Oct 20, 2014

Koh Samui and Surat Thani

Woke up about 5 am. My room mate from Britain was still asleep. Quietly I got up and left the room at about 5.30am and walked across the road to the Ark Bar Resort. I could still here music pounding so it means curfew wasn't quite curfew on their property. Some of the 24 hour shops were opened too.

I.walked to the beach and saw the first orangey streaks of dawn in the sky.

Fascinated, I took on pictures and continued walking down the beach. 

The water here is crystal clear and you can see fishes swimming. The sand is powdery fine and could be somewhat muddy like when wet.

When dawn came it was gorgeous. This was definitely one of the best sunrise I've seen.

After that I walked along one of the resorts, couldn't resist some selfies and pictures as it was picturesque too and slowly made my way back to the hotel. 

Once in my room, I snuggled down.and my bed was so comfy I fell asleep again only to be awoken by the door opening and the arrival of a new room mate, a Chinese from Beijing. 

We chatted as I packed and he showed me some gorgeous pics he took around a few places.

Then he left the room to rejoin his friends and I continued packing.

Hungry, I went to search for lunch settling for a spaghetti marinara seafood and a bottle of Fanta.

Checked out from the hostel and waited for my van to pick me up. It wasn't the sea tran ferry the tour shop said it was. It was actually under the Raja ferry group. The ferry was huge, as it was also transporting lorries, buses and cars, and took 2x longer then the Lomprayah catamaran.

Whilst in the ferry's passenger area, someone took the opportunity to rummage through the front pockets of my bag. Fortunately I did not have anything valuable there and the main section was padlocked

After a few hours, I arrived in Surat Thani town. It was about 5pm then and I was tired. A tuk tuk picked me.up and sent me to my hotel.

The hotel I chose was quirky and cute.. Just the way I like it. Made from old containers. It was fascinating! There was even a pool I could not resist dipping into. 

But only set back was it was a bit out of the way from shops and so on and I was too tired to go find some tuk tuk or walk anymore so I spent the time in my cosy room until sleeping time....

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