddy. They served mineral water in a cup and a small box of Yeo's packet drink. And gave us a bun with cream and coloured rice on it and just an apple. Heck.. there was only 2  movies to choose from and the 'steward' did not even give us an ear phone...
On the return trip, I bought my regular Aeroline coach and it was a far better deal.. I got tea /coffee self served at the waiting room, I got to charge my phone there and surfed the internet via the free wifi area.
On boarding the bus, there was a pillow on a seats, the steward mumbled his welcome but gave us a nice bottle of mineral water and ear phones for our entertainment. . Which was plentiful.. games.. music... movies (Oz the Great and Powerful, Jack the Giant Slayer, Oblivion, IronMan 3, the Blind Detective etc..etc)..too many to choose from and will definitely keep me and any discerning passenger entertained until arrival. Snack/dinner whatever you want to call it was actually spaghetti and tomato sauce from Ayamazz.. (see pic-sorry pic shaky because of bumps on the road...) after that we had coffee and tea served.....
This is the way I love to travel... comfort, entertainment, class...hehehe

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