Oct 17, 2014

Want Bigger, Brighter Eyes? Check this out..

I am one of those Asians cursed with small eyes. Mata sepet and it annoys me no end. I hate that it is so small and especially when I smile, my eyes goes even smaller and narrower... Gaahhhh!!! Yeah, I am about to tell you my imperfections..

And to make things worse, I have literally no eyelashes. My eyelashes are so small and short I really hate my eyes. 

So when Maybelline  New York, introduces its latest innovation and called it the BIG EYES MASCARA, you can be sure I perked up and was instantly all curious.

What makes Big Eyes mascara so different? It is the first double-ended mascara from Maybelline New York complete with two brushes of different sizes so that you can get a big-eye effect with just one product. Not only that, with two brushes, you get more control and versatility as well.

Think it just a gimmick? No... I kid you not, look at the two pictures here of me on the same day. 

This picture was me at an earlier event with makeup.. inclusive of my own eye shadow , eye liner and mascara.... andddddd......

This is me after a little make over using Maybelline's new BIG EYES MASCARA and Big Eyes Shadow.... I cannot believe it myself but seeing is believing!!! Amazing huh!!!

Pink Fong, Marketing Manager of Maybelline New York Malaysia, explained that the BIG EYES MASCARA is designed specifically to solve common problems women encounter when trying to achieve the 'Big Eyes' look. " Some of the problems women have are small eyes, droopy eyelids, short eyelashes or even eyelashes that just won't curl properly, no matter how many times you try!"

Specially designed to create dramatic volume on your top lashes. With its full bristles, this is perfect for creating lash volume instantly by pushing lashes up and wide to fan out every single lash. Use it on your top lashes and sweep from root to tip.

With a width of only 2mm, this Micro Brush perfectly and precisely coats every tiny lash, even for lower lashes. This way, you can easily reach inner and outer corners, making it less of a hassle compared to the traditional clumpy big brush. The Micro Brush also gives you better control so you can avoid smudging under the eyes.

Jojo Tan, Senior Product Executive of Maybelline New York Malaysia highlighted how to use the wonderful new mascara to get big eyes instantly.

There was also a demonstration by models on how to achieve the looks along with a fashion show by blogger fashion designer Kittie Yiyi

The models here were styled with Kitiie Yiyi's latest Pre-Fall collection and one of the three Maybelline New York 'Big Eyes' Look 

Yours truly here with some beauty blogger friends...

There was an awesome wow gram booth where every photo during event with the hashtag bigeyesmy were printed out in small keepsake photos.

Yours truly here with two of the models. 

IF you want even bigger and more stunning eyes, do not forget to check out and get the Big Eyes Shadow as well. Maybelline New York's first eyeshadow palette to give you 30% bigger eyes.

Its 24-hour gel- powder formula glides and lasts like a gel but spreads smoothly like a powder. It also contains high-shine glitters to really open your eyes, especially when applied at the inner corners.

All you have to do is apply it using the "Apply As You See" palette design in sequence  and you will definitely get rounder and bigger eyes!!! 

Amazing huh??? I am soooo going to use mine!!!

 Big Eyes Shadow in Copper Gold

Big Eyes Shadow in Gorgeous Pink

Big Eyes Shadow in Smokey Brown

 Anddd.... I got great news for all the fashionistas and wanna be fashionistas who love to look beautiful...

From 10 November onwards, take part in the "Get the Party Started with Maybelline" contest and stand to win an all-expenses paid make-up party of your dreams!!

All you have to do is :
a) Buy RM50 worth of any Maybelline New York products
 b) Take a 'we-fie' photo with five of your girlfriends and upload it on the maybellinesimplefab Facebook page. Tag everyone and also Maybelline
c) Write a creative caption to describe your dream party.
d) Email the photo and proof of purchase to Maybelline at maybellinemalaysia@loreal.com
e) The 3 most creative entries will win the makeup party of their dreams and the winners will play host to their five tagged girlfriends at the party of a lifetime,, with all cost and expenses fully sponsored by Maybelline!!!

But remember... only from the 10th November onwards....!!!!!

Thank you Maybelline New York for having me over at the launch of an amazing product. It is so going to be in top of my list of must have and must use beauty products!!!

Maybelline New York BIG EYES MASCARA is available in Black and retails at RM45.90 each, while the Big Eyes Shadow comes in 3 colours as seen above, retailing at RM45.90 each also....


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