Oct 17, 2014

Saphaipae Hostel, Bangkok, Pratunam Market, Platinum Fashion Mall and travelling via Train in Bangkok

The bed at the Saphaipae hostel was heavenly. The dorm was certainly very clean and the bed was most comfy and the comforter and pillow... heavenly.

I really must say Saphaipae surpassed my expectations in terms of cleanliness and service. The team was wonderfully accommodating. I'd definitely come back here to stay again in the future.

So I woke up in my nice comfy bed and went to do my business/shower etc at 5am. Then I did the laundry as my clothes were all used up. Only thing was silly me did not know how to use the dryer. I waited for the timer to finish only to get back the same damp clothes I threw into the dryer.

Then only did the staff helped me out by actually turning the thing on correctly.

And oh when I got downstairs it was to the news the curfew had been reduced to just 12 midnight to 4pm.

Meanwhile, my travel buddy, Khairul and I had our breakfast and hit the streets to shop.

Our destination was Pratunam market... But let's say I probably got to the wrong area I did not find anything interesting. Other then some interesting street art / 3D art at the stations and walk ways.

So we decided to go to the Platinum Fashion Mall instead and OMG... Oh rather... Oh my eyes... Soooo much to see.. So much to buy but oh no!! Not enough money... And not enough space in my luggage.. Huhuhu...

Khairul himself was pretty excited. We split ways for an hour and agreed to meet back the appointed area. And when we met back.. Another hour was added into the equation.

When we were done, we walked to the Central mall behind on the way back to the BTS, and decided to walk all the way to Siam Paragon. Another little stopover there and then we headed back to the hostel. 

We have already checked out earlier but they let us store our backpacks and also let us rest in the lobby/games room and shower in the bathroom. God bless the staff.. I couldn't imagine a whole day from this morning to noon tomorrow without taking a bath!!!

We loitered until it was time to leave to the train station and we made our way to the train station.

The train left at the dot to my surprise. Amazing.

But to my disappointment.. I only saw police on the streets and diligent security guards at all major malls and BTS/MRT stations but no soldier in fatigues...sighhhh... I would have loved to take a picture ....

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  3. I love Bangkok and its nightlife. Been there like 4 times already and can't wait to be there once again.

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