Oct 29, 2014

Would you dare to eat any of this food? (WARNING : DO NOT EAT WHILE SEEING THIS)

People will definitely remember these food for a very long time to come if not forever. It is among some of the most grossest and realistic food you can come across.

Do not open and read further if you are in the midst of eating . For the sensitive of stomach, you could possibly throw up your meal...

Chocolate Skull with cake or ice cream cake inside. freakishly realistic looking (via PinInterest)

 Bleeding Heart Cake (via Lily Vanilli)

Meat Loaf Hand from Not Martha

Easy Spooktacular Hors d'Oeuvres made from shortbread cookies, cherry jam, and almonds, which are almost too realistic for me (via Julia's Vegan Kitchen)

brutally, gruesomely, almost unbelievably realistic looking sculptures of dismembered human body parts sculpted entirely from bread (via PinInterest)

Scary crackers

Gummy worms  (via Divine Dining Ideas)

Super realistic Star Wars Cake (via cake-decorating.wonderhowto.com)

Severed Ears Cookies
Severed Ears Cookies (via youbentmywookie.com)

Zombie Brains Jello Shots
Zombie Brains Jello Shots (via wikihow.com)

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