Oct 19, 2014

On the Train from Bangkok to Surat Thani , travelling to Koh Samui

The train pulled into the Surat Thani station an hour and 5 minutes late. 

I did not want to use the toilet because it was stinking even to where I was sitting/lying down on my bunk when someone went to ease himself/herself. Yikes, next time if I ever travel via train in Thailand, I will take the air conned berth.

So upon arrival in Surat Thani, I rushed to the toilet and then out to where the Lomprayah ferry people were collecting their passengers.

Got on the bus and the trip took about an hour and a half I think...(did not really check my timing).

We arrived at Donsak and immediately boarded the huge catamaran. The trip across the sea took about 45 mins.

There, you were given a choice to follow the Lomprayah group van or take your own tuk tuk or taxi. The taxi would cost a lot more.. I heard some one wanting to get the taxi from Chaweng to Nathorn pier and was asked to pay 500 bahts.

The van only cost us 150 bahts to the steps of our hotel/hostel.

The van dropped me off at the Baan Smile Hostel which I thought I would stay originally but upon inspection of the place and finding put that I would be the only guest.. I decided to cancel. Hunting for the hostel I wanted was not easy. Two other hostels were also rejected by miss fussy pot here. I decided to hunt for the new "Behind the Scene" hostel and striked jackpot after finding it after going around in circles along Chaweng town area.

The hostel is pretty and new. And charming. Just the way I like it. There was however one problem .. The dorm slept 8 and I was the only one there.. I was kinda freaking out as I hated sleeping alone in a strange room.

I went out for some sea food tom yam and a stroll down Chaweng Beach. The water is indeed crystal clear and I can see fishes swimming in the shallow water on the beach. But somehow I was just lazy to go get wet. 


I gave in to offers for a Thai massage instead.. After having to lug around my huge backpack for yesterday and a good part of today, my poor shoulders and back was aching. It cost me 250 bahts, a bit more then what I paid for in Siem Reap but still less for what I would pay for back in KL. Note: Never pass up and chance for a great massage if you are in Thailand or Siem Reap... it is real value for money.

Then after my massage, I went window shopping but got nothing much as I was worried about my budget. Both Siem Reap and Koh Samui were a bit more expensive then I anticipated.

I then got back to my comfy bed, it was evening and I was worried about being alone. It was a nagging problem... Then God must have decided to answer my prayers. At about 6ish, the door to my dorm open and someone walked in. I was so relieved I could have hugged the person but of course I did not...anyway rested for a bit more and will be going out to look see look see.. Before calling it a night.. I want to wake up early to see the sun rise tomorrow....

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