Oct 31, 2014

Is there any love for me - part 2

(for your info, this is a true story that happened to someone I know....)

Continued from here

.... He moved in as a tenant. Back then the little girl's mother lived in a huge semi detached house with a huge garden/ compound with Rachel's grandmother. The man, we shall call him Cee (not his real name), was a Chinese man, just a few years older then the little girl's mom. Ok.. I think I shall call the little girl Rachel (not her real name either).. 

Rachel's mom liked Cee and he became a good friend. They practically went every where together.
Cee grew close to Rachel as well who accepted Cee in her life as a replacement father in place of the one who did not want anything to do with her. 

Cee would hold her hand while crossing the road and gave her cuddles.

Cee was also watching closely how Rachel's mom would fly off her handle whenever she lost and blame Rachel for the smallest things. He would then defend Rachel and advise Rachel's mom to chill .
Rachel basked in his care and felt safe as she started to trust him to protect her from her mother's tempers.

Little did Rachel know all that would be held against her..soon.. when she turned about 10 years old...
Cee started to hug her longer and his hands started roving. Rachel, being an innocent back then believed it was what a father would do for his daughter and since Cee has always been there protecting her, she trusted him. He would also start holding her hand close to his crotch but she thought nothing about it. After all, Cee has been in her life for the past 2 years now. And Cee gives her pocket money to school as well.

One thing led to another and he was "grooming" Rachel . It was to his advantage as Rachel depended on him to protect her from her mother's temper. 

It started with petting, and molesting her. Touching Rachel in inappropriate places and telling Rachel that it was their secret. It went on to making her do blow jobs for him. He would coax and threaten her at the same time as well as bribe her with more pocket money in return for the favour. 

Unwilling to lose her "protection" and thinking it a less painful option, Rachel gave in. After all , to her young mind she was also getting more pocket money to spend.

However, she hated every moment of it. But what was she to do. She was only 10 or 11 years old and caught between a rock and a hard place.
When Rachel turned 12 , Cee decided to go all the way. He waited for her to come back from school. Rachel's mom was away at one of her gambling dens wasting her money. 

When Rachel came home, he told her to go to his room. She went unwillingly as she deplored everything he made her do. When he came into the room, he pushed her on the bed and took of his pants and pulled her panties down and took her virginity despite Rachel's tears and pleas.

When it was over, thankfully in just a matter of minutes, he ejaculated outside on a piece of tissue and shooed her off. 

Rachel left with tears streaming down her face. She went to the bathroom, sat under the shower in shock and in pain. It had been painful. She sobbed her heart out and banged her own head on the wall of the toilet.

When she emerged from the toilet, Cee solicitously pretended to ask if she was alright and gave her RM20 and warned her to keep quiet about it.

She kept silent, not wanting anyone's attention in the house. 

In school, her grades dropped too. She was depressed. Cee continued having sexual intercourse with Rachel twice or thrice a month, sometimes making her watch a blue movie with him whenever the mood strikes him.

Rachel's depression escalated. 

When she got scolded or cursed by her mother, she contemplated dying. 

She started a bout of silent self injuries. Biting her own arm, her knees, banging her head on the wall, scratching her thighs, her stomach and arm with a key or scissors (just bad enough to make it bleed or eave a nasty scratch, but not deep enough to really need medical treatment. She swallowed a load of panadols and other medication she found at home too, only to get sick and feel nauseous. There was once or twice when she took a scarf or towel and wrapped it tightly around her neck until she passed out for several minutes.

She did not know what to do.  Continued HERE

(pictures all via google.com)


  1. miera..sob sob...

    this is true story ke??

    sob sob

  2. yes, Ayu, it is a true story. Happens to someone very close to me....

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