Oct 29, 2014


Day 3 challenge: Start your day with a kiwi-rific breakfast! Today's challenge was: How did you mix Zespri Green into your breakfast today? 

Yours truly was involved with the Women Extraordinaire Forum and had to be up early and rushed to the Sime Darby Convention centre since this was the day I get to see Tun M, Datuk Chef Wan and all... another cross off my things to do/see/meet and I did not want to be late. Tun M was arriving at 9am!!

So all I could do was grab a kiwi and eat it.. however at other times, I love incorporating my kiwi in mixed fruits.. I am slightly fussy as I don't like nuts in my food or fruits in other weird recipes. I like fruits with fruits.... so  it would be like an oranges, kiwis, apples mix.. Or even put it into water for infused water with strawberry, mint and lemons like I did recently.......

Can't look up the pic , so here's one via google

There are 2 ways of cutting a kiwi.. you can cut it into half, scoop it out and eat it just like that, or you could cut the top part and bottom part and insert a spoon and move in a circular motion and your kiwi is peeled..... See below....

Tadaa.... a quick pick me up and eat at 6.30am before I had to get ready, and rush off for my Forum.....Nutritious, tart and soooo satisfying for my stomach....

Love my kiwi!!!

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