Oct 21, 2014

Surat Thani and home sweet home

Woke up and watched the flat screen TV in my container/room. The room was definitely cosy here at Hipbox 26. The resort was colourful and pretty. Only thing I did not like so much was that bit was too far to town for walking. 

After being spoilt at Mad Monkey in Siem Reap, Saphaipae at Bangkok and Behind the Scene at Koh Samui, there wasn't any 7 Elevens or any shops I could come and go to get drinks/snacks easily here.
Hipbox 26 does however provide bicycles for rent I think if you really want to go to town. 

Anyway, I had to repack my backpack and so I did. 

My tuk tuk came and pick me up at 8.45am. We passed town and the big Central Shopping Mall (one I regret missing) on the way to the airport.

Arrived at the Surat Thani International airport at about 9.30am. 

Walked around a bit and got a few anchovies and dried prawns etc. It was there in the airport vicinity that I saw a few armed soldiers in army fatigues finally. 

The airport was pretty small and there weren't many shops around. Was half disappointed as I was really hoping to get some tidbits and drinks to bring back to Malaysia from a 7 eleven or something.
Boarded the flight at about 11ish and flight took off as scheduled.

On board, was hungry as I had nothing to eat but a small tiny packet of biscuits earlier that morning so I ordered the mee goreng mamak which was quite nice.

Arrived in KL at 2.10pm local time after 1 1/2 hour flight and minus the one hour time difference. Malaysia is one hour ahead of Cambodia and Thailand's time.

Collected my luggage and got on the ERL... Home sweet home, though am half sad my holiday's over..., it is good to be home with loved ones and see what I got when I got home..... 


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