Oct 9, 2014

Forensic reports show tiger in Delhi Zoo was saving man he killed

Remember the case of the unstable man (or was it a student who wanted to catch a selfie with the tiger)  who jumped into the tiger enclosure a little while back and got killed by the tiger?


According to forensic reports that came back end September or early October, the tiger was just staring at him for a good 15 minutes but on lookers throwing stones at the tiger caused
the tiger to take action and pull the man away to safety. However, unfortunately, the tiger generally catch their cubs on neck and tiger cubs have thick fur and skin on their neck, but humans don't and the tiger's teeth punctured the man's neck and caused death

Apart from his neck there were no other wounds on the man's body so it has been deducted that the tiger's intention was to try to save the man from getting hit by the stones.

So, there. In the end it is still men who cause trouble behind this incident, so do not blame the tiger... 

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