Oct 18, 2014

Food review: Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan SG

If you are ever around Taman Sri Gombak during lunch or dinner time, do drop in at Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan SG. It is situated at Jalan SG 1/8, Taman Sri Gombak.

Here you would find a variety of food to choose from and the dishes are displayed at the counter for your ordering. Another interesting point of this restaurant is the ambiance quite relaxing.  There is also a TV on with Asian Food Channel and music.

If you like, there are other dishes as well at a little stall outside the restaurant.

On my previous visit there, my mother in law brought us there and ordered  the dishes...

This is what we had...Rice, served with Papadom

Pandan leaf chicken - believe me they are to die for. Very yummy and well flavored .

Kerabu mangga - ok, to be honest, this was a mite disappointing as I hardly tasted any mango. It was mostly cucumber. And when I recheck the receipt it was called Kerabu Mangga...

Fish Head curry - And, when our order arrived, I was a little stunned as they brought out a huge fish head. There were some taupok, okra and egg plants. And the curry was thick and spicy.

Many people will add on an extra plate of rice because of this curry.

Other than fish-head curry, there is also a good selection of items like sambal udang petai, otak otak and so on.
The price was a bit expensive I think (the curry fish head costed us RM75) but if you do not mind paying the price, the food is pretty good.
When you have finished your meal, you will get some free dessert as well like watermelon and self serve ice cream. Every customer is entitled to one cone ...
If you want to try it, you can call the place at 03-6189 3657 

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