Oct 11, 2014

Do you want to touch a dog?

Dogs are beautiful and faithful animals. To many people, a dog is a man's best friend, but sadly here in Malaysia, dogs are very misunderstood because lots of Malay people think that dogs are "haram"

But one man, Syed Azmi has started a very interesting event called "I want to touch a dog" happening on next Sunday, the 19th of October 2014.

The visitors to the event will consist of both dog owners and not dog owners. The dog owners will be there to control and lend their dogs to be touched.

The other people going will mostly be non dog owners or SCARED of dogs or CURIOUS of dogs or wanting to LEARN about dogs and the religious issues on them. These are the  people Syed Azmi, the founder and organizer is targeting on awareness. The event is however opened to all walks of life. All public. Everybody. Period! 

Other guests who will be there includes Ustaz Mohd Iqbal Parjin and also KPB Tuan Mohd Jamil Mohd Khalid of TTDI

For the muslims, there will be a talk about sertu/samak as well as practical on it.

The main reason is to overcome fear, just pat/touch and for the muslim, to do proper cleansing.

But if it is actually too sensitive for anyone, please clarify it first before it becomes  fitnah.

For more information, contact Syed Azmi : +60162184769 

or check out the event page :I want to touch a dog

Please, spread the love and news , and to the ones who do not really understand, please either clarify or avoid this so others and even little kids can have a fun time learning on the proper way to touch a dog and to samak/ sertu after that.



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